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Tuesday 30 June 2015

Summer's arrived

Our cats have the right idea
find shade with a breeze and relax
 More promise to come
parts of the garden is just ready to  bloom
 And still I stitch 
one side done
 I'm working along the bottom
this is so summery 
It's another stunning hot summers day here, I got into work just after 7am, so home by 3.30pm, but it's far too hot for me outside, later I will water my pots, in this heat they won't last for long. We are very lucky our house is cool in the summer, I have opened the patio doors, so we get air into the house (and flies their numbers are beginning to build), we look out onto our decking and garden, but the sunshine does not come direct into the sitting room.
I was going to post last night, but as the day went on I got grumpy, not the best frame of mind when writing on my blog. My phone was on the blink yesterday, I could not text or make calls, and with a change of plan over work hours it was necessary to contact hubby. So I have turned it off, removed the battery and SIM card and now it's working again.
I am making sewing plans, I have more pairs of jeans to make into cushions, I also have a pair to cut down into long shorts, but I would like some nice material rather than just turn ups. Maybe make a summer top, I have loads of fabric in my stash.
I am also looking for my July book to read, so if anyone has any suggestions, please pass them on.
Nothing hectic going on, just relax and enjoy.

Sunday 28 June 2015

Back home

We have been home to Somerset
Friday/Saturday morning in Taunton, here in Vivary Park
It's 30 years since I have visited this beautiful park, so much open space in town, with play areas for children, a younger 'go ape' area, cafes, band stand and beautiful gardens and lawns. It was hot and sunny so the park was busy in most of it's lawns, with just a few quiet spots. This area has not changed at all. 
 Finn is interested in everything around him.
 Somerset wildlife had a few interesting displays
here Logan and I are looking at animals and skins. 
 Logan making the hungry caterpillar 
Everyone playing, poor little Logan at the bottom,
he loved every moment.
We had loads of fun and cuddles, the park enabled every one to run about and play games, with a good BBQ on Friday night, where it was nice not having to cook or ensure glasses were full, the boys both had fun with their older cousins.
Saturday evening we went back to the village Cannington, where I was born, I have a sister and my brother Martin still living there. We had tea in our local pub garden, and sat chatting for ages, it is so nice to have warmer evenings. Later we watched a film,  The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which I loved as much as the first film, full of our best actors from UK, very funny.
Most of this morning was spent in the car, we prefer to leave late morning for the drive home, the roads are quieter, our journey down on Friday was long and slow, from just before Bristol we hit the Glastonbury traffic, which was heavy and very slow. Still it was worth it to catch up with everyone.
Back home the rain has helped our garden, everything looking good, we need as much water as we can get, our fore caste for next week is very hot day and night, we are not good in the hot sunshine, but our house will stay cool, I will have to water my pots every day.
Tonight just a restful evening in, perfect end to a perfect weekend.
Glastonbury is a huge music festival, happens all over the weekend, very popular.

Thursday 25 June 2015

Thursday already

I have finished the center
I added some pale yellow half stitches in the blue flowers
These match the colours in the corner blue flowers
 I have also stitched one of the four outer flowers
I did think of doing these in a deep red
but I like this bright yellow
 My new purchase at the weekend, solar pots
they work well on the outside patio table
and they go well with Robin
 My lad's, Sam is a Grancha's boy
Josh again was camera shy
 More love in the mist
From bud, to flower and on to setting seeds
this plant is just wonderful
Yet another week passing quickly, we had the boys last night after school, Josh has been using my big camera to take some photo's and getting loads of tips from Grancha. I let Sam use my little snappy camera, he's not so good, just loads of photo's of peoples chins, oh well we all have to start somewhere.
Later I will be packing bags, we are back home in Somerset for the weekend, I will finish a 2pm tomorrow so we can get an early start, Glastonbury festival is on, so we will take the longer Motorway journey, our usual route will be very busy. Going to visit Logan and Finn, I've not seen them in ages, so I am owed so many cuddles, BBQ with mummy and daddy so a nice family night. Saturday night we will be with my brother Martin, no plans for the evening, will see how we feel.
It's lovely to have such promise for the weekend ahead.

Tuesday 23 June 2015

Whats on yours?

Window sill update
 New flowers on my African Violet
below new plants forming from leaves
I want to put these in nice pots as gifts
 Kiwi seedlings now with 3 leaves
 Orange plant
 Rosemary and Basil cuttings
in my new bottle, looks lovely on the window sill
and smells divine
Our Magnolia tree is dropping it's seeds
onto the new lawn so each day I collect them
Josh took this photo for me
Cross stitch update
 I decided to stick with the colour's I have already used
I'm pleased with this, it's looking good. 
Hope to get the center done so I can finish the outside. 
I finished at 3pm today, so a nice long late afternoon and evening at home, hubby is cutting the grass, how quickly it is growing, our weather is perfect, warm days with rain every 2/3 days. Soon I will wander around the plot, not much to harvest as yet, but it's all coming along.
No other plans for tonight, not seeing the boys, they are going straight home after school, but I will pick them up tomorrow.

Monday 22 June 2015

Mottisfont House, Nr Romsey

Back view

Back lawns

Back lawns


River Test

Walled gardens

Walled gardens

Sunday 21 June 2015

Proud mum

Both daughters before their Moonlit memories walk
raising funds for Rowan's hospice
1000 people walked
 We picked them up at 12.30ish
a late night for me, but I got loads of stitching done
this central design is almost finished,
the gaps have two different designs,
I have to decide what colour to use, or even to add a new colour
 Melon time, it's steadily increasing in size, 
I have a couple other small ones forming
I think I will limit how many I allow to grow, 
it's better to have a few I can get to harvest size.
 Question time
these are free flowers from my neighbours garden
can anyone identify them for me please.
I'm tired this morning it was past 2am when I got to bed, I really can't remember the last time we were up so late, but we are having a lazy start on this Fathers day. Hubby has had his lovely cards and a couple of gifts, later we are off out for the day.

Saturday 20 June 2015

Busy busy

We popped to one of those plastic garden centres
you know the type, over priced
with more space for stuff rather than plants
but this was inside their coffee shop
great idea, taken on my phone so not  the best photo
 Purdy in the garden watching the birds
 Love in the mist
I could take a photo of every flower
they look so intresting
 Kiwi blossom
 Allium's going to seed
 Hubbies super bird feeder
the squirrels can't get at the seeds and
throw them all over the garden.
Today has been restful, did the housework early on, then lunch out and hair dressers, then out to Garson's garden center, I got some Orchid compost, I am going to re-pot each one. I also got a couple of solar table top lights for our outside garden table, an old 1/3 milk bottle (remember infant school free milk bottles), I have a couple of plants I need to root in water.
Later we are driving into Portsmouth, both daughter are doing a 6 mile walk for our local hospice Rowans, they start a 9pm and should be finished by 12.
Tomorrow hubby and I are having a day out, want to use our newly purchased National Trust card, going to Mottisfont Abbey, to wander around the gardens and then go to Stockbridge Common Marsh.

Friday 19 June 2015

I think too much

Just a quick Friday night post

I love blog life, it's fun 
(and after a full days work, we need it), 
We link up with like minded people 
(much better than some of who we interact with in our real lives)
I get loads of brilliant idea from you
you give me food ideas to try 
I'm nosey, and love to see your gardens and home
I like to show off my best bit's of the garden
and my stitching (latest photo below)
so I am really sadden to hear other nice bloggers 
who get stupid comments left on their post

I love the positive outlook on all of you I visit
(yes I know we all make an off post)
and I love they we everyone does their best to cheer the author up

So if you are reading this and think I'm not real
Oh I am, I live both my real and virtual lives
Oh and please remove yourself from my blog

Sorry about the above, I don't like judgmental people at the best of times, and definitely not ones who make judgments with limited knowledge.
I'm off to eat our Chinese, we were going out for one, but all our local ones have closed, so a quick visit to supermarket, and supper is in the oven.

Thursday 18 June 2015

Flowers in June

Flowers in the garden, up close
 Above and below Love in the Mist
I love the bud just about to burst
 Saxifraga 'Primuloides
Pretty little alpine
 I love yellow and white flowers
 Pretty in pink
So many different Aquilegia's
 A bit of blue, 
coming along well
I have done nothing this week other than stitch, not alot to do in the garden, just enjoy everything. We have had the boys every night after school, which has been fun, Sammy loves being outside.
I'm home alone tonight, so loads of time for relaxing, I've just finished left over pizza from the boys tea, so no cooking tonight. It rained last night so no watering to do, as you can see I have done my walk around the garden with camera in hand.


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