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Sunday, 5 August 2018


A mixture from my garden and the new plants.

All planted

My raised bed flowers were looking straggly and not giving many cut flowers, so we went to a local nursery to purchase more. I love dahlias, they have so many different flower shapes and colours. I cut some of the blooms from the plants as they were top heavy with flowers, making this beautiful bunch for inside. The cost of these plants were added to my stash spend list. I did the work Friday evening as it was cooler and the smell not so bad. I was asked if it could be plants making the smell, sorry no it's the large number of cats living in a summer house and garage at the bottom of next doors garden. 
I threw caution to the wind and planted my Bouganvilla, I am hoping the raised bed will give it chance to survive the winter, plus if it grows as big as it can, the back section of fence will be full of flowers. I have a plan to protect it through the winter cold spell. I was asked if it was a spiky one, yes it is, which helps it grow up things.
I have room at the front of this bed for spring and early flowers, plus bulbs. It is a tiny space but I want to make full use of it.
Saturday we had a local car boot sale, I have not visited one for years, so I enjoyed my quick walk around, it was only small, 5 cars and even less people. I did pop into the library, it was busy and a rude man put me off staying, I will pop in on Monday for more books.
I sat and painted my nails, something I rarely do, as a gardener it never worth it, but as I'm inside I would make my hands look better. Lazy evening inside, with a lovely fish tea, caught up on a couple of recorded TV programmes.
Today, I have again nothing planned, I am going to check out my dressmaking patterns, I'm sure I will have one for a top for the beautiful lace silk.


  1. I love dahlias too but I only grow them on and off, this year being an off year. It's very rare that I paint my nails, though I don't bite them I still keep them very short as I hate them getting in the way when I'm doing any jobs. I haven't even bothered painting my toenails this year.

  2. Lovely, lovely flowers …

    All the best Jan

  3. What a pretty bouquet! I am having an amazing year with dahlias. I will take pictures and do a post. They have never been more beautiful. I wonder if they like the heat we have had much of this summer.

  4. Dahlias are one of my favorites too. Wish we lived closer and could exchange tubers - you have some beautiful ones I've never seen for sale here.



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