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Thursday 31 March 2022

March round-up

It's a more normal spend this month, I did get some seeds, bulbs and a couple small shrubs, I also got some small plants to grow on, and some more fencing, but the selling of my arbour gave me the money to pay for the fencing. I have not purchased any crafting supplies, I have everything here I need. I did purchase a pair of cheap summer sandals, another pack of bra's, I think my spending on clothes this year might be a bit more, I've had 3 very cheap years. Also two silk orchid stems, which will stop me purchasing another orchid plant, I pop the silk stems into a flower less plant, you can't tell the difference. I have been using our village library, so no spending on books. 

We have been again very good with waste, hubby sold our old garden table, it was too big for us, the lady was delighted with it, and a man came and took away the blackcurrant bush, he was going to plant it the same evening on his allotment. Our garden cuttings and kitchen peelings are still going in our composter, I'm not missing the garden waste bag system. No food waste, again it all about portion size and purchasing just what you need. No big supermarket shop this month, one small visit to Lidl's,  but I will need to pop to Lidl soon for fridge items. 

My weight is not so good I have popped on a couple of pounds, not enough walking in the beginning of the month, I'm not worried, I can do it, already I'm hitting my step target 3 or 4 days a week, soon I will be able to increase it. 

Wednesday 30 March 2022

Back inside

 Another book finished, I again loved the plot, can you imagine looking at google maps, street view and you see a murdered head in a window, very clever, I could not put it down, he is very diverse in his themes. I'm not normally a fan of books based in America, this is the best I've read of his so far, I will look for more books when I pop to our library. Book 30 read this year. 

My Chinese money plant is doing well, loads of new growth and the baby is getting huge, the tiny 2nd baby did not grow, at some point I will re-pot this baby, but it's happy here, I can see roots are forming, I have 5 new leaves on the mother plant. 
I have not started my animals as yet, I have everything, I still have a few household sewing jobs, we did not sell the quilt covers, they lady came with less money and we refused to sell them, if we still have them later this week, I will use them for Molly's cot quilt covers, they can be cut down easily. I can also make a small play mat and some cushions to match, I have done the same in the boys room. 

Tuesday we had a lovely meal out, in a pub we have never been to, there were 9 of us, so plenty of chatter, after we popped to B&Q, hubby needed a few things, I got a couple of trays of plug plants, these can be grown on. It was lovely not to have to sort an evening meal, very relaxing time. Our cat flap broke, it's one which reads the chip in our cats neck, a replacement arrived quickly, but the fun and games started trying to get the cat's through the flap, they had already worked out it's not working, Grace was not too bad, but Purdy was not having it. We finally got her through the next day, she watched Grace using it and we tricked her into coming in, they can now come and go as they please.

Today, no Molly mummy is still feeling poorly, so no gym, another dull cold day, a walk to the village, new library books and look at plants. Our village has mixed feelings, our big carpark has travellers set up using the whole area, so mean folks are really not happy, loads of Facebook post about the mess they are causing, lock your doors, men cold calling to do various jobs. I'm not sure on what to say, I would rather they were not there, but they are people, even if they don't follow the rules we use, our local council are in the process of moving them on. 

I am not liking the change in the weather, firstly I have stopped wearing my sandals, I loved having them on last week, it's so cool here, but no frost so greenhouse (without the glass) is OK. I can't really complain, here on the south coast we miss most of the bad weather, I'm just itching for spring and summer, so we can spend time outside in our garden again

Tuesday 29 March 2022

A bit of everything

 It was Mothering Sunday, I had lovely cards, I asked again for no gifts, I have everything I want, loads of lovely blooms in the garden, so I didn't really need cut flowers. I always say the best cards have big writing made by small hands. 


Daughter popped in for a coffee and chat in afternoon, we missed her little ones, but it was lovely to have time together, for a chat in the sun. She did get me a lovely bar of chocolate.

Did you know Ikea Duvet covers are smaller than standard UK duvets, we didn't, so our lovely floral covers did not quite fit our bed, and the duvet was bunched up inside, we were not comfortable at night. We decided to get more new covers and another quilt, this time in super king size, so plenty of overhang, I think our bed looks much better. The Ikea covers are all sold out, so we popped the 2 king size covers on facebook and sold them quickly. 

The mixture of the beautiful weather and this being a slow story, it's taken me ages to read, it, I did enjoy the plot, it was a bit like The Thursday murder club, but it did have to grow on me. Book 29 read this year.


The garden is looking good, I did nothing on Sunday, we had a lazy day outside, hubby made one of my favourite dishes fish pie with creamy mash top for tea. I should have sorted the greenhouse, we are fore caste for cooler weather and snow, which is not showing to come as far down as the south coast. When we built the greenhouse is was a hot sunny weekend in June, and we suffered with the heat, so working on it this week when it's cooler will be better for us. I think the chance of a heavy frost has gone, I have loads of covers if a frost is looming. We did suggest we wait until Easter weekend when my brother will be here to help. 

Monday daughter picked me up early, we went to garden centre looking for 2 small standard bay trees to finish off her front garden, we had a lovely wander around, just Molly with us, so single pushchair. Sadly even visiting a few different places, we could not get what she wanted. Later another lazy evening at home, I started another Linwood Barclay book. 

I do have my sewing machine out again, the new king size duvet, which we have used for a few weeks, I want to cut down and make a duvet for Molly's cot, save daughter purchasing one, I can then cut down the 2 old white covers as well. Now the bedroom is sorted, I want to make the cushion covers using the cross stitch work I have already completed. 

Today we are out for lunch, twice a year our sign group go to a local pub for lunch, very sociable, sadly a couple of ladies won't be attending, but hubby's are welcome. 


Sunday 27 March 2022

Another garden post.

Moving these trio of  acers and giving them a much bigger pot has not caused the plants any issues, this spot is sunny all morning and very sheltered from the wind, I will ask hubby to turn the pot a bit, so the green acer is not at the back. My bigger acer lived in this spot for almost ten years. 
The railings have been cut down, they come in a run of three arches, so hubby cut a fourth arch and attached it, the other two arches we popped to the side, we have to keep the wooden brace clear, both cats use it as a scratching post. Hubby got a new angle grinder which made cutting these a quick simple job. There are railings along the raised bed at the back, this helps soften the composter, and I think looks good as the taller plants grow. I do need to dig this lower bed, it is heavy clay, nothing much survives the winter months, but I am going to try and fill it with colourful bedding plants this summer. 
I have been planting summer bulbs, mainly in my raised bed in hope to have loads of colour, the dahlia which looks like chocolate cosmos, came in 2 bits, so 1 lot of roots went in raised bed the other in big pot by greenhouse, the gladioli went into the side bed in front of garage. The begonias went into my chimneys, which I dug out and put in new compost. 

I got this shrub, Cytisus Praecox Albus, it's a spring flowering shrub, with colour all year round, This is planted in the side garden, near the big pots, this area has been bare for a couple of years, I am hoping this will help fill the spot, I also planted 2 of my pots of daffs, in hope they spread as well. At the back corner I have put forget-me-nots, I love their tiny blooms. 

Thursday daughter came with George and Molly, we walked to the village, George using his walking frame, which got loads of comments he is a nanna magnet, little old ladies love him. Later after coffee and cake at our local bistro, we all played in our back garden all afternoon, so much laughter and fun. 

Friday we decided to pop to shops at other end of town, a quick visit to Dunelm, once sorted I will show you our purchase. Then we popped to Home bargains just for a few things. Lastly we went to a garden centre we love, got more bulbs and a shrub, home for lunch and then afternoon in garden. 

Saturday morning I had a lazy start unfortunately my delivery of pea shingle and compost did not arrive, we have a local guy who delivers every Friday evening, but we made the most of the sunshine, I re-potted all my small plants, they have plenty of time to get huge before planting outside.  We had found another job, one pane of glass has come out of the greenhouse, and 2 are slightly twisted, we need to pop to our neighbours and pick up the broken glass and also order a new pane. Today should be cooler, cloudy and not so nice, I have a few things to do inside. 

My finger has healed, my back feels better and I'm now left with a silly sniff, which drives me crazy. Thank you to everyone who sent good wishes, I have rested in our garden in the warm sunshine, I am feeling calm and good, nothing beats being outside in the garden. I'm not reading so much and doing no craft, but that's OK, I'm feeling really good at the moment, sunny days is always outside. 

Thursday 24 March 2022

Spring is here.

I have buds and new shoots everywhere in the garden, I love this time of year, so much promise to come, all the years of work explode in spring. Tulips are beginning to flower, I grow these in pots as the bulbs rot in our clay soil. Some daffs are still in bloom, and the hyacinths by the back door are full of colour and scent. 
Blooms on the Magnolia are beautiful, I picked up the petals before taking this photo, but already there are more dropped, every time I walk down the garden, I stop and pick them up. I will never be disappointed with this view, I love our garden, after years of wishing it was bigger, I now think it's the perfect size for us. 
Our new table looks much better on the decking, here with our old chairs, the recliners  were not as good as we hoped, but hubby made 2 decent ones out of the 4 chairs, we have another 2 smaller folding chairs in the garage, they all match in colour. The bench is by the side of the garage, it's position is in the afternoon shade, handy for hot days, plus we can always bring it on the decking if we want more seats. 
Another brilliant book, the end surprised me, no guessing this time, her style of writing is very descriptive, normally I get annoyed, but this was an interesting plot, I have read other books by her, book 28 read this year. I was asked do I speed read, no, but I am a fast reader and most evenings we read, there is very few things we want to watch on TV, luckily hubby is a book worm as well. 

Spending so much time outside in the sunshine is so very good for me, I am feeling much better, still the silly lingering cough, but that is getting better, another negative test this week. My finger is healing, I am always amazed at our skin, how it heals, I still have sterile strips, just because I don't want to pull the wound. Monday we decided to sort the new bedroom curtains and bathroom blind, I stood on a chair to check we had the pole at the correct height, just a little twist, and yes I have put my back out. I hate that my body does not do as it once did, always with my back it just a small stupid move, so no big jobs being done this week, not that we have much to do.

I am really lucky hubby likes to get things done and completed, I rarely have to ask him more than once, and often if I want something moved in the garden, he will stop his task and help me. He is now asking for me to measure how much I want removing from the new railings, this won't be a quick job as each cut has to be done by hand, there is no rush. 

I did not get to George's nursey on Monday afternoon, daughter went instead and had a lovely time, Tuesday after we put our old bedroom curtains through the wash ( Will is going to have one for making garden dens and the other will stay here for the same use), we went back to Port Solent, hubby was so pleased with his new jeans he got another pair, we had lunch out. Back home we sat with a friend having coffee in the sunshine, our fence panels are still broken, our neighbour only wants us to replace one panel at our cost, she is insisting the other panels can be propped up on her side, so we have chosen to do nothing, we are at stale mate, not sure what we will do, I would have liked to do the last 3 panels. 

Wednesday I went with daughter, George and Molly to a coffee morning with Portsmouth Downs Syndrome charity, they had the ladies from singing hands there, it was a fun filled morning. The rest of the day was spent in the garden, I did pop to village and get a couple tomato plants and some small bedding plug plants, I hope to pot them on today, nothing else planned. Did I say I'm loving this wonderful weather. 

Monday 21 March 2022

World DS day

Today is World Downs Syndrome day, its part of March which is DS awareness month, we are encouraged to wear colourful miss matched socks, we have loads of these crazy socks. 
 Saturday we were in the woods on a sponsored walk, we did have time too play. 
So many children running around and playing, Portsmouth DS Society is always a family affair. 
George is completely mobile with his walker and was determined to get around the woods, he loved the muddy areas. 

Sunday was another fundraiser, no sponsors just lots of buckets to collect money in, at a local out of town shopping centre, here George is walking with Grancha, Molly is in the pushchair. 
George could not wait for the group photo, he was wanting to walk, another family day with characters from Star Wars who drew people to us. He started at the front and finished last, but he did the walk. 

 I have done fantastic number of steps, its been a tiring couple of days, but so much fun. Later today I am at Georges nursery for an hour, Wednesday we are at a morning coffee event, there are still busy days to come this month. 

It is truly humbling to see so many people come together to support our local group, the help they have given daughter and George is amazing. Always family events and always multiple generations, so many happy smiling faces. 

Sunday 20 March 2022

All change.

This bottom end of the garden is very rustic, which I like, it's where I do most of my work with my shed and greenhouse here. I moved the fruit bushes along the garage wall last year when we put the big Acer into the ground by the decking, shown in this post. The blueberries are not in the best position here, and with hubby saying he doesn't want any more blackcurrants, I will give away the bush using local selling pages. I've been thinking about this space. 
 This area by the greenhouse door has been changed many times, I had my metal table and chairs here, then various pots and now my leaf mulch dustbin, it's a very sunny spot and the dustbin does not need the sunshine, so.....
My thoughts are to relocate the fruit tubs, here there are 3 tubs, they are next to the blackberry bush planted in the ground. I'm thinking of moving the big blueberry bush pot and the smaller gooseberry pot to the back along the fence in the sunshine and away from the bird feeders, I could then put the dustbin next to the blackberry vine, the empty pot from the blackcurrant bush, I could fill with my triple Acers and pop in front. The sink would then move back just a bit. This arbour is beautiful, but I will sell it, I don't need it anywhere else, all the netting can be easily removed. If the fruit bushes need netting, I have 2 tall arches I can use, they won't look as bulky as the lovely arbour. 

I spent time in the garden removing the netting from the arbour, moving the pots and sweeping this area, I had a small black grass I needed to relocate, I managed to get two more plants from it, one for my sister and the smaller one in a pot until it's much bigger. I do love free plants, I popped the blackcurrant on our local free page and it was quickly collected. I sold the arbour for £70, which is the cost of two metal decorative fence pieces for in front of the greenhouse, hubby is going to cut down the two panels as I don't want them at full height. I was rather pleased not to have to purchase the metal fences. It took a few days to get the work done, I really was not going to rush it, and we had a weekend away in the middle of the sort. 

Here are the after photo's. 

I'm really pleased with how it looks, I really could have done without cutting my finger, I've got a couple of butterfly stitches in it, it's right beside the bend and I need to keep my finger straight until it mends. Soon I hope to pop out all the garden ornaments and bring everywhere back to summer mode. Being outside in the sunshine has helped me feel much better, I'm sure it was a touch of flu, my sister who I visited last week has had the same symptoms as me.

Thank you to everyone for your kind comments, I had 2 negative test, so I don't think it was covid, I still have symptoms, but the sunny days with the doors open, sat outside in warm sun is healing me. Plus being in the garden is always so dam good. 

Friday 18 March 2022


I could not put this book down, the story was through three generations of women, cleverly told, not an easy subject, motherhood is a struggle and your child is different, how would it end, this author is definitely on my list to read any other books written by her. Book 26. 

I am really loving his style of writing, every book subject is very different, here another good plot, I guessed the first twist, but it did not take anything from the story. Another unique plot, you wake up and your family is gone, house is super tidy, you are just alone. Don't you just love a brilliant book, book 27 read this year. 
Wednesday night I did not sleep well, my sleep is recorded on my fitbit and I had the lowest score, I ached everywhere, cough, sore throat and headache, I could have easily stayed in bed the following morning. I felt a bit better being up, we both had negative covid test on Thursday, it was a sunny day with a cold breeze, perfect for working in the garden, I was not up to doing anything and hubby's back was sore. We did get a short walk around our park, my new bedroom curtains arrived. Another bad night on Thursday, still feeling unwell, so many bugs going around, plenty of reading time, such a shame as the blue skies looked inviting, just no energy to do much. 

Today we both feel much the same, so a very slow start, we are both going outside to do a few task, hubby will uncover the patio furniture, I've a few things to plant, if our weather is changing we want to be able to sit outside and enjoy our garden. 

Thursday 17 March 2022

Somewhere different

We went for a walk on Tuesday morning, about 10 minutes drive from home, this is Port Solent, we do love it here, all the boats are interesting to look at, this marina is full. Sadly most of the shops have closed and its mainly a place to come and eat out. It was a dull grey day, but a gentle walk after such a busy weekend, it does get very busy here at weekends, I do love we are so close to the water front.

 Another book finished, I liked this plot, normally I read the DCI Roy Grace crime thrillers by this author, this book was from the other side, the villain and his victims, I felt it was a bit tongue in cheek, in a funny way. Book 25 read this year. I have been to the library and picked more books. 
This cactus was full of blooms last November, it stays in our down stairs bathroom, again it is blooming, not so many flowers, but stunning colour. 

I've done very little crafting, my sewing machine is out, I have started on the household sewing which needs to be done, I have very little enthusiasm for anything, I am hoping the sunny days arrive and I can go outside in the garden, that should get me going. We are now walking each day, to get our steps up and to get me motivated. 

Wednesday I drove to daughters in afternoon to sit with youngest whilst she picked up Will from school, the rain was heavy and relentless. 

Briony asked why our Magnolia tree can be hard work, everything on the tree grows huge, the buds, flowers, seed head and leaves, the tree is next to our lawn, so everything that drops needs to be picked up, often I am picking up many times each day. The leaves are the hardest job, there are just so many of them, plus each year the tree needs to be cut back, we get professionals in every other year, the following year we cut back the new growth, this is to keep the tree a smaller size, they can grow huge. BUT as I always say, it is a labour of love and the blooms on the tree are stunning. 

At the weekend hubby got wet feet, his shoes have a tiny hole in the sole, he must of stepped on something sharp, and I said to him his jeans are now baggy and makes him look scruffy, so he had a shopping trip, he got new shoes, jeans and a jumper, I was really good and got nothing, as I want nothing. 

Tuesday 15 March 2022

Back home

 I have just finished this strange book, I have not read any books by this author, I'm not sure if I would read another, the plot was different, but it kept me interested to the end, I did spend alot of time thinking about what I was reading. Book 24 read this year.

It's lovely to come home to a garden full of colour, so many buds, just ready to pop, I also noticed raspberry plants in my chimney, I will pop them into the fruit garden bed, one spot is a bit thinner for plants. 
The magnolia tree is coming into the best show of blooms, this tree can be hard work, but for this moment all is forgotten and forgiven, it's always the centre plant in the garden. 
We (well me) I went shopping for the little ones, it started with another bedding set for Will, this one is army camouflage, he loves his batman cover but is always oh! when mummy has it in the laundry, he loves everything about army. Then I saw the dress and top for Molly, it's so pretty, I looked for George, but mummy has just got him loads of new clothes, so I got him a book, with the animals we can Makaton sign each one as we read the book, George loves books. 
These new mugs are so us, hubby is the chef and I am the gardener, I love the style of them, I have pulled out 3 mugs to pass on, we like to have matching mugs. Coming home and having our 1st cup of coffee is always good. 

It's been a wet cold weekend, hubby and I got caught in heavy showers twice, Saturday evening walking home after a meal and Sunday afternoon walking home from my sisters house. We drove to my brothers house in Somerset on a Friday, the traffic was not to bad but the rain was really heavy most of the way. Saturday we popped into the local town near my childhood village, sadly the town centre is very run down, most of the branded shops have gone, we did not stay out long, later we had a meal in village pub, 10 of us, 2 brothers, 3 sisters my niece and a few partners, the menu was very basic, the food and service was good, we were home by 9, really cold and wet. Sunday we spent time with younger sister, had lunch together, then back to brothers house, again cold and wet, even when we get rained on I do love to walk around the village. A lovely lazy evening and another early night. 

We love to visit my family, but it is oh so nice to be home, the drive was good, we always try and avoid driving any distances over a weekend, Fridays can still be busy, but Monday is a great day to drive. We spent the afternoon pottering, sorting laundry, refilling the bird feeders, cuddling cats, just relaxing, we popped to Lidl's for a fresh/fridge shop.

We have added our name to the online list for Ukraine refugees, we would like to use our spare room, we hope an older couple or a lady with a baby, we have everything here to support a baby in the house. We do need to ensure we are not putting ourselves at any risk, but neither of us can just sit and watch, we had a long conversation in the car and agreed we should do more. 

Saturday 12 March 2022

This life

Another image I have shown before, we have cut back on our portion sizes, if we don't keep an eye on things our portions get bigger, so this reminder is brilliant. 

 Another book finished, I enjoyed this duel story line, the modern timeline was within the covid pandemic, which was interesting and different, I always enjoy this authors stories. Book 23 read this year. I am now getting all my books from the library.
We went to The Range on Wednesday, I got these seeds, I always try and grow sweet peas, not with much success, this year I am trying something different. The sunflowers are being grown for George, Will and Molly, to see which one will grow tallest. 
I am still adding to my raised bed, only the begonia's will flower fully this year, I want the bed to be full of colour. These were 3 for £5, a great bargain. 

I popped the portion size guide up, because we are all seeing the huge price increases, every time we shop there are price increases, and we are all trying to ensure we get the best deals we can. Plus I'm back trying to lose the weight which keeps coming back. We try and eat meat and fish free twice a week, we both love a mushroom risotto or a spicy bean goulash type meal, a recipe we use but just leave out the meat. The one thing we always do is purchase our chicken breast from Lidl, we get the family pack with 9 of 10 pieces of meat, before we freeze them in packs of two, we trim them to a smaller size, which often gives us two extra meals. We now get shoulder of lamb, brisket of beef, both joints my mother cooked for her big family, we cook them in the slow cooker, I am glad she is not here to see the cost of these simple cuts, nothing is cheap anymore, any leftovers are turned into hearty soups for lunch.

We popped to town on Thursday, hubby had a problem with his glasses which was quickly fixed, I finally took my emerald ring in for repair, an emerald needs fixing back in place, it's been broken for 18 months, it will be lovely to wear it again. We didn't purchase anything, took the bus into town, so spent very little. It won't be the same when we collect the ring, I have no idea yet what the repair will cost.

I can't watch the news on TV, to much devastation, I read reports online, I can only take in so much, I've not complained about our situation with inflation, and anything missing of the supermarket shelves, it is affecting us all, but it's nothing compared to the horror in Ukraine, I can't forget the sight of a young mother being told her 18 month child had died, I get tears just thinking about her. 

Thursday 10 March 2022

Get up, get out

I have used this image before taken from the internet,

it says it all. 

 I have made our rich fruit cake, it's for Easter, when all the family are here, for after our lunch, it's my Christmas cake, but I won't marzipan or ice it, just a lovely fruit cake. My brother will be here again at Easter, he went home after Christmas before we cut the cake, so this was made with him in mind. I always soak the fruit in the zest and juice of oranges and lemons, so for two days the house smelt wonderful. 

Monday was such a beautiful sunny day and not too cold, I went out in the garden all afternoon, I have cut back loads, did some tidying around the plot, and planted a couple of small shrubs. Our magnolia tree is coming into bloom, every year we get blooms before leaves, the shades of pink are lovely along side all the yellow of the daffodils. 

Tuesday we stayed in the village, hubby got a haircut, we had lunch at our local Bistro, we have not been there for ages, we did wonder in a couple of shops, I needed birthday cards.
Wednesday we did not have Molly, so I sorted the back rail in my wardrobe, where all my longer clothes hang, I did not remove much, but just checked what I had there. We went to The Range for a new blind for our upstairs bathroom window, the old one is 12 years old and was a bit thin in places and some bits and pieces for the garden. 

A perfect piece of news this week, daughter went to Will's first school parents evening, these days you are given an appointment time, so no crowds, Will start at school has been very good, he interacts with everyone, and is helpful in class and plays well when outside, daughter was really pleased, we were not surprised as Will loves school. 

I have actively been doing more, making myself put the reading book down and get going, my worry levels have been high again, nothing in my family (thank goodness) but with the neighbour, Covid ( a couple of friends have picked it up) all the prices rises and this horrible war, Putin, you are making war, and causing your own people to suffer, but I don't think you care.

I have started getting my sewing things together, I need to make 3 cushions for our bed, cut down 2 king-size quilt covers to cot-size, ( making good use of our old sets, for Molly's cot), a new peg bag. Then I can allow myself to make another rabbit, and a mouse, cat and dog, and all their clothes, I have everything I require, but I want to get household jobs done first. I have seen curtains in a pale grey for our bedroom, we can't get them in shop, so I will order after the weekend and get our bedroom finished. 

Monday 7 March 2022

Lazy days

I love Jodi Picoult, I was really looking forward to reading this book, 1 woman 2 time lines, I did read it to the end, but twice I thought of giving up on it, I kept reading in hope the plot would become interesting, sadly for me it did not. Book 20  read this year. 
What do I call this book, a thriller, a murder mystery, it's more of a black comedy, murder in a posh school, I enjoyed every word, could not put the book down, it was amusing, I have read one of her books before, I will add her to my list of authors. Book 21 read this year. 
This is the 2nd book read by this author, I enjoyed the story line as much as the 1st one, both very different, a interesting topic, well executed with a couple of 'what the' moments, another great book. Book 22 read this year.
Our bedroom is done, the new mattress was delivered and old one taken within the time promised, in the middle of the day, we had plenty of time before to move the bed and clean, and plenty of time after the delivery to put the room back and all the photo's on the stair wall. Only the curtains have to be changed, if we can find some we like. 

My 1st night in our bed was uncomfortable, I kept waking up and having to change positions, we checked to see the mattress was on correct as my side is medium and hubby's side is firm, which it was, since then I have had better nights sleep, it was just getting used to it. On the plus side I did have less hot flushes, so the lighter duvet worked. I have been slow to get out my sewing machine, so no cushions have been made yet. 

Sunday I should have been outside in the garden for a while, with so many buds forming on plants, I really needed to cut some back, I just hope the weather is kind for a few days and does not drop temperature too low, and I can get outside. As expected our neighbour has refused to let us renew the broken panels in the fence, she has huge post propping the panels up, the wind always blows towards her garden so they always fall into her side. So for now we do nothing, 2 of the 3 panels are still intact, the 3rd is splintered but further away from the house.

Sunday I soaked dried fruit in lemon and orange juice ready for baking today, it's my Christmas cake recipe, I'm making it for Easter, I won't add the marzipan or icing, just a lovely fruit cake, I will feed it with brandy a couple of times. We had laundry out on the line drying, I do love the smell when items are dried outside.

This morning we are having Molly whilst daughter pops to gym, no other plans, I really should be doing more, I just don't have any desire to do anything. 


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