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Thursday, 2 August 2018

Still inside

 These are so pretty
 Three stems
New babies forming
 Another good book
 Some stitching, and yes unpicking.
The heat outside is rising again, so I do outside jobs early, as yet I have not watered my garden, just the greenhouse. I have a good harvest of salad crops and blackberries. The chili peppers are starting to turn red, they will be dried and stored for hubby to use, plus some for SIL, but won't be ready yet.
Hubby has done most of the bedroom, just the final push today. The curtains are on the line, I will iron them later and pop them back up, we did look at our carpet, but decided not to change it, so once we put back the few bits of furniture, upstairs is finished.
I has been fresh and cool for a couple of days so I did some cross stitch, I love this mandella, I know how I will finish this stitching, and I will use a couple of finished ones from my stash box, it is sad they just get packed away once I have done all the stitching, but I'm not a fan of having loads on my walls and there is only so many cushions you can have.
The book above was good, I still have not read the first three books in this series, and our library can't get them, so I have ordered off Amazon all second hand and cheap.
I popped to the market yesterday, but passed on the plants, there was not a great choice, I can pop to a local nursery, who grow most of their own plants.


  1. I'm enjoying the weather as it is at the moment, still nice and warm but less humid, the rain has freshened things up a bit. The mandala is looking good, it's a shame it'll be put away though once it's done, it deserves pride of place.

  2. I think the weather is just about right at the moment, at least now it's not too hot to sleep at night. I hope you think of something to make the mandala stitching into, it would be shame to hide it away. I tend to stitch smaller things now and things that can be used, like the kids Christmas stockings because there is only so much wall space

  3. At the moment the weather is just right for me … the humidity has gone … thank goodness!

    All the best Jan



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