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Saturday 22 November 2014

A finish and a new design

This bulb is doing very well, the second one I did is almost dead, 
I think maybe the bulb was a dud, 
but more importantly Sam's is growing well. 
 With Fliss back home, we don't have a spare bedroom, so I have little piles of things everywhere, this one in my office is mainly house (tree) decorations.
 Presents are behind the sofa, these for Sam and Josh from their grandad. All chocolates etc are in our bedroom, tucked away so no raids before the big day.
 I have done some stitching
 I was glad to find a fox running to add, this is now stitched, not sure what to do with it, I think it may stay in my making up box for a while. I have been busy this week, I have a parcel ready to post to USA, just one last thing to go inside.
 Last night I purchased this, the design came this morning as a PDF, the designers blog is here there are a few others I like very much. This year my taste are changing. I do like to have a project on the go, this is still small for me, I am thinking of stitching it on pale blue, just to add to the subject.

This week has passed quickly and it's been a mixed week, nothing bad, just plenty of normal life stuff.
Work is good, I am now having training on the switchboard, it's very easy and done on the computer.
In my first job the lady had a huge box with loads of wires.
I enjoy  the reception, it's nice to meet and greet clients.

We had a lovely evening on Thursday, Fliss, Su and I, we did some shopping for Christmas, we had a 20% off in M&S, followed by coffee and chat.
Hubby loves his lens, he has played with it to ensure it is the correct one he wants, it was expensive, so it has to be right, now it's waiting to be wrapped and put under the tree, I will get him a couple of small surprise presents.
As for my present, still not an idea, both daughters and I went through loads of suggestions, nothing!
We are hoping to make a start tomorrow, but neither of us is in the right mood, might wait a week and see how it goes.
Tonight Sam is on a sleep over, which will be fun, Josh wants to stay with daddy, but he may change his mind, tomorrow a friend is popping in, so another busy weekend.
Monday evening we are all going to Su and David's new house, they get their keys, not to work, justy to walk around and make plans, very exciting for them.

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Warning, involves the C word

One more photo, Logan with baby brother Finn
he is a happy big brother and is being very good for mummy and daddy
 I received an email whilst in work, ref Christmas jumper day, 
I work in two offices, and on 12th December I am working in the other office, great no Christmas jumper, but it is over both offices, so last night I went shopping, Asda, £12, very this year with penguin on the front.
 I have done some more stitching, very little, I now have three foxes, I was stitching this for a heart, but the fox was too tiny, so I am not sure how many I am doing, each takes a couple of hours to finish. I have done a few more things, but I can't show you them.
 Happy dance, 2013 has arrived, this is my 5th book, sorry about the shadow, I love these books, I just import all the post for the year over to the Blurb templates, I then spend time sorting each page and balancing the pages, a few checks and then I send via internet, pay about £50, I always wait for them to send me discount vouchers, the books can be cheaper, but I like nice pages and hard covers.
I regular look at my books, it's nice to be able to look back and see what happen when in the garden, I can check each year on when and how many flowers appear on my Magnolia tree.
It's been a quiet week, spent Monday in court taking notes again, so yesterday and today I have been typing them out, we had a big meeting today, nothing sinister, it is a touchy feely sort of a company.
Su is hoping to get the keys to her new house on Monday, they have next week off, they are up-sizing, so loads of work for them both, soon I will have a second garden, once again I have to start with an overgrown plot and see what comes up, I have already a few plants in my greenhouse for next spring, Su does not yet know what she wants, could be fun.

Last night we did a huge shop at Asda,we have stocked up all the kitchen tined, bottled and dry items, and have enough to last into the new year. We did buy some Christmas treats, I prefer to get it done in mid November, before everywhere goes mental. Hubby works for the local Co-op group and all through December he has 20% staff discount, so we get most of the rest locally. Also shopping this early means I am not in full festive swing and I hold back on what we get.

We have now purchased hubby's Christmas present, a huge lens for his camera, he has been after one for years, so he is so very happy, I have taken it away from him, he will get it on 25th. He is also trying to get me to decide what I would like, my problem is there is nothing I want, and I will not suggest something to clutter. I'm not a jewelry person, I have what I like to wear, plus just a couple other items, I have a beautiful sewing machine, I have thought about getting one which can do embroidery,  Dawn your comments please. I still have everyone else's present to get, we have a spend limit for everyone.
But I am beginning to feel festive!

Sunday 16 November 2014

Grandson number 5

Finn Jackson Jones arrived on 14th November
Younger brother to Logan.
 So this weekend we all drove the 100+ miles to meet him, we had loads of fun, 
cousin's meeting and playing with other cousins.
Here Josh and Sam with Jacob and Su, youngest daughter.
 A rare family photo with no one missing, all 5 children and partners, all 5 grandsons. 
Also Grancha's younger brother and wife. 
We spent a lovely evening having a meal, and the children playing in this play area, perfect setting in Taunton, Somerset.
It was the first time we took Sam and Josh away with us, we all had rooms in the same hotel, which Sam really enjoyed, at 8.15 this morning we had a knock on our door and Sam still in his PJ's wanted a cuddle. It is so nice to have a family weekend.
Tonight we are both tired, the boys are back at home, they enjoyed meeting everyone, Sam and Logan spent most of the time together. Josh and Sam met Uncle Richard who flew in from Ireland, as a family we are spread about. We can't be sure when we will all be together again, so we ensured we all had loads of fun.
I have done no craft at all, real life was far more fun.
We did pop to a garden center for a nice potted plant for new mum, they last so much longer than cut flowers, a few Christmas items fell into my basket. Our house is going to look great this year, shame as yet we have not purchased one present, the plan is to Christmas present shop next weekend. 
Tomorrow is another busy day, I have to attend court, taking notes again for the family trial, I have one more date next week, I hope not to repeat these attendances, I have said to my boss they are not enjoyable. People can be so horrible to each other.
Su and Davis get their keys to their new house, so as a family we will all be helping to move them, but as they live in a one bedroom house and have purchased a four bedroom house, they don't have too much to move and loads of space to put stuff.

Thursday 13 November 2014

How many finishes

This is finished, I did the star to complete the design
But look at her face, I think I forgot something.
Just noticed as I am doing my post.
 I am really pleased with this 
there is some glitter in the gold stars.
 Finally I got my sewing machine out
Made three cushions, one I can't show you here
 I have to hand stitch the cushion fabric, 
adding to all the gold and red, so it will show up better.
 I am still not sure regarding this fabric, I wanted loads of tree's, but it not to be the same as the one above. I am thinking of adding a few snowflakes. The panel feels big.
 Just for fun, he took about an hour to stitch, I did not realise he would be so small, but he is cute, I was going to make him into a heart, but I might change that, you know what I am like.
I am busy finishing a few things to send to Paula, she recently helped my daughter and myself to purchase a knitting book, which could only be shipped in USA, she took them in and then forwarded them to me, such a lovely lady, so a thank you is in order.
I have an idea for using some of my Christmas fabric's for another small cushion. I have a nice basket which I will put beside my Christmas Tree for all these pretty cushions, just a but of colour.
My trug is still full of sewing items, it's the perfect place to keep fabric, can I get away with asking for another one for Christmas.
Work is going very well, I had a busy day, getting loads done, learning loads of new skills.
Tomorrow we head home to Somerset, a family get together, with all 5 of our children and their partners, it's not so often we are all together, one lives in Ireland, another in Derby, we are all hoping for our 5th grandson to be born soon, he's a bit late.

Monday 10 November 2014

Almost there

It's all done
Tonight I sent it to the publishers, all done on line, the process is so very easy. 
I just have a wait for about a week and then I will arrive, this is my 4th book.
The bonus was a 20% off deal
 I totally changed my mind last night, the stars were stitched in the lighter brown, I added the red to tie them into the rest of the design. They fit it well, I am really pleased with this, just one last star to sew and a little bit of back stitching and it will be done.
 The whole design
 My trug is being put to good use, I have all my Christmas fabrics in here and my sewing projects to complete, it is a perfect size, and for now it can stay as my sewing basket. I am not ready to put it in the shed yet, it is far too beautiful to be hidden away.
Soon I will do some more stitching, and then an early night. We had a huge thunder storm at 3am this morning and very heavy rain, almost every one I have spoken to today was woken up last night. The sky was bright as day each time the lightening came, and the claps of thunder was deafening. Both cats slept on our stairs, where there are no windows.
Tomorrow is a sewing evening, I will get my machine out, I have a few small items to make for myself and a cushion to make for my friend, she has stitched a beautiful horses head for her daughter.
Wednesday I have a friend popping in, Thursday is free at this point.
Friday we are heading for Somerset, evening with my brothers and Saturday with both Kev's son's their wives, Su and Fliss are travelling down and we are going for a huge family meal. We are still waiting for our 5th grandson to be born, spoke to mummy tonight and she is more than ready for the arrival, Logan is nor so bothered.

Sunday 9 November 2014

I'm dry

After our storm today, I caught Grace keeping dry.
She looks so small in here.
 Just a couple of things to stitch here and it's finished
 I don't like the big brown thing, I am not sure what it is, so I have found three stars to stitch instead, these will be one in red, one in white and one using both colours. 
It was hard to find something to use with this design.
 I asked a friend a while ago if she could get me an old horse's bit, I saw one used as a hanging Christmas decoration, I totally forgot about it and today I was given this, it's huge.
 I will use silk holly and ivy, with a pretty ribbon.
 Hubby was out on his bike today, I did not go, it was a long ride, and I still have a lingering cough, hundreds of bikers put on red T shirts and all drove at the same time around the M25 (motorway around London), it was billed as 'A Ring of Red' and again they raised money for charities.
I have had a weekend at home, which is just what I needed, I am trying to rid myself of this cough, it's horrible, I do manage to sleep at night, thanks to Lemsip MAX, I have two together at bed time.
I managed yesterday to spend an hour in the garden, cutting back the last of the dying summer growth, my little shed is full, everything packed away until next spring.
My poor Amaryllis, the leaves grew long and tall, but I can see no sign of a stem with any bud on, looks as if I won't have a flower this year.
My trug is in good use, I have placed all my sewing projects in it, I still have to get my machine out, a couple of friends popped in this afternoon, it was lovely to catch up, but used all my sewing time.
I have finished my book, tomorrow I will give it one more look and then send it for publishing, it will be my 4th Poppy Patchwork book, I love looking back on my blogs, and both Josh and Sam love to see their photo's in a book.
Going now to do some cross stitch, sewing tomorrow after work, if I keep saying it, it will happen!

Saturday 8 November 2014

Happy birthday Nanna

Yesterday was my birthday
I love cards with Nana on from our special little boys.
 Fliss had already given me the knitting book, but she also gave me the sewing stand with the pin cushion on top. 
Josh and Sam gave me the Christmas fabric.
 Su knows how much I love these candles, and a new scent for me Blackberry and Bay, 
I also love the letter M not sure how I am going to use it yet.
 Cat my friend, was totally naughty and lovely in the same measure, and got me this trug,
 I have been looking for one for ages, but each one I saw hubby would point out a flaw to stop me purchasing it, this was got at a summer county show.
 I have done a bit more stitching, not too much and none last night.
 I passed this kit on to Cat to stitch, she is off work and has loads of time in the day, she has finished and passed the design back to me, if anyone want to have the pattern, just let me know I will send it to you, there are no threads or linen, just the pattern.
Kev got me a fine gold ankle chain, I have been looking for one for ages, I am also having 2013 book published this week, as part of my present.
Sam and Josh popped in at six, with cards and presents, Sam was happy when my 1st birthday cake was brought in, he helped me to blow out the candles, and the boys took the rest of the cake home.
Last night Kev cooked a family meal, Fliss is away, so Su, David, Cat and myself had a perfect meal, I had loads of things I really love, hubby is such a great cook, but I did have to pass on the 2nd  birthday cake at the end of the meal. The table was set, loads of candles, he did check which ones he could light, I have a few I don't use.
These days all I want is family life, it is sad Logan, mummy and daddy live so far away, but we do get to see them often. I love being at home, hubby loves to cook delicious meals.
We have a lazy weekend, I want to plant my few bulbs today, we do have to pop to Wilko's for some cleaning stuff, another night in, hubby loves X Factor, as does Fliss, I will just stitch and listen, I really can't be bothered with much TV.
I have a few new followers, I really can't under stand why anyone would want to read this, but thank you, having said that, ladies, I love to read your news and enjoy all your subjects, so everyone enjoy the weekend, wet or dry we always have loads of fun.

Thursday 6 November 2014

Red on White or White on Red

I so love this
 Over half way now, it's simple to sew and the finish is stunning, 
Fliss keeps saying it's for her, but no, this will be another one for me. I have found another quickie for Christmas, which I will start after this is finished.
 This is our terracotta chimera, I use it to grow my Hosta  in, works perfectly. 
Now it's a sleeping place for Grace. 
Grace is not too happy, we have had fireworks every evening for over a week, she hates them. Purdy is not bothered.
Our cat flap has broken, it won't let the cats back in, so once out they stay out, but hubby has been home alot so it is not too bad for them. Every time I get my camera out to snap Grace here she sees me coming and moves. Our new cat flap should be here tomorrow, we got it on line for £65, in the shops it was £99, it works using their micro chip, so no other cats can get in. the saving of over £30 was too great to miss.
Not done much this week, tonight I am out for coffee with Su, I am looking forward to it, a girly catch up. The darker nights make me want to snuggle down in the warm.
Still not done my sewing, I am hoping to find time over the weekend.
I am so glad the weather has now turned cold, all the muggy wet days, I dislike so much. This morning we had our 1st frost, not too bad, but walking from my car to the office on a crisp morning felt good. But tomorrow more rain.
Also this weekend I need to finish my book, if I send it in before 11th I can get 20% off, they cost around £60 each, so it's a nice saving. I use a company called Blurb, you do all the work on your own computer using their templates and then upload to their site, delivery is normally under a week, and the finished book is beautiful.

Tuesday 4 November 2014

Another Christmas start

This is my second project with this little lady and I'm almost half way through
using the same linen as before, I will make another cushion
 up to date from last nights stitching, only an hour I was out earlier.
 My Hyacinth is doing well, the second one still has no real roots, I am thinking it might be a none flowering bulb, Sam showed me his bulb last night , it's as good as this one.
 Avocado is doing well, the shoot is a couple of inches high and has some nice leaves forming, I think I will have to find a bigger pot for it.  The stem is now quiet thick and sturdy.
 Lemon in square pot, is now bigger than Lime in round pot, again I need to get bigger pots, which will be a problem for me, because they will be too big for the window sill, I will have to find another spot in this office for them, it's the warmest, sunniest room in the house.
Last night I was a happy Nanna, I sat with the boys, whilst mummy and daddy went to School parents evening,
Josh had a great report, he is spot on where he should be on every thing other than reading and in reading he is way above his level, his teacher could not find anything to mark him down on.
Sam has been at pre school since January, starting with 3 days a week and now he goes 5 days, again he is settled, happy and bright. Both reports were about what we expected, but it is so very nice to hear.
I did not get my sewing machine out on Sunday, Su and David popped in to see us, it was nice to catch up, but I really must get my sewing done.
Work is good, busy, I have so many different jobs to do now, every day is different, the time flies and I enjoy most of what I do. I am beginning to change my mind on which site I prefer.
Soon we are going to visit Su and David, they should have their moving date soon, so a bit of quiet time before the madness starts, they are going from a one bedroom to a four bedroom house, so not too much to move and plenty of space in their new house.

Saturday 1 November 2014

Finishes and double shopping

It's finished, and I love it
so much I have found another design to stitch
 18 baubles done
I won't do any more, we found another deal on photo Christmas cards and I have purchased 20, just have to sit with Kev and choose the photo's of our grandsons to use, at £8.99 for 20, they are a good price, and easier to post. 
 Adding to my stash, after so much moaning we do not have a local sewing and craft shop, one opened last month. Today Fliss and I popped in to check it out, stunning things, loads to buy, one small upset, they only have Anchor threads, and I have always used DMC, my stash is too huge to swap now. Fliss gave me the bottom fabric, we both think it would be great to over stitch the designs.
 We also went to the Clark's outlet store, looking for winter shoes for work, the brown shoes are perfect for what I require, and a saving of £20 per pair. The black ones fell into my basket, well they are very comfortable. At £39.99 per pair not cheap, but I find Clark's shoes last years, so over a few years they become much more cost effective.
Quick look at my Orchids, 1st photo, shows my new purchase and behind a plant with two new growth shoots, 2nd photo from the down stairs bathroom window sill, it's a sunny spot here, but not always warm, they need light more than warmth. I was give a tip years ago, once the flowers have gone, treat them mean, and they will grow new shoots, it always works for me, I get at least 3 to 4 sets of flowers from each plant.

We have been invited to a firework party tonight, won't be out too long, it's been a busy day, and I am itching to get stitching.
I have also finished adding all my post to my book 2013, I now have to check each page twice, once to tidy it and check spelling and then a final proof read, I hope to be able to send it to the printers by next weekend.
Tomorrow I would like an hour in the garden and then get my sewing machine out and make a few small cushions. I have a couple of secret projects I am working on, can't show them on here, but I hope soon to finish them and post them.
Tomorrow the weather will turn colder, and work towards a normal Autumn level rather than the warm temperatures of recent days, so the plan is more inside days.
After our trip to Portsmouth Gunwharf Quays today, I think I will doing alot of our Christmas shopping on line, it was mad, so full of people, I hate the shopping frenzy of this time of year.


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