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Saturday 30 January 2016

Wet or dry

Last week
 This morning
I don't think it will last, but we are off out soon to make the most of it. 
 This week's stitching
 I have hidden here all week and got loads done
its for a birthday in June
The rest of this week has been much the same, work makes me tired and irritable by the time I get home, hubby is lovely and cooks wonderful meals, our curried veg (not vegetable curry) was brilliant, it's now on our menu list to have again, we did not do the chickpeas, which was good the curry was more than enough, with loads of leftovers. It has been wet so I have missed a couple of days walking after work, so I will do extra steps today.
Something is working I got on the scales this morning and I'm 2lb down, we are not on diets, just eating sensibly and walking more.
We are having another dryish month, not opening any bottles of red wine, we wanted a dry January, but with my brothers birthday and our weekend away, we allowed ourselves to drink only on these two occasions, to make up for it we are doing the same in February, just having a drink at  the Valentine Ball and a meal out later in the month. I sounds as if we drink alot, we normally would open one or two bottle of red wine a week and share over a few nights.
I still have to wash my car, I took two bags to the charity shop, I wanted to do more but now is not the time, I can't get my head around it.

Thursday 28 January 2016

1st month on 52 things

So January is almost up, and how am I doing, 
I have two items to sort this week and weekend, 
1st wash my car, 
but it's cold so I will take it to a local, loads of guys who wash it for you place, 
2nd do something for charity,
 I have two bags to go to a charity shop, 
but I would like to do something different. 
I have completed number one visit godson and hope to see him a few more times this year. On the plus side, we eat sat at the table every night for our dinner, we have had one meat free meal each week, and our recipes are growing, trying this tomorrow
Given to me from the 12 days of Christmas swap, hubby is doing a vegetable curry,  I have never eaten chick peas. We are sticking to seasonal fruit and veg, and no snacking. I walk each evening after work, just 10-15 minutes but it feels good. I am taking time each week to ensure my nails have polish on and they look good. I have finished my good book and have a couple more lined up. I have been looking at making my own design in cross stitch, one to share with every one, and I have done some card work, cutting templates ready to make cards.
 So I am pleased, it's a good start, 
I still have 18 left to fill, but they will come later in the year.

I think the January blues have caught up with me, it's probably all the chatter in work, we had our meeting yesterday, we knew more than the bosses were telling us, all they would say is the department would not be in the building after 31.03.16, they could not say if we would all go over, or if we would have to apply for a role with the new company or if we would all lose our jobs. By saying nothing, they would not comment if there were other roles we could move to. I am resigned to us going at the end of March. I have put my CV out and have spoken to one agency, time will tell. The issues have started in the office again, loads of work all with problems was found in the back of a drawer this morning. Also some of my printed emails trying to resolve problems was found on Dickies desk, no one put them there, lucky Dickie knows the problems I had before, I am expecting work from my pending file to go missing again. It's so childish.
Josh and Sam came after school, and we all sat down to a fish and chip meal, which was lovely, both boys are so very happy at this time, so we had loads of fun.
All I have done this week is sit and stitch, I am still stitching with red and white thread, I will go back to finishing my cushion over the weekend.

Monday 25 January 2016

New start

 Flower number 6 is opening
 Just so stunning
This is my 1st image to design, it's a special request
it will be a cushion cover, but once design is done a simple stitch
It's not Manchester United!

I played on my computer Saturday, I have a Jean Greenoff's charting disc, I often make my own designs using her programme, it great for sorting the colours required. it is very easy to insert an image, but getting the size right is another thing, just four colours, Red, Black, Gold and White. I did speak to the Sheffield football club and they are OK with me using their club badge.
We managed a couple of small local walks on Sunday to keep my steps up to 6000 a day, soon I want to increase to 7000. Sunday we finished all the evening invites for the wedding, I am just waiting for a list of name and address to add to labels for the front of envelopes.
Quiet times with the mad cat woman next door and I hope it stays that way, PC Bob popped back in to check we have not had a back lash, which would not be unexpected.
Win is now in a local nursing home, it's the same one she stayed in before Christmas, so she is already settled.
The big boss was back in the office today and told us we will be attending a meeting on Wednesday, there will be people from another site there as well, so the rumours are flying, I hope Wednesday comes quickly, and we can find out for sure. All the gossip is really getting on my nerves.
It's getting colder again, and with the black sky's it looks as if the storms are due, oh well we don't go out much on work evenings, so we will be dry and warm.

Saturday 23 January 2016

Just stitching

Joyful World is finished for this section
I prefer January's pinky flowers
I can't wait for March
 My cushion is back in the frames
 I hope to finish this soon
Thanks for your kind comments on my last post, but I passed on the bottle of red and stitched instead, but my chocolate intake has risen this week.
Yesterday was much better at work, we all decided we would ignore all British Gas bills until Monday, giving us a day off from the stress they cause, so we had a fun day and I came home feeling much better.
We had a friend visit last night, so no stitching, but I hope to do some later, this after noon we have Josh and Sam for a few hours.
I am still not sure how to feel about her next door, we have for the last two years lived without any interaction with her and begun to enjoy life in our garden. The daughter and mother had a huge row on Friday evening, we could hear them through our walls, we try and ignore them shouting at each other. We have never had problem with neighbours before, we get on with the mother as much as we can, she can be feisty at times.  We hope the daughter is not going to try any thing else to get at us, we already have security lights around the property and two cameras one looks at our cars and the other over the entrance to our garden.
Win is still in hospital, I did not get to see her on Thursday night, family are with her at weekends so it will be next week before I see her.

Thursday 21 January 2016

My Day

I have added some flowers, I did stitch January flowers blue
too close the the February blue, so unpicked them
Hubby went shopping yesterday and got the 7 colours I needed
 Flower 5 is out
 I wish this could last forever.
My Day
6.45am, Felt like hubby was pushing me out the door, he obviously wanted to get back to bed, which I can understand, but please on a cold morning don't show so eager when I'm off to work.

7.10am, Left my phone at home.

8.30am, Loads of problems in work, is our department going to close on 31.03.16, we don't know but just get on with work and we will find out soon enough.

9.15am British Gas sent in a bill, they seam to think a 2 bedroom house on London can use £16,000.00 worth of electricity in one year. I call them up, sorry they say can't talk to you, your name is not on our list of contacts, and they won't say who is.

12.05pm Hit the brick wall in office, really had enough of ladies talking about what might be happening, so called boss into office, for him uncomfortable moment, he said nothing and rushed off. It is noted he is staying away from us. 

12.30pm Up side lunch was nice.

13.10pm, I am sneakily told we are extended until September, so we are going nowhere, but I can't tell anyone. If it gets out I know and how I know, the person who told me will be sacked, and I don't want that, plus it's good to have someone on the inside. Again they tried to get another company to take on our contract and they have failed with in 3 weeks and are walking away. So don't pass it on.

16.30pm First in the office and last out, locked up with relief, glad it's Friday tomorrow. 

17.00 Letter from car finance, showing last years payments, but they do not show any payments for the previous year, so outstanding amount is just stupid, another phone call coming up. 

17.30pm, Just sat down to eat lovely fish pie cooked by hubby, knock on door, PC Bob, how are we? great why, well we have had complaints, he tells us mad cat woman next door had been complaining since December we are now smoking cannabis in our back garden,  he had just popped next door to hand her a letter warning her if she keeps on wasting police time they will take action against her.  Luckily no one believes her, he has been checking around the properties just so they can say it was investigated. it would make a good plot for Eastenders. 
Cue Phil Collins singing another day here in Paradise. 
So do I open a bottle of red, buy a huge bar of chocolate, or stitch.
Better go and stitch then
Hope your day was better

Tuesday 19 January 2016

And back again

This is just beautiful
The colours are true in this photo

 I'm not sure if I will get all six open at the same time
 Plus an Orchid
 Joyful World
unpicked and restitched
 The whole of the right side of February has been redone
I have flowers to do in January, I am thinking about changing the colours, they should be white, I have seen them done in pinks as well, I'm thinking pale blue
I also have to sort some colours in February, I don't have all required for the design, so I will have to do some matching rather than buying more.
 Not a great photo, but this is my next book.
Thank you for your kind comments yesterday, not one of you said to grow up and stop stuffing my face with chocolate biscuits. In fact most of you at one time has had that one woman who ruins every thing. I have a huge black coffee and a few more biscuits whilst writing this post, so I did not eat them all.
Hubby has purchased a new Microwave, it's bigger than the old one, he hated the small inside, he has big hands and it was always difficult for him to get things in and out. That should be the end of our spending, I hope so.
This morning my car was iced up, it was -2 outside at 6.45am, which is cold for a soft Southerner, on the way home at 3pm it had just got up to +4, and it is getting colder again. We are not going out, I was hoping to see Win, but it's just too cold out there. Our cats have been inside all day, lucky things.

Monday 18 January 2016


Not even fully opened yet
 6 flowers to come
 Apple Blossom
 These flowers are perfect spring in our house
Yesterday Sam asked why the root was so long, we had a lesson in plants, he now knows it's a stem, it's almost as high as him. I have had to put some supports for the stem in, the plant is very top heavy.
I managed to do some work on my next book, 2015, last year I had a lot to say, so this book will be my biggest, at this point I am not enjoying all the sorting, only time will tell if I get it done.
Tonight I have to unpick most of what I stitched last night, a counting error in the 2nd box.
All change today at work, the boss gave us good news just before he left for the day, the horrible woman who caused all the problems in our team, hates her new role and is coming back next Monday, loads of long faces, nothing good in work last for long.
I'm sat here eating chocolate biscuits, really good for the waist line. 

Sunday 17 January 2016


Shopping went well
these were £2.00 each, with their Christmas snowflake on,
reduced in Wilkinson's by 75% so 50p each
but could not get the dinner plates, temporary sold out
 Also 75% off crackers so Christmas is red this year
These glass baubles came from Clintons, 70% off, I got 3 of both colours for £6.20,
the smaller ones are green, the colour is not true in my photo
Our day shopping went well, we only went to one shop in town and then met daughter and SIL to be at Moss Bros to sort the wedding suits, not to hubby's taste, but it's only one day, our only gripe was the cost of hire was almost the cost of having a new suit, but the younger men don't wear suits so they did not want to buy anything. The suits are lounge suits rather than traditional wedding styles.  We did pop to a few more shops and stopped for a coffee and lunch together, which was fun, and some thing we have not done in ages.
We will look online for the best prices on Microwave,
then hubby can pop and purchase one.
 My window sill garden
The Coleus cutting  from the garden grew well,
so I have cut it back to make a bushier plant and I am rooting two more stems,
 so 3 free plants for the summer garden.
The acorns behind have cracked, now I am hoping they will grow.
 These African Violet plants grown from leaves are looking good.
soon it will be time to add loads more seed trays here,
with the sunniest window and a huge radiator, it's a good spot. 
Last night we stayed in warm and snug, nothing on TV, even hubby dislikes the new Voice, a program he loved before the changes, so  we watched a film, well hubby did , I had my sewing out, I will work on the new stitching this week and then go back to my cushion cover at the weekend, photo next time.
This morning is cold and wet, the snow stayed to the east of the south coast, both cats are inside.
I have housework to do this morning, Josh and Sam are here this afternoon. Hubby has a lamb hotpot in the slow cooker and the house smells divine. Just a normal Sunday morning here.

Saturday 16 January 2016

New starts

This Amaryllis has six buds, 
I checked the box and it's nothing special
Apple Blossom
Fliss was home last night
having a sort out of her room and she found this book
she has got it for my birthday last November and then tucked it away
I don't have loads of note books, I use my computer and iPad,
but I love this one.
New start, Joyful World
This is a stitch along with 12 parts, each square is one month
I am stitching on 28 count linen
you can see it here
I note I have a few more followers, welcome I hope you like what you see, please feel happy to comment, I will visit your blogs soon as well.
We have had a heavy frost this morning, every where was white, so I went back to bed for a hour to see if it would warm up, it's now very sunny but bloody cold. Tomorrow we have a chance of waking up to snow.
I am wearing my new bargain cardi, and it's lovely and warm, later we have to pop to town, we require a new Microwave, the enamel at the bottom of the inside of the door is damaged and we would prefer not to use it. I also would like some more tea mugs, ours are past their best, I do like to have matching mugs, we also broke a couple of dinner plates late last year, which we will replace.
Later hubby has to be measured for the wedding hire suits, things are really happening here towards the wedding in April.
I saw Win and was shocked, she hit herself as she fell against the door frame and is covered in bruises, she is purple with huge bruises including her face, they have found she gets short of oxygen, they will keep in for a little longer, she looked very small sat in the huge hospital chair, but she is in good spirits, we all hope to see her home soon.  Family are visiting this weekend, so I will see her next week.

Thursday 14 January 2016

Here it comes

Our Amaryllis is opening
it's grown really high
I used the flash on this photo
Looks good
 More diamonds 
 This will be finished soon.
I think I might have found another stitch along.
 Who loves a bargain
I have been looking for a thick Aran cardi for ages, almost everyone I see the sleeves are knitted in stocking stitch which makes them feel thinner.
So I kept looking,
This black cardi is 100% what I wanted with patterned sleeves and the bonus,
 cotton mix, machine washable, from M & S and down to £7.00,
1st January sale item purchased and no plans to get anything else. 
I'm still smiling.
Had lunch with a friend yesterday, I worked with Ann for just over a year before my role was made redundant, I still miss working with her, we went to Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth, I have not been there for years, but I do love some of the stores are outlets. Looking at what was on sale, most of it I was just so happy to walk past, a few years ago I would have had a spending frenzy.
Almost at end of week 2 and nothing spent on my crafts!
Did a quick walk around the garden tonight, the daffodils are about to burst and we have primroses, our Magnolia tree has buds which are trying to open,  but it is turning much colder, so the tree won't last.
We also went for a walk after work, I am trying hard to keep it up, not missed a night this week,  I have a copy of my 52 things list on my desk top just to keep going with it, I am working on a few, on the plus my nails are looking much better.
I'm not on a diet, we eat so very healthy and when starting a diet I find loads of things you should give up we already do not eat, so it's about portion size and exercise, it would be nice if by beginning of March I could be a little less round across my tummy, at that time I will be looking for an outfit for daughters wedding in April. I feel in the right frame of mind to sort my weight out this year.
Tonight I am visiting my lovely neighbour Win, she has had another fall and is in hospital, at 101 she is starting to lose some of her confidence, which is a shame she knocks spots off loads of younger peopel.

Tuesday 12 January 2016

Weekend away

We spent the weekend at Branston Hall Hotel, it was not our first visit, we went before a couple of years ago, read about it here. Again we had perfect service, accommodation, and food. 
We were not able to walk the grounds they  weren't flooded but the grounds were very wet.

So we went into Lincoln
From the car park the cathedral and castle. 
From the walls of the castle, 
I love all the roofs all different
Looking along the walls and beyond
Interesting menu
Nothing like what they had on display today
Inside the castle walls there is a prison and chapel
The men sat inside these booths, all they could see was the preacher
the woman sat at the front on benches. 
A female cell, these bunks were removed in the day
The castle was very interesting, and worth a visit, I wish we had more time, but we only put 3 hours on the car parking, could easily have spent another hour here. The day started wet, but stayed dry enough for us to get around, the morning visit was good as we were leaving it started to fill up.
The Cathedral was stunning, they had wood carving showing the life of Jesus, we also found the Imp, which I remembered from a previous trip over 25 years ago. .
We wanted to go to The Work house, Southwell but it is closed in January, but hope to get to see it on another trip.
Saturday afternoon was spent in front of a huge fire, I finished reading The Saffron Trail, Rosanna Ley, another good book, the ending a bit predictable, I will start The Angel Tree, Lucinda Riley next. 
It was lovely to spend time with hubby, we already knew the hotel was good, I am scared to weigh myself for a few days, their meals were fantastic, all local and fresh items, I did not each lunch whilst we were away, but I know my waistline has grown. 

Monday 11 January 2016

David Bowie - Starman

Last night the sky had a new star
 On earth he had loads of talent
 Loads of different faces
 Iconic music
 His music is a sound track to my life
I grew up with iconic songs, 70's was a great time for music, videos and film, so many different sounds and styles, but for me it was always David Bowie. Another talent left our earth.

Thursday 7 January 2016


 I finally worked out how to post this list,
 I find it interesting  to look back on my spend in 2015, 
Cardmaking was £253.18,
will be a lot less in 2016, my stash is looking good
Sewing was £40.00,
could be more if I get going, but I do have some stash
Gardening was £395.15,
no surprise how much I spend, should also be less this year as loads should regrow.
Cross stitch was £260.17,
who knows, it's my greatest love, so if I see any thing, it will be mine
expecting my spend to be about the same,
my stash of fabrics and threads is huge. 
I should add a section for wool if I want to knit and crochet.
I hope to loose £200 off my spend next year.
The red and blue figures were one off purchases
The third corner is finished, I got it done last night
I hope to have a finish soon, so I should be looking at what's next. 
 This is ticking all my boxes,
 I love the colours, the design, 
it's my one off original stitching 
 Popped to Tesco this lunch time, I had to get a few birthday cards
these marked at £4.00 rang in the till at £1.50
love the colours. 
My 52 in 2016 list so far.
I have loads of spaces to add things
number one has a line through, it's already completed.
So a good start to January, my hope is no spend on stash this month, the only let down will be if I see a real bargain, but even then I will have a think before parting with my money. 
I have already started working on my 52 in 2016, a few of them have been started, and hopefully will be ongoing all year. Much more fun than resolutions, which always are hard work in January.
I have started reading The Saffron Trail by Rosanna Ley, 1st book of the year.
Our first week in January is soon over, we had Josh and Sam for tea Tuesday, a cuddly time together. Last night we popped to see Su and David, I now have my instructions for the Wedding evening invitations, they will we out within a week, not so many parts. They are at the point where they are paying for every thing, so money is flying out, but they are also excited, as are we. 
Tomorrow we are away for our Christmas present to each other, back on Sunday, with Monday off, so a restful time ahead.  


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