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Friday 30 September 2016

Back to real life

My stash list is not great reading 
after my shopping trip with my sister
I've saved £165.25 on last years spend so far
It's going to be hard to hit the target of £200
I have about £25 left for the year.
To cheer myself up, I picked a few flowers from the garden
The sweet peas scent is beautiful, lovely colours
 The plant from Tenerife is doing well
Taken from the top, it looks much brighter now. I held the clear cup which formed the top beside the plant to see how much it has grown. Because it was filling the clear top, I got some clear plastic and made a ring around the plant, and the put the clear top back on. I won't do anything with this for a few weeks, other than leave it on our sunny windowsill. I want the plant to get stronger before I think of re-potting it. 
 I managed to do a bit of stitching, I have completed two more boxes
just need to fill them now
I will wait and do December's box when I see the design, I am thinking if the design is Christmasy (is that a word), I will do the box in a different colour. I am hoping my daughter will like this stitching, I would like to frame it and put on the nursery wall, but only if she likes it, if not I'm not sure what to do with it. 
How quickly has September flown by, our garden is slowly going over, having a week away did not help, no dead heading done. The outside tomatoes have been removed, they were looking past their best, the plant in the greenhouse has loads of flowers on, so I am still feeding them, I can only hope they grow, they produce a small fruit.
I love all the seasons for different reasons, Autumn is the time for coming home in the rain and into a warm dry house, because our climate is changing the leaves stay on the tree's longer, and the russet colours are stunning. We also turn our minds to the glitter of Christmas, whilst I love the glitter again we will have our much smaller budget, and have a family celebration, after all that's what Christmas is about, sharing with those you love, enjoying happy times.

Tuesday 27 September 2016

Last look

We spent a day in the Parque Nacional, and El Teide
The air up here was thinner, so not too much walking around
we took a guided tour by coach, and learn't loads of interesting information
 The volcano in the back ground is the highest point on the island
It last erupted back in 1909, and now is dormant 
everywhere was barren, this location is often used in films depicting other worlds
They also make Audi car advert's here, the roads are long and straight. 
 We traveled down towards the south side of the mountains 
at this point we are above the cloud line, 
it was just like you see from an airplane window.
 Very surreal, but stunning
so clean, white, fluffy and huge
 The peak of El Teide, way above the cloud level
 We travelling through the cloud
the pine forest was like this most of the way down 
 It felt as if it was a set on Hammer House of Horror
Later in our week
We went to Jardin de Aclimatacion
it was created in 1792 to collect different species of tree's and vegetation. 
 Just a few photo's of the stunning things growing there
 What a wonderful water feature
 The tree's are huge and up to 200 years old
Most of the plants are past their flowering stage, but it was a beautiful place, loads to see, a pleasant afternoon with loads of shade. Hubby and I took loads of photo's on both locations.
So now back to normal routine, work and home. It's much cooler but as yet no heating on at home, I am hoping not before the weekend, when it will be October, we do not have a working gas fire in our sitting area, and I won't use our electric fan, so if we feel cold the heating has to be used. we have put our thicker quilt on the bed, I do love the weight of the quilt, keeps us both warm.
My thoughts are turning to Christmas presents, I have asked Dawn for help, she is doing me some names for making bunting and also a book cushion for our grandsons, Once I have the material with the letters on, I can make the bunting for their bedroom. I have a couple of bags to make, and a couple of small makeup/craft pouches. I am also thinking of picking up my cross stitch, I am a couple of months behind with my Joyful World and I want to finish my Christmas Tree.

Sunday 25 September 2016

Back home

We arrived home last night,
 our SIL had to drive through heavy rain on our way home from Gatwick
This post is the crafty side of our holiday
I got these so very cheaply, these are mine
I also got some for my sister.
 Yarn bombing
 Taken to a new level, granny squares at their best
 We also went to La Orotava
where lace is hand made
 I love to see this work
 So fine, this was a table cloth
 Old photo of ladies working together
 My other love plants
This came home with me
 It's looking good after the journey,
now to nurture it and let it grow. 
It's on my sunny windowsill
We had a great week on Tenerife, spent most of our time resting and reading, I got through 4 books by Erica James, The Real Katie Lavender, The Hidden Cottage, Summer at the Lake and Paradise House.
We did loads of walking all down hill, with taxi's back to our hotel. Puerto de la Cruz is the oldest resort on the island and lovely to visit. The coast line is rugged, often tumbling down to the sea, where the waves crashing against rocks sound and look amazing. Our hotel on the edge of town, high on the hill side gave us wonderful views of the mountain, volcano and the shore line. We ate out most days, enjoying the Continental way of people watching.
I got packet of seeds, to give me new challenges, I have had a tour of my garden, all is looking well, the rain last night has helped everything along. I picked a small bowl of tomatoes, and have loads of peppers and chillies almost ready for harvest. The contents of my green house are all looking great, a nice watering this morning set every thing going again.
Both Purdy and Grace are pleased to see us back home, our youngest daughter has been looking after them both.
Whilst away we got the happy news we have another grand son on the way, due is February 2017, daughter had her 20 week scan, which gave them the sex of their baby and confirmation all is well. With the cost associated with having a baby these days, it's sensible to know in advanced which sex it's going to be.   

Thursday 15 September 2016

Garden additions

How good do these look
 They are just lent against the fence for these photo's
now they are in my shed until next spring.
I have fresh strawberries forming on my plants 
and loads of new growth on the raspberries
I used loads of mulch here
 A very full table, using all the space it gives me
I have not lost any floor space.
It just fits in the space perfectly.
 These are beautiful, loads of my flowers are going over now. 
Some I am leaving to go to seed for me and the birds. 
I have loads of pale pink sweet pea's pods drying on the plant
 These Violets are beginning to spread,
I love their perfect tiny flowers. 
I have done no craft, it's a busy week in the office, ensuring everything is finished by Friday, the muggy weather does not help, I have been resting and watching TV most evenings. I do get into the greenhouse each evening, my pepper and chilli plants are all fruiting well, I have done the 1st earthing up of my potatoes, only 2 out of the 4 show signs of growth. It look as if we might get some rain tonight, which would help our garden, we do have the threat of thunder storms which would ensure every where is well watered.
I have loaded loads of books onto my iPad, I prefer to have a real book, but as I read so quickly, it makes sense to read from my iPad on holiday. We have not done any packing, most everything I require in in my wardrobe, all I have to buy is more sun tan lotion and pack, the temperature in Tenerife today was 29+c, which is great for us.

Tuesday 13 September 2016

Material girl

These fabrics was added to my stash last weekend
These fat quarters are for hexagons, 5 lovely designs
 These larger pieces just to enhance my Christmas fabric's
I do like to have a good choice
 More Christmas themed fat quarters
 This really old book, has loads of templates in.
I got a copy on ebay for £2.80
 Holiday reading, all second hand
I loved The Dandelion Years
 My question last time, what do I use this for.
Get a bucket of water, submerse into the water, place thumb over hole at the top, and lift out of the water, hold over plant and remove your thumb from the hole, water flows from the bottom. It can also be filled with water and left on top of the soil and the water will slowly drip out, it's great, I love it, just a bit of fun.
I have already placed the table given by my sister, in my greenhouse and it is full of plants, I have a huge pot with Basil and a big pepper plant on the bottom ledge, and two big trays without holes in the bottom, sitting on the top, the table top should stay dry and clean. Once my tomato plant is finished I will have loads of room. 
I have a confession, the stash fabric above has blown my budget, and my plans to save £200.00 on last years spend is threatened,  you know what it is like, sisters, ladies of a certain age shopping together, I have about £20 left for the rest of the year to stay on plan, oh well there is always next year.
I am planning to make Christmas bunting for our house, and a few Christmas gifts, my sister loved her work bag made here, and has suggested I make her a shopper.
We are eating all the stuff in the fridge, we have just 3 days before we fly off to the sun, I have most of what we require, it's going to be a restful week away, loads of reading, walking and a couple of cocktails, it just can't come soon enough.

Sunday 11 September 2016

Weekend fun

These came home with me after a visit to our local garden center
both are beautiful.
 Another quick pop into Wilko's this morning
This little lot cost me just £5.75, the hand weeding tool being the best value
 These were a gift from my sister, for our 30th wedding anniversary
stunningly beautiful, plus reduced from £36.99 to £18.49 each
 I was looking for something for my raspberries to grow up
my obelisk were cheap and rusty. 
These will look stunning in the fruit bed. 
 Do you know what this is, and how I would use it in the garden ?
My sister Leanna, also came with gifts,  this little unit has been in her garage for ages, not used or required any more, so I have it for my greenhouse, the back section has a table leaf, which can be raised when I need more space in the spring. Extra drawers always a bonus, plus a stool to sit on. I can keep a couple pots on the bottom ledge so it will not take away any floor space for growing things. On wheels so I can move it about, the other stool will be in my shed. 
It's been a wonderful weekend, Leanna and Alan, promised a visit, they arrived early Saturday with my brother Martin. After a true home cooked English breakfast, my sister and I went out for girly time together, first we went fabric shopping, more on that next time, then our 1st garden center, which locally is my favorite center. After coffee and cake we went to our last stop, another garden center, normally not my favorite, it's full of non garden things, but as we got most of the items above as they had a huge sale on. Leanna got a smashing bird feeder pole with loads of hooks and hanging things, it will look lovely in her new redesigned garden.
Later we all went out for a meal, youngest daughter Su and hubby David joined us, we had loads of laughter and good food.
This morning we had a typical Sunday lunch roast pork, now they are all back in Somerset, so just hubby and I enjoying the lovely sunshine. Such a perfect weekend, we will need an early night tonight.
We have got our Euro's for our holiday next week, so I am counting down the days.

Wednesday 7 September 2016

My week so far

I have been in our attic
These two pieces came from The Gambia, many years ago
 I have had these Christmas fabrics for years
I got them cheap in a January sale.
Each year I use some, but still loads left. 
 Plus fat quarters
I am thinking of making some Christmas gifts. 
 Out of the Shadows, a great read, not the best subject matter
Last dance in Havana, ready to go. 
 From last Sundays walk, looking towards Portsmouth
A walk without picking blackberries, the brambles were empty
And because I have already used the Christmas word
My potatoes starting to grow, for our Christmas lunch. 
Our garden continues to look after itself, just giving so much pleasure. I am starting to think about winter colour, hoping my cyclamen start to regrow, I will get one box of small winter pansies for my pots.
Tuesday was our Pearl Wedding Anniversary, 30 years married, 32 years together, how quick the time flies. We did not do anything special, just a nice home cooked meal together, we do not give gifts, but I will have a bunch of flowers for the weekend. Saturday evening we will go out for a meal with my sister and her partner, just simple pleasures.
Wednesday our oldest grandson Josh started senior school, he looked lovely in his new blazer, so grown up, how fast the time flies. Sam looked as cute as ever. Logan's uniform is not so traditional, but they all looked smart on their 1st day back.
I have a few plans whilst my sister is here, we have a lovely localish shop which stocks cotton for patchwork, loads of cross stitch and a fantastic gift section, should keep us happy for a while and then on for afternoon tea.
I have not decided what to sew, I'm going to have a think, it would be nice to make a few items, I have enjoyed the shopping bags I have made, but now I want something a bit more interesting to sew.

Sunday 4 September 2016

Garden in photo's

Still loads of colour in our garden
 These two pots always have so much colour
Hubby cleared the brambles from the top of my shed
they grow from the garden behind us
 Lots going on inside the greenhouse
Cyclamens seed and corns under cover
I have re-potted my spider plant
and my miniature garden 
 Lemon plant
 Orange plant
I don't have a lime plant, 
I keep buying limes without pips in. 
 Loads here 
 I have a fantastic mixture of seeds for my cut flower bed
I love this corner with the old chimney pot
 the new place for the bird seed feeder
 Full range of feeders
We have finished in the garden, I do love to potter for an hour when I can.  Later we are off for a walk, here, I'm taking a plastic food container to collect wild blackberries, we have seen loads of berries, just hope there is enough to pick this afternoon.


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