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Wednesday 28 July 2010

Planning a quickie

This morning I am feeling much better, very tired but more with it. I must be getting better because I notice the house is messy, but for once I don't care, the plan today is to rest and sew.

The above work is taken from Ink Circles, a site I follow and love, my plan is to stitch this and when I next go to the McMillan centre (next week) to have it stitched and put it in a card. I love purples and through my cushion front I am growing fonder of all shades of red and pink.

With regards to my cushion front I did a few stitches last night, I have decided on the next pattern row, I am doing a zig zag pattern using the same pink and random red as I used on the simple stripe I have already stitched. So I am at 61 out of 100.

I'm off to stitch, I have had a great time this morning catching up on all your blogs.

Monday 26 July 2010

Survival Kit

The chemo is kicking in and I feel very tired today, our family came over this weekend, so it was a bit hectic, but loads of fun. we are all excited with Su's wedding being only 33 days away.

So below is my survival kit for the next few days, 1st is my bed, oh how I love my bed, followed by books, I'm not touching my cross stitch, I don't want to make any mistakes.

DVD's, loads of them.

And these travel sweets, helps take the taste from my mouth.

Thursday 22 July 2010

After the rain

This morning we had heavy rain and after lunch the sun started to show it self.

I went for a rest after lunch and the sky I thought looked interesting, so I took a few shots to show you, I do like clouds, they make the sky look bigger and their shapes are intresting. I hope that does not make me sound weird!

Also from the bedroom window I got a better view of our Magnolia tree,
which is blooming for the second time.

I had coffee with Fliss my daughter this morning, she is pregnant so I have not seen her much in the last couple of weeks, but it's Josh's last day at school so we should have more time to get together.

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Busy doing nothing

I had my first chemo yesterday, so I am home doing nothing, well pottering a bit.
I thought I would catch up with a few things to show you.

Above is the dress pattern I have cut out for myself, I want to make it after finishing Su's dress, her fitting went well last night and I now can finish all the machine sewing. I do have loads of glass beads to sew on but to me that's the fun bit. Su was very pleased with her dress. On a later blog once it is all done I will show you the complete outfit.

Below is some of my many craft books, I do love cross stitch and dolls house miniatures, but I have other crafts I have tried or just interesting books, maybe to have a go at later.

I have shown you this orchid before, this is the third lot of flowers I have had, I love the colours. The stem did not grow so tall this time but I love the way the blooms float olong the pot.

This is a pure white flower and once opened will be my second bloom, I am hoping this will bloom for Su's wedding weekend, in 38 days, and yes we are counting.

This hangs by the kitchen doorway Golden shread is iconic, but I have never seen a flat pot before, my daughter-in-law gave it as a present and I love it.

This was done of me a few years ago, it's fun and quite flattering, I'm sure my figure never looked that good, it is made better by the way he has incorporated my hobby.

I have another I will try and find out, It's a shame how you collect so many things but not have enough room to display them.

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Just a quicky

I have been busy with sewing Su's wedding dress, she is coming around for her final fitting, then I can get back to my cross stitch.

I have now got the sewing bug and hope to make myself a dress in the next couple of weeks, if I am up to it.

I am having my 1st chemo this afternoon, I have been told I will feel Ok for a couple of days before it hits me. So with the joiner in fitting skirting boards and me slowly going under it is looking to be an interesting time in the next few days, will be back tomorrow with more muses. Mean while keep your blogs going I love to keep up with you all.

Sunday 18 July 2010

Another Sunday update

It has been dull and wet here for the past week.

I have spent my time between hospital visits, ( 3 times this week) and making Su's wedding dress, most of the dress is done, I hope to have it all sorted by the end of Monday.

The weather has helped the garden, above is a dahlia, with rain drops on, I love the bright red pompoms, below is our front corner garden, the plants looks good, I love the red Saliva and Kev loves the Marigolds.

Kev has finished painting the walls in the hall, and I have had fun putting things on the wall, the cross stitch below is one I did a couple of years ago and reminds me of Tom, the markings are very similar. I still think of him most days and ask Grace if she stills misses his as we all do.

Back to my cushion front, I am on 59 out of 100, I have just the last harlequin to finish, I do not know what to do next, I have 4 more patterns to add, I want to look again at what patterns to us to finish it.

Whilst in the hall I took a quick snap of our bookshelf. We have books in every room of the house, In the hall I keep small amusing books, easy to pick up and glance through, we have books on Wales(for Kev) and England (for me). I confess to owning most of these, but the Golf book is defiantly Kev's.
On Tuesday I have my first chemo, I have packed a bag with things to red, sew etc, I expect to be in the hospital most of the day and then home to rest.

But first we are off the the New Forest on the bike with friends this afternoon ( it's Su's mum and dad in-law to be) we get on well and all have a love of bikes. This time I will take my camera and get some photo's, fingers crossed the sun will show its self.

Thursday 15 July 2010

Happy Birthday Mum

Today would have been my mum's birthday,
Below is the last photo I have of all our family together,
it was at my younger brother's wedding, I'm on the end in the black hat.
I had 6 brothers and 2 sisters, this was taken in the 80's, mum loved that coat, my brother was still in the army at the time. My dad died not long after this photo.

This photo was taken when I was 16, we went to Stonehenge, it was at the time when we could walk through the stones, today you are only allowed to walk around the area. This photo brings back memories of a good time, I was lucky and had a good childhood. The hand writing on the photo is mum's this was taken from her album, scanned for me to keep. And yes my skirt was that short, them were the days.

It has rained here all week, good for the garden and the general water levels.

Monday 12 July 2010

It's raining in Hampshire

It has rained today for the first time in weeks, just a light summer rain, but good to see.

I have been sewing today and for the past couple of days, I am making a silk wedding dress for my daughter Su, I have just the bodice to complete, normally I would make that first, but the pattern is not quite right so I have made the skirt and attached it to my dressmaking dummy. I am not allowed photo's yet, so below is some of the flowers in our back garden.

Friday 9 July 2010

Friday catch up

Yesterday I did some more baking, I am enjoying having time to do more things. I wanted to show you my collection of baking items, I love the colours. They are brilliant to use and each is dishwasher safe, so a perfect solution.

I made muffins, they did not rise as much as they should have, but they tasted good, I made lemon and poppy seed ( normally I get one at Cafe Nero with my coffee) and cranberry and white chocolate.

I am on square 52, out of 100, I am still very happy with this cushion front, I try and do one square per day, but I don't always have time.

This harlequin design was not on my 10 patterns I had chosen to use on this cushion front, but as I finished the 5th design, I knew I wanted a bright design next, so I got out my sketch pad ( I'm not good at art) and came up with this design.

I have also cut out Su's wedding dress, I waiting until now, because she has been loosing weight and I wanted it to have a good fit, Su gets married in 7 weeks, I hope to do most of the machine sewing in the next few days, then I have to sew on loads of clear beads, but I have asked friends and family to help so everyone can say they had input into it. Su loves the idea everyone is helping. The pattern does not have many pieces, but the design has loads of folds along on side to allow the silk to drape across the front of the dress.

Tuesday 6 July 2010

I have finished some thing

My quickie is finished, and I am very pleased with it. not sure what I will do with it now.
I have added my name and the date.

I wanted to show you a sight which keeps me happy forever, I have a sewing cabinet next to my chair in the sitting room, in here is my sewing stash, no patterns just silks and canvas.

I do buy kits, but prefer to have patterns and buy my silks, thus giving me a huge stash of colours, I always buy DMC, only because my local shop supplies this range. I keep them in number order, and will replace any colours I use regularly. I increase the colours by purchasing for new patterns, but I have been known to look at the silks in the shop and buy colours I like. I use a fine aider or even weave, at the moment I have 32dpi. So if I buy a kit I always change the canvas for a smaller count.

Yesterday I made a cake, so what you say, I have not baked in ages and enjoyed it. It's a french style lemon cake and is very moist. I did cheat and use a packet mix. Since we moved I have gotten rid of all my baking tins and have brought funky silicon one's all in bright colours, We enjoyed a slice with our coffee last night.

Today I want to do some more on my cushion front,
but I am going to do some sewing also, it is very nice to have time to do things.

Monday 5 July 2010

Don't tell anyone

This weekend I have started a quickie, it's very naughty, but good for the soul.
Its a heart created using the alphabet,
I had decided to use just red, but who knows I might try one using all different colours.
I have done a bit more to the cushion front, I have to infill the top three squares with white and then I'm half way through, having done 50 squares. I went to Somerset for the weekend to catch up with both my and Kev's family, it was busy and I am tired but we did have loads of fun. So I have not done much stitching or gardening.

Just one photo of the garden, this is the area I created in the spring and it's looking really good, I'm very pleased with the cottage garden effect.

Grace loves this sunny weather, she spends alot of the day on our sofa in the shade, she has her own blanket.
Last photo, is my new short hair cut, so far every one loves it, I can spike it up for the evenings, so it does offer a change of style. On Friday I go to choose my wig, I will have a longer one and get my hairdresser to cut it into a style for me.

I have been sorting the fiance side of things today, I am not expecting to be able to work untill March of next year, I have 5 months of chemo and then a month off, then radiotherapy for three weeks and then my final operation.
So I am going to be cared for by the state, which means we won't have loads of cash but we will get through. On the positive side loads of time for stitching on good days.

Thursday 1 July 2010

Hunting for a witch

A couple weeks ago we had our BBQ for friends and family, today I am showing a few family photo's, they are late but I had to check with everyone it was Ok to have them here.

The above photo of me everyone loves,
I can't remember what I was laughing at, it was funny and great to laugh and have fun with friends. Yesterday I had my hair cut short, I will get a photo to show you.
Below is Su, I'm not sure why she has her hands up

Kev is where he loves to be, cooking, not the best photo, we have not done much work at the bottom of our garden. PS Kev is a brilliant BBQ chef.

Here is Josh and his dad Steve, Josh was drawing he loves all arts and craft's.
Behind is loads of our friends. The decking area outside the house is a perfect area for gatherings, and with the beautiful weather we have had, we spend alot of time there.

Now for my title, I am beginning to believe I am cursed, so I am looking for the witch to reverse the curse, either that or I am having a really bad year, maybe I will go with the bad year, cos in 6 months it will be over.

I got my chemo dates this week and found they have booked me a session for 3 days before Su and Gav wedding, so I am fighting to change that. I have to have some stitches removed tomorrow, which should have dissolved inside of me, but has decided to force themselves out.

And yesterday the company I work for closed, no one has called me to tell me anything, I found out on Facebook. So today I have been trying to contact people, but from today I am unemployed!. Kev says's I have time to heal and rest, but I would prefer to work and earn some dosh. So tomorrow after my hospital visit I'm off to the benifit office to see if I can get some help with the bills.

PS I have finished 47 squares on my cushion front only 53 to go.


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