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Monday 29 November 2010

Getting ready

Well it's late November and our thoughts turn to Christmas.
I wanted to show you my stitching, it's a few years old
But I love to have it on my wall each yuletide.

It is stitched on 18 count Aider
using DMC silks (floss)

I love the colours

and the sentiments

I can't wait for this weekend, when the tree will go up and the place will look festive, I will do a post with photo's once every thing is in place, having down sized our house I have loads of things, so not every thing will go out.

I have not done much craft, I am feeling tired alot, and I'm having a bit of a block, I have a few things to finish for presents, so I will have to get going soon.

Sam is growing fast, he's 5 weeks old today, Josh his big brother is a darling and is getting excited with his christmas list for santa, we are all going to see santa this weekend with Josh, Fliss is healing well, and soon will be able to drive again. Su is doing well in her interviews for a new role within her company, so all is well here in Hampshire.

SNOW, not here in the south east of England yet, but we should see some by the end of the week, but boy it is cold here, fingers crossed it won't be as bad as in Scotland and the north east.
We normally do not see this type of weather until well into the new year, and often we miss having snow at all.

Monday 15 November 2010

Sparkly beads

We have had a great weekend, Fliss, Steve and the boys popped in on Saturday afternoon, Josh was very entertaining, Sam slept the whole of the visit, so no cuddles. Fliss is looking well and losing weight.
Su and Gav came in the evening for tea and to watch X Factor, we all love this programme.
Sunday Kev and I spent the day together at home, relaxing.

I managed to do some craft, I have more christmas puddings, and gained another fan, Gav's sister has placed a request for some, I think it's best not to pack my knitting needles away yet, I think the beads I am using at the moment make them look so good, I will have to get some more.

I also tried a beading pattern from a mag, it's so easy, which it has to be I am a novice with beads. The beads used are Swarovski, I can't remember the size, these were left over from Su's wedding dress I have made 3 so far, but need to make a couple more. I want to add a halo, and a hanging ribbon. The design does not add features to the face, which is good, I'm not good at faces. The pearl bead is from a bracelet I no longer wear.

I have nothing planned for this week, today I want to do housework and ironing, boring I know, but it's great once it is done, the rest of the time is craft time, I have loads to finish to wrap for christmas. I also want to spend time with Fliss in the day, I am feeling well enough to drive again.

I am also planning to start my cross stitch family sampler, I have not planned all the designs, I do like to add as I go along, I have the basic design worked out, with a patchwork block in each corner. I have also decided on the centre alphabet design.
On 24th of November I start 3 weeks of radiotherapy, which is much better than chemo, but still tiring, hence starting my sampler. So all my treatments will be over by christmas, much earlier than I thought.

Friday 12 November 2010

A tourist in London

I am feeling alot better again today, just so very tired, I do not have any energy, which is so unlike me. I have no creative urges, I have not done any craft for a couple of days.
Our weather is so up and down, either heavy rain or sunshine with more rainy days, which does not help me.

After my quiet birthday with my family, it got me thinking about the trip Kev took me on last year, I was unable to show you then we had no internet access at the time, so here one year late is the fantastic birthday trip we had together.

We took the train to London, a nice treat no driving and we were able to watch our beautiful green and lush countryside roll by, it was a sunny crisp day.

We boarded a river cruiser for a trip and our lunch.

We sat inside but had the following views of London,
our lunch with champagne was fantastic.

The views

Tower bridge

Houses of Parliament

London Eye

The pods are a good size, I am a bit scared of heights, but I did feel comfortable in here,
This is near the start.

Looking towards the city

Just past the top looking down on the pod before us

We did not do any shopping on the day, it was fun to be a tourist in the city,if you can well worth doing both things, our train journey home was good, it was dark for most of the trip, which is fun as you go past houses and shops with lights on showing a glimpse of their lives. Kev had no reason for the trip last year, it was not a major birthday just something he wanted to do. We spent the other evening looking at the photo's remembering a good day.

We are planning a family weekend, with both our daughters popping in, Kev will be on the golf course on Sunday morning, I plan to cook a Sunday roast, not done that in ages, if it is nice we will go out in the afternoon, a drive and a short walk. I hope you all have a good weekend.Align Centre

Tuesday 9 November 2010

Woosh bang

That best describes our weekend, it was bonfire night on the 5th, all evening there were fireworks going off, all around the house. Saturday we went to Josh's firework party, it rained heavy and most of them would not light.
On Sunday it was my birthday, we had a very quiet day, but Josh, Sam, mummy and daddy came for tea and cake, Kev brought some fireworks and we had another party in the garden, Josh was so pleased, it's the first time I have had a firework party on my birthday. Both Saturday and Sunday there were fireworks going off all night.

I have only managed to do a few stitches, I have been very tired this week and picked up an upset tummy,but I feel so much better today.

Last night we had a weather warning for rain fall, it rained heavy all night and it's still raining here, we are lucky we do not flood, but there is alot of standing water everywhere. we have also had thunder which Grace our cat hates, but she is settled here beside me as you can see.

It's November but yesterday I picked three roses from our garden, I thought the rain would finish them off, so I have picked them and they are in the jug on my kitchen window sill.

I plan to stay in today, I have a plumber coming to service our boiler, I'm not sure what I might do, it's so dull ever where, I need lights on in rooms I'm in, and I'm not in a creative mood, might just spend the morning reading all your blogs, I follow so many now!

Thursday 4 November 2010

I need to cross stitch

No cross stitching
makes Marlene a grumpy lady
I have been slowly doing things this week, I have done some work on my dolls house, moved the shelves in my office, they were far to high, and yesterday I tidied the decking in the back garden, all good task to get finished. I also had the plumber in and now have all my radiators working, we are having our boiler serviced next Tuesday and the cavity wall insulation topped up later this month, so the house should be much warmer for us.

I have not finished Samuel's cardi, I hate sewing up and knitting the button bands, but that is my task this morning.

Then this afternoon coffee pot on, nice shortbread and cross stitch, all afternoon, just the thought of it puts a smile on my face!!

Tuesday 2 November 2010

Mid week catch up

Knitting for Samuel has taken over cross stitch at this time, all I have to do with this first cardi is sew on the arm and do the button bands, my least favorite jobs! The ball of wall not used is for a second cardi, Fliss loves home knitted items and has not blue ones yet. Mum and Sam are doing well as is Josh, who is a very good big brother and Steve is looking after all of them, he is such a good dad and husband, a perfect little family, Nana is proud of them all.

Well it's November and will someone please tell my garden, in the photo below, my mini rose has two buds on it, the daisy is still flowering, but the maple has lost most of it's leaves.

The frost got to the flowers in my small front garden so I have planted some primroses and bulbs for the spring. My other front garden is doing well the fuchsia and other shrub I replanted has survived.
My back garden is still in full flower, the dahlia has been taken by the frost, I am waiting for this area to stop flowering so I can get to the ground and plant my spring bulbs and then cover the whole area with bark, I am hoping this will happen before the ground gets to hard.
Today is my last chemo, and I am feeling good, I have to take double tables for three days which stops me sleeping, but last night for the first time in my life I took sleeping tablets and I am feeling really good, I will only have them for three nights.
I am hoping my hospital visit will go well, I have loads to read in the waiting room, no appointment is ever on time, Kev gets upset for me if the wait is too long. I have further treatments in the new year but nothing as bad as the chemo.
I feel I have been lucky, whilst having side effects, being a stay at home lady it has helped me get over every thing, and Kev is a wonderful husband and is my daughters who have been there for me.


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