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Thursday 30 August 2012

Sweet stitching and stash

 I am loving this section of Sweet Flowers, my needle just flows through the linen, the colours just tumble into each other, just like nature intended, I have decided the main flower in this bunch will have a new shade of pink, it will lift the design, it will sit just above the big light pink section.
 I intend to stitch again tonight, hubby is left on his own, but just a couple more days and this section will be finished and back to my Christmas stitching. There is more green in this section and it's coming alive.
 I met Su for lunch and we went shopping, popped into Hobbycraft and found this cotton material, and I love it, not sure what I will do with it yet, but it had to come home with me.
 I am beginning to think about this years Christmas cards, the snow globes has fine beads in to shake, and the ornaments are so very pretty, if a buy a few things each month, nothing becomes too expensive, well that's my excuse.
 They are Divine.
 And beads, the photo does not show the true beauty of the colour of these beads, all very fine, I would like to use these for a necklace. Su is the jewelry person in our family, so we intend to get together to make this.
I have also purchased a couple of crochet hooks, now's the time, I want to do more than granny squares.It's a normal week here, work is OK, we have good weather fore cast for the weekend, at the mo we have a thunder storm, so I am sat with our lights on, summer is leaving us behind, the gardens are turning, it's not been the best year for my garden, but there's always next years. I always have plans.

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Late summer bank holiday

 We have had a great few days off, most of the time spent at home, but on Sunday we drove to Littlehampton, we have not taken my brother, Martin here before. The black clouds cleared and it was a very nice day.

I have never seen the tide completely out before, the beach is huge, the river Arun runs into the sea here, and all the people are crab fishing mainly with nets, keeping their catch in buckets until the end of the day, when they are put back.
 Further back from the beach, with all the sailing vessels, this is just past the Lifeboat station. It was very busy here, loads of people catching the sunshine. It's a very traditional resort, I just love it here.
 Sweet flowers has been released and I started stitching last night, with Martin here, I did not pick up my stitching, it's been a busy few days. I am keeping the changed colours, to match my work so far, but I always knew this was going to be the challenge of the design.
 It will be a bunch of flowers, with different types of blooms in. I have always in my mind had this stitched using all the colours, 3 shades of pink and the green. Last night when I was making my notes, I felt I could not do it using just the 3 pinks. So I have pulled out a couple more shades of pink.
 The full design is shown here, excuse the pencil lines added for my notes, my plan is to stitch the flowers, who's colour I have already decided, then see what is left and use one other colour.
Today is my last day at home, tomorrow I will go back to work, I am still a bit tender, my role at work is an easy sit at my desk and type, answer the phone, so it won't be any problems. I am not good at being home all day, I do like the stitching time.

Friday 24 August 2012

Before and after

 Well my chocolate cake did not last for long, Josh is 7 today and we popped in this afternoon to see him, and we had afternoon tea and cake, I made this for Kev on Fathers day, Josh had a large slice and loved it. So whilst they were travelling home form Grandma's house in Manchester yesterday, I got baking.
 I have not done much stitching in the past couple of days, other things took my time. I have almost finished my mystery project, just one last go at it and I will be able to order and show every one.
 I am adding bling to this design, I always use shiny ribbons on my parcels, so I had added them here. The Christmas tree I have stitched in just the 3 main colour's, the pattern shows yellows and reds in there for decorations, I have over stitched in silver and I want to add some seed beads for the decorations. I still have to sort out the snowman's eyes.
My brother is on his way here, should be home soon, he is staying until Monday, we have a long bank holiday weekend again. Kev is on his way home from work, he is stuck in holiday traffic, so soon we are all going to be together. We have at this point nothing planned just loads of laughter.

Fliss and Steve will bring the boys over one afternoon, Su and Gav have gone camping for the weekend, and with the rain we have fore cast, I wish them luck. So I should get some stitching done, but not, if we open bottle of red wine in the evenings.

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Twice as good

 My Christmas stitching is coming along well, I love Santa, but my snowman has evil eyes, not sure about the French knots for his eyes, I think I will have to do them again. There are loads of shades in here which all adds to the design, next I am going to stitch the Christmas tree for the other end, but, you know me, I have planned changes.
 Yesterday afternoon, I was up for a challenge, so I got Tree of Life out, been a bit naughty with this one, I had a few hours on my own in good light, which for this project is perfect.
 I have done more on the branches and also on the ground on the left, I am now working on the ground and would like to have it all done, the shades in here are amazing and really do make the whole. Loads of counting, hence best to do whilst I am on my own. I have a few days before the next part of Sweet Flowers is released.
Angela my friend popped in to see me yesterday afternoon, we chatted for ages, caught up with all the family news, it was great. Today I am popping to see Chris, my neighbour to catch up, we have a couple of "strange" neighbours, so we have a giggle about them.

Later I want to stitch, but I am working on a project on my computer, it is very time consuming, I am now reading text, checking grammar and spelling, I have already fixed photo's and layout's. Once the grammar is done, I will check the whole look and it will be done. Then, I will have to do it all twice again.

I am walking to our local post office this morning, it will be great to get out for a while,

Monday 20 August 2012

My new start, finish and RAK

I have started my Christmas design, I want to get this finished early, I love every thing about this design.
The Weeks Dye Works, colour Noel, is just stunning and the buttons, which I am not normally not a fan off,  they will add to the finished item.  Please keep an eye on this project, when I post my final photo, and it won't take long to stitch, This is my next RAK, I will be sending the pattern, plus the buttons and the Noel coloured silk, to a lucky winner. When I purchased this design I brought two of every thing I will require, ready for this give away, so watch this space, leave your comment on the finished page.

My heart is finished, I enjoyed doing this quickie, it was nice to stitch something different.
My plan is to spend a half day this week making up all my recently stitched designs, I am really behind with this, but I have every thing I need, so watch this space.
I am off work this week, I'm not able to drive so I am housebound, I plan to do loads of things in the house.

Every one is at work, Fliss, Steve, Josh and Sammy are on their way to Manchester to see Grandma, and will be back at the weekend for Josh's birthday. So I have loads of time to do things. Later in the week I did promise Josh I would make him a chocolate cake for his birthday, I also have a few cards to make.

I am beginning to heal again, my goodness how many times do I have to say that. But no more operations for this girl, waiting for scars to heal, bruises to go. The hospital side of my life is over, there will be check ups but that's all.

Friday 17 August 2012

TUSAL - August

 Not so much this time, but my big pot is looking good.

Thursday 16 August 2012

Catch up, ready to start and a RAK

My heart is coming along well, I was not tired last night and stitched for hours, it was just after 2am when I went to sleep. I did the strawberries on the top left, all the words are done, just the fruit and flowers to go.
 I have lined up my next project, another quickie, I love this Christmas design from Waxing Moon Designs, I have the correct thread and buttons, I also purchased a second set of buttons and when I have finished this I will use it as my next RAK, with the buttons. So watch this space. Tree of life is pushed back a week, not in the mood for it at this time and the frame is a bit big for me to hold.
I am getting about well, very sore but that will pass, loads of bruising, but they will heal, I'm off work for a total of two weeks, I was told I should take 6 weeks, but in my real world of no sick pay,in a small company where someone has to do my work each day, that's not an option. Hubby and daughters are being great.

This afternoon I had Josh with me, he wanted to visit and stay with me to "look after me", he was so very good, he tidied my ipad screen into files, so it's not so busy, he loves drawing and we watched The Wiggles yet again. I then taught him how to play Rummikub, it's a tile game much like cards, he picked it up well and loved it. So I have not packed it away, he will be back at the weekend to have a rematch, I loved playing it with his mum Fliss and Su when they were about the same age.

I'm off can't sit at my desk for too long, I am following you all on my ipad, I could not live with out it now.

Tuesday 14 August 2012

A quick word

I am loving stitching this, it's so quick, I am thinking I might add some seed beads as well, just to spice it up, I will  line the back of it which will help with the puckers, if I stitch it loose enough not to pucker the stitches look bad, so these are neat stitches and I will press it to help, when I stretch it, it looks good.

I am planning to go back to Tree of life after this is finished, it will be nice to see it grow some more, Sweet flowers chart is released on 20th, so I have a week to work on Tree of life.

Tomorrow I am back in hospital, for another small operation,  this is my last, I am not having any more, so if the surgeon does not get it all right then I will have to live with how I am. It's all cosmetic, important on how I feel about myself, but whilst they seek perfection, at my age I just want to look good.
So later this week , the weekend and next week will be stitching time.

Sunday 12 August 2012

Is it bedtime yet

 I done loads of stitching so far, it is much quicker than cross stitch, I will do all the words first, then the design and the french knots last, I am hoping this will be finished soon. Not done any of Tree of Life, I'm tired and I know I will miss count, so I will pick it up later in the week.
 I have painted my nails gold, I have been looking for the union jack nail wraps, can't get any locally, so I went for gold instead, it matches my pendant, which is a bonus, ready for the closing ceremony tonight.
 This afternoon Fliss, Steve, Josh and Sammy popped over, so we had a BBQ in the garden, Sammy enjoyed his burger. It was great we sat outside all afternoon, the boys played with bubbles and football. They have gone home now, both boys are tired they had a busy day out yesterday.
I was up before 9am this morning, which on a Sunday is early for me, I did the house work, whilst Kev played golf, washed my car and done a bit more in the garden. I have planted herbs in my small veg plot, and I am digging up the strawberries, I will get a huge pot for them, which means they will look tidier, I am keeping my raspberries and will get another cane and with a gooseberry bush, we should have loads of fruit.

After all that I am tired, I am going to stitch for a while and then I think an early night. I think we will watch the closing ceremony tomorrow evening.
Managed to stay up to the end.....brilliant, we were rocking all night, I hope you all understood both ceremonies, very us, very British, we are so proud of everything and everyone, WE DID IT!!!!

Hope your weekend was fun

Saturday 11 August 2012

Another new start

 I have started Love is Patient, a Janlynn kit, worked on cotton using running stitches with some cross stitch and french knots. I have not placed it in a frame, I prefer to hold the fabric when doing embroidery.
 Today we have been working in the garden, it was looking really poor, with all the rain and now the hot weather, our garden is far from it's best, our tree is in bloom again, and soon will be full of flowers.
 These are from our front garden, loads of colour in the corner. 

 A couple of the better looking pots, I have been very selective on what you see today.
 I love this mug mat, as a coffee drinker, I thought it suited me well.
We have been following the sport on the TV, it's the last full day for medals, we got another Gold and Bronze from water sports this morning, and more chances later tonight. I am looking forward to the closing ceremony tomorrow evening, we have not been to see anything live, but the sights shown on the TV, has show cased Great Briton, even our weather behaved, and our placing in the medal tables, exceeding all expectations. Well it's great to be British at the moment.

Tomorrow Kev is playing golf in the morning, I do not have anything planned as yet. It's going to be the sort of day when things just happen, and a BBQ later.

Next week is busy I'm back in hospital for another operation, that's on Wednesday and then home to recover, which will mean loads of stitching.

Tuesday 7 August 2012

Stitching ahead

 I have done some more on Sweet Flowers, the new pattern is not out, but I have reversed the left hand border and got myself ahead. Last night watching the cycling in the velodrome, I unpicked the pink flowers 3 times before I got it right. I have not touched Tree of life to much counting, which whilst the sport is on is not good news.
 Sunday and Monday I did a bit of Dolly knitting, or French knitting, I used all the remaining ball of wool, it's not yet fully stitched together, but it does make a nice place mat. Not sure if I will use it or even maybe hang it on my office wall, it sure is pretty.
 Saturday we had Josh for the day, and for his treat he wanted to go to Porchester Castle, so we took him inside the keep, Josh had another very good end of year school report.
 He never kept still, even when we got to the top of the tower, he was still full of beans, loads of smiles and laughter. He loved all the hiding places, waiting until we got close and off he went again, there were few people inside so it felt very special, just the three of us.
 I love these castle walls, and have far to many shots for here. We took loads from the top of the tower, of the area with stunning shots of the water, we are so lucky to be so close to so many beautiful places.
Hubby and I are now feeling much better, work is good, which is pleasing. So now it's back to the TV, as with the rest of Great Briton, I am caught in the summer of sport. London and the Olympic village looks stunning, our sailors, cyclist and other athletes have made us very proud.

I have started another project, but I will tell you more soon, it's very time consuming, but rewarding, something completely new and exciting.there got you thinking.

Friday 3 August 2012

Eden Project, Cornwall

 From our recent trip, this is just a few, well it is hard to edit over 200 photo's, a great day out, but take your walking shoes. nestling in an old Cornish mine, is a real treat.
Before you enter the biomes, the gardens are fantastic, loads to see, loved this driftwood horse, one of many animals around the site. The biomes(domes) look fantastic in the sun shine with the carved out hills behind.
 Looking down on the biomes and then half way around looking back up to the entrance.

 From half way, looking at the larger biomes and also looking at the stage area.

 In side the rainforest, hubby showing the size of things
 Loads of tribal art

 To give you some sense of size, two men working on one of the biomes.

Our waste, what do we do with it and below, looking back on the project, just an amazing day, sorry no photo's of flowers, great value, great fun, great day.
OK this is in memory of my dad, he always grew daisy's, here is a memory of my childhood home, they also had a dahlia bed, with my mum's favourite of red pop poms. The flowers were mostly in full bloom, so much colour.
If you have stayed with me to the end, well done, but no stitching photo's, not picked a needle up this week, hubby and I have found a different way of losing weight, we both have had a tummy bug, hence me being home on a Friday morning.  Feeling alot better, but with my next op in 12 days I really do not need any bugs.

Looking forward to our weekend, Josh is with us tomorrow, we have nothing planned, so loads of time at home, hope your weekend is a good one.


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