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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Matching pair.

Yes they are finished

I am pleased with my first pair of knitted socks, I love the colour and they fit perfectly, I knitted them on four double ended needles, not my favorite way of knitting, and therefore there are a few places where they are not as neat as I would like. But I will wear them as soon as the cooler weather comes along. The yarn was perfect, the shading is not matching , but that does not bother me. I will leave them on these wooden shapes for a while, even with the cooler weather it's much to soon to wear socks and closed shoes and boots. I used a free pattern from Winwick mum, as suggest by Jo who is queen of knitting socks.
I have ordered a long circular needle, the next pair I am going to knit using the magic loop method, I really do not like the double ended needles, it's OK for small sections, and the small circular needles pulled the stitches too tight.
These are the same yarn, in a different colour for my next pair.


  1. Yay! You're a fully fledged sock knitter. I've tried magic loop and a small circular needle but I much prefer my dpns. They can be a little fiddly at first but the more you use them the easier it becomes. I like the colour of your new yarn, there's some really pretty sock yarn, so hard to resist. Thank you for the lovely compliment, I must say that socks are my favourite thing to knit and the great thing about them is that once you've finished you're left with something which will keep your feet so cosy all through the winter.

  2. Your finished socks inspired me to try.

  3. Oh congratulations Marlene, they look wonderful.
    Love the colour yarn for your next pair.

  4. Lovely socks. I use Drops fabel for the SO's socks, it is very hard wearing and washes up soft.

  5. Hooray! Your socks look fabulous and I hope you are super-proud of them! Drops is very popular for socks, but I bet it won't be long before you start wondering about all the other sock yarns out there ... West Yorkshire Spinners is a favourite of mine, but Regia and Opal are good too, and there are lots of no-nylon yarns to try out as well! :) xx

  6. Thank you for publishing your pattern and for the suggestion of other yarns, I am at the start of a great journey with socks.

  7. What really cute socks!! I don't knit but do appreciate how sweet those socks are! They look very comfortable!

  8. I liked your socks so much I went and had a look at the yarn on Wool Warehouse. I will definitely order some in the future as I love the striping and the colours would suit my husband but I am waiting for 3 packages of sock wool from independent suppliers to arrive this week for me.
    I prefer knitting on a short circular needle but it can get a little tight and my finger joints are not what they once were. Maybe I should try magic loop?

  9. **round of applause** .... well done Marlene, they look fabulous. Like Jo, I prefer the DPN's as I can hold them better, the small circular I find fiddly.



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