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Thursday 27 December 2012

Last post of 2012

This photo shows best our Christmas, loads of fun with Sammy and Josh, as you can see they both loved Sammy's present, Josh is now a spy and is using his spy watch every where. We had a very enjoyable day with Su and Gav.

Today I have packed away most of Christmas, just cards and a few things out, soon we will be going to Gatwick to fly to Spain for 5 days, I am really looking forward to seeing the sun, and not having it rain every day, loads of time with dear friends.

I hope where every you are and with whom you share your New Years Eve, you have an enjoyable time. I am taking my iPad with me so I will be able to read your blogs, can not image life without my iPad, I have a couple of books on there to read, loads of photo's.

My wish is to find contentment again in the new year, get a new job and hope every one around me finds happiness in what ever form they require.

So Happy New Year and may it be a good one.

Saturday 22 December 2012

Nothing says Christmas like....

 our grandsons, 
last weekend we had both Josh and Sammy for Sunday afternoon, Sammy loves hats and loved this soft Micky Mouse Santa hat. He also loved the wooden toys hanging on our internal door handles, pull the string and his limbs move.
 Joshy is more grown up, playing with the Bob the builder trucks, which are for Sammy, no one is ever to old for Bob the builder.  We had loads of laughter and fun, we miss Logan who is 3 hours drive away.
I am sat here listening to Christmas music sung by a Welsh Male Choir, they sound wonderful, but I am still not very festive. This morning I cleaned my clean house from top to bottom, just in case, I do it every year the weekend before Christmas.

Yesterday at work we all had a nice surprise, the owner of the company decided not to open on Christmas eve, and gave us all an extra day off, we are not seasonal, and most of our trading companies finished yesterday.  Which was a wonderful gesture to all of us, so I have an extra day off, all my Christmas shopping has been done. we have also got every thing we require for Spain.

The rest of today is home together. Tomorrow morning we are out and in the afternoon we will see Sammy, Joshy and mummy. We have also got the boys at 5pm on Christmas Eve, we plan to drive them around to see all the Christmas lights, home for cookies and hot chocolate, they will open their presents if there are no plans to get together on Christmas morning, and then another long drive home to see more lights.

We have loads of rain here, but it's not cold, we are safe from flooding, so a snuggly evening in together.

Saturday 15 December 2012

It's a lot like Christmas

 I love this, it's years old, 
but I have put it on my dining room wall, 
I also have my ingredients for Christmas up, as seen here
below is my table decoration, I have made it the same as last year.
 I love these figures, they came from Spain 
I have them out every year, 
this year I have put all my small trees with them and the Santa, 
not sure where he came from. 
 I have purchased a new CD, 
I love Christmas hits and love the old 50's and 60's 
this Phil Spector CD is great, 
very much like the music from The Gremlins, so I am playing it loud.
 I have done no stitching for weeks
 But I did knit my 1st tree decoration, 
made with 4 needles, very fiddly, 
but not bad for an evenings work. 
I will make some more, they look fun.
It does sound as if I am full of Christmas, but it's just a show, after 5 weeks of doing two peoples work in a very busy office, I am tired, and counting down the days to a break. We have done all the present shopping, but my hearts not in it.

I have family problems with unhappy daughters, one with real problems, I feel for both of them, and all I can do is watch and be there should they need me.

My one beacon of light is hubby, what would I be without him.

And to everyone in America, we feel your pain as well, beautiful sweet little children, and an act so violent, life can be so hard at times, we all cry together.


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