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Friday 31 January 2014

1st Finish

It's raining heavy again here, so night in!
 Grand Marquoir is finished, happy dance here,
 I posted my start of this project on 31 January 2013
so a year in the stitching along with other things 
 I did not change any of the designs, just the fabric and silk colours. If I am honest I did get a bit fed up with the lack of colour, but it was quicker to stitch just using one colour. I do prefer to stitch with bright colours.
 Sweet dreams is back in the frame 
 I got ahead of the designer on this one, stitching each section before it was issued, by reversing the design, but I was waiting for the outer band with the two birds, but did not get the last designs, so last night I decided to do it the hard way. I am just reversing the pattern. Should be finished within the week, just 2 birds to stitch.
 I have traced a heart design onto some fabric, this was a stained glass window hanger on Pintrest, but I think  make a design out of it. It's in my work box for now, I have decided to keep going with my WIP, and try and finish a few more.
Who Knows might have another go a Winter Watergarden,
 In the garden, snowdrops, and loads of bulbs, we have not had any snow this winter, but late February and March are the months to watch out. 
But please can the rain stop, we have had enough.
 My Amaryllis now has two flowers, it's coming along well,
The orchid on the table behind, is in full bloom.
My Poinsettia is hanging in there.
We are having a weekend at home, I have loads of housework to do, there is only so long I can ignore it.
Tomorrow we are popping to the garage to look at upgrading my car, it's a bit small to use as a family car.
I have a need to go shopping for some nail gel, Su and I purchased a kit and it works well, so I am going to get my own kit, with the LED lamp and some navy blue gel, I don't normally wear dark colours, but these don't chip.
The fore caste is for a very wet weekend, so the garden is off limits, I am planning loads of stitching.

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Almost, almost

Just over one block to go, a bit of shadowing on a few letters and this is finished. Fliss would like it framed in dark wood, so I will have to check out prices. Hope to be finished by the weekend.
 My Amaryllis is getting there, I love the pink, it's very pretty.
 Arty shot
 The pots outside my back door are doing well, the two big pots have flowered all winter, nice to see some colour. Not sure what will open in the smaller pot, I can't remember what I planted.
 Tree is in bud, but still holding off, it's still a bit early.
 I found this on Pintrest
 And this
 I have ordered this design, Rachel Jarrett from Scarlet Letter, Nicola has been stitching it, and the moment I saw it, I was in love, so a quick bit of shopping and it's on it's way to me. Almost every thing Nicola stitches I love, she like me loves big projects, but it will have to wait in my stash box for a while. Next week I am going to finish one more WIP, I think it will be the Felix cat, for my daughter Su.
It's getting cold here, so we are not planning to go out anywhere in the evenings, so plenty of stitching time.
It's all about keeping warm and dry.
On the 9th of Feb it's my blog anniversary, I will have a giveaway or two, I have not decided what or how I will run it, but I have a bit of time to think it over.

Sunday 26 January 2014

I'm still stitching

Grand Marquoir, it's very slow going at this time, I was hoping to have it finished by now, but a busy week and a weekend away has stopped me stitching. I have just over 3 squares to do. 
 I keep on I want to crochet more than granny squares, but I get lost trying to follow a pattern, my sister Leanna has loaned me this book to have another go. I have loads of lovely designs I want to make.
 My Amaryllis has started to bud, I can't wait for the flowers, 
 Along my wall, I have loads of colour, the Poinsettia is looking a bit jaded, the lower leaves are gone, I think it's a bit cool here, but if I put it some where warmer in this room, there would not be any natural light.
We have been home to Somerset for a couple of days, we came back early today because of the weather, they have another Amber Warning for rain/flooding. My family home is about 10 miles from the Somerset Levels, and on our UK news, they have been showing the terrible flooding, at one point they were using a boat to get to villages and passed a submerged car stranded on the road. The water has been there since before Christmas, the area is flood plains, but this is the worst in living memories for the height of the flooding. 
My older brother has lost the roof off his flat and had to move out, 
but every one else is safe. 
Last night we had a curry night 7 of us went to a local curry house, everyone had a different curry, they all arrived on time and were wonderful, we sat for 3 hours remembering our childhood and funny things, a bit of teasing as well, the staff were great, there when you wanted them, we had loads of laughter. I can see us going back there again, my mobile phone fell out of my bag, and one member of staff drove the 4 miles to return it back to me, so the service was perfect, hubby is on their website leaving a top review.
Nothing planned for this week, just staying dry  and stitching. 

Wednesday 22 January 2014

Why, no Y

Grand Marquoir is coming along well, I can see the finish line
 Just 4 designs to do, plus a bit of shadow work. This will be my 1st finish this year and it's a WIP, feeling good about that.
 The bud is beginning to open on my amaryllis, I can't wait to see the flower, it's in a perfect spot in our sitting room. My poinsettia is still with me, it does not have many green leaves on, but the red leaves are looking good.
 In this corner I have two orchids, both have flowered before, so more free flowers. I love the pinks on this shorted plant.
 I do love pure white flowers, just a few blooms on the end of the stalk, this has flowered form months, it started before Christmas. I love house plants at this time of year, my garden is bare, I have just a couple primroses in pots by my back door.
My diet is going well, I have lost half a stone (7lbs) and I'm feeling good. I have been for a walk most days in my lunch break, I am being given a tour of the dock yard and surrounding area, I am learning loads of nice walks.
We are enjoying all the new recipes we are finding on the net, our aim is to cut back on sugar, we do not add sugar to our food, but it is shocking to see how much sugar is added to all difference foods. I'm very pleased how quickly we have adapted to low fat every thing. I do not miss bread, I have a couple of slices at the weekend, I but European types, with sun dried tomato's and olives. It is cake day again on Friday, another birthday, so I will look forward to a small slice.
rest of the time I'm keeping warm and dry.

Sunday 19 January 2014

Sunny Sunday

These were Christmas presents,
 We both love them
 This is July from a calender I have made for this year, 
I could not wait until August to hang it. 
 I am very pleased with our dining room wall, until now I did not want to hang photo's here. But these are too nice to tuck away. Most of our family photo's are hung on the stair walls to our bedroom.
I have done just a few stitches, I do hope to stitch again tonight, last night we watched a film, and I always make a counting error when trying to do two things at once.
Today we have had sun shine for most of the day, we did have a short shower, the ground is still very wet, but it was nice to get out.
We have been looking at timber for building my shed, it will be behind the garage and built as a lean too, with a perplex roof to allow light in. Using a wasted bit of the garden, but we need better weather before we start to build. I managed to get a few things for the garden, including a blueberry plant, not my favorite, but hubby loves them. Bit to early to start my seeds, but I now have almost every thing I need.
Yesterday I had loads of fun with daughter Su, we spent the morning in town, just the two of us, very girly and loads of chatter. After Su left I went to visit Fliss, Josh and Sam, Josh went to his first sleep over for a friends birthday, so I played loads of car games with Sammy. Sam has started pre school and goes two and a half days, he was going to build up this these days gently, but because he loves it so much, he can attend all three days, how quick they grow up.

Friday 17 January 2014

I can see the finish line

All three squares are finished, and I am thinking of how to do the back ground and possibly add more designs. I do like this, but it is a bit different.
 I decided to put Grand Marquoir back in the frame, I last stitched it in October, in the past couple of days I have finished the letter 'Z' and 'V' and completed 'W' and finished the deer.
 I plan to keep this in the frame until it is competed, only 7 squares left, so it should not take long, my daughter Fliss begged for it, I will have to see if she still wants it. I have no plans on how to finish it.
 It was cake day in work today, and on Wednesday I was asked to make my chocolate cake, with my not so secret fillings, I loves these by Betty Crocker, the chocolate fudge is to die for. I did have one small slice, and I was able to stay within my 1200 calories for today.
 My Amaryllis is now at a good height, All I want now is for the flowers to open, the Poinsettia is loosing the lower green leaves, but after owning it for almost 6 weeks it's a record for me for it to be alive.
Work has been good, a very difficult week, loads of problems, but the lady I work with is brilliant, we laugh and chuckle over things and work together, I do think this is the best job I have ever had.
Tonight hubby and I are home together, no plans to go out, it's been another very wet day, so a nice warm home sounds good.
Tomorrow I am meeting youngest daughter Su in town, bit of girly shopping and then a long coffee and chat to catch up. Later I will pop and see Fliss and the boys, Fliss has a knitting question for me, often she does not understand the pattern, and we work it out together.

Monday 13 January 2014

Feeling good

I managed to stitch for a long while yesterday, finished the 2nd square and decided to do the 3rd square the same, should finish this tonight.
 I have not made any decisions as to how I will stitch the background, I thought I might do some blackwork, still not sure but I have a day to think about it.
 I said I would not start anything new in January, but look what I have found, it's very me, and very hard not to start it now!! but I am going to wait to 1st of Feb, only 18 days. I have already decided what colours I will use, yes I plan to use at least 4. I also know how I will finish it and where it is going.
 Another heart I love, it's simple and stunning.
After two dry days, one with loads of sunshine, today was dry for most of the day, the rain started as I drove home, but now we are both home, we have shut the blinds, just a nice evening in together.

My first week of my diet went better than expected, for 5 days I eat 1200 calories, which is not to bad if you forget any treats, and twice a week I drop to 700 calories (Monday and Thursday), these days are much harder, I have to plan every thing I am going to eat. But the payoff is I lost 5 pounds last week, which I don't expect to lose each week, but it makes for a good start. Today at lunch I went for a 10 minute walk, which made me feel good. So I am feeling happy with myself, just another 20 pounds to go.

Saturday 11 January 2014

The sun is shinning!

It's been a busy week and not much stitching done, 
I hope to finish this second square this weekend.
 We are having the second sunny day in a row, it is so nice to feel the sun again, I popped out into the garden to check things, other than the fence, all is OK, such a nice blue sky.
 Our tree has been full of starlings, they mostly flew away when I came out, just this brave one stayed, had a nice quiet meal without the normal squabbles which starlings are so fond of. 
The tree has buds on, bit to early, but nice to see new life. 
Back inside my Amaryllis is now over two foot from the pot, still in bud, 
can't wait to see the flower.
My Poinsettia is doing well, lost a couple more green leaves.
 Last weekend I did a bit on on line shopping, went to the Sutton seeds site, my parcel arrived on Thursday, this year I want to grow a few different things. I am very excited with the Cuemelons, mixed colour carrots and the beetroot. A bit to early to start, but I now have every thing ready. 
Cuemelons are cucumbers the size of grapes with a tinge of lime flavour.
 Purdey was out side, but still wanted to check on me, she loves to sit outside the patio doors and look in.  Grace is at the bottom of the garden sunning herself. I still have to keep an eye on her, next doors cats still pick on her.
My seven foot Christmas tree arrived, I put it up last night just to check it, and now it's packed away in the attic, I can't wait for this coming Christmas, it's going to be a perfect feature for my bottom corner of the room, by the patio door.
I have finished cleaning the house, not my favourite job, but now it's done I can have the rest of the weekend doing what I like.
My 1st week of my diet went well, no problems, just trying to be good over the weekend. we are not drinking in January, not that we drink much, I only like wine. On Monday I am starting walking in my lunch break. Most of the guys I work with are all ex Navy, and one is an ex PT instructor, he knows my medical history, so he is building me a simple plan to boost my stamina, starting with walking and then on to cycling.
Fingers crossed this will be the year I get rid of all the weight again, I lost loads in 2009 before I was ill, and now almost all the weight came back.
Hope you have a great weekend, here we plan to go for a walk tomorrow, in the sun shine.

Tuesday 7 January 2014

1st Finish and another WIP

The light is not too good, so I have decided to finish this piece 
 The green squares I am filling with stitches, 
I used this design before and loved it. 
I hope to stitch again tonight.
 Heart by Rovaris, this is the second design I have stitched
 A perfect design
 Simple to stitch
 All very pretty, I will make it up this weekend
 My Amaryllis is getting taller, it is in my office for now, soon I will bring it into the sitting room. 
I have another orchid coming into bloom, so loads of flowers to cheer the place up, every where is so gloomy. 
January is such a harsh month, we go to work in the dark, and have limited light when we get home, being inside for so long each day sends you stir crazy, thank goodness for stitching.
Today more storms and very high winds, with more promised for tonight, and then, we are promised two dry days, can't wait, so very fed up with rain.
Watching the TV, back home on the Somerset Levels, the floods are very bad, our families are safe, but so many homes are flooded. Along one road a car was submerged all you could see was the roof.
My brother Mel has lost part of his house roof, he is staying with brother Martin, until it's all fixed.
Here we are warm and dry, what more can we ask for.
I hope every one is America and Canada are fairing well with the cold and snow, we all have our weather problems, not the best start to 2014.


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