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Sunday, 26 August 2018

Bank Hoilday weekend

Hubby has managed some more painting, this book case is set into the wall where the old door way was. I am hoping to be able to put back all our books, we keep quirky titles and short reads here. 
Pulling out fabrics for a huge sewing marathon. 
Front pile, 4 items cut out and ready to sew, 
pile with purple fabrics waiting to be cut out
at the back Christmas fabrics. 
Loved Girl on the Train, 
Paula Hawkins has done it again, 
very good book, loads of interesting turns along the way. 
While hubby paints and I sew, Purdy lays in the middle of our sitting room and snores, Grace is in her basket behind the sofa, it is a cat's life here. 
This morning it's wet again, but that's our normal summer, yesterday was sunny, so we are having a good mix of weather. The garden is looking much better, but I'm not outside much, the flies are still a huge issue. We had a long line of white towels out yesterday, looking lovely in the sunshine, I do love white towels and linen, it was perfect drying weather.
My dear hubby has finished the hall book shelves, he did the top coat this morning, so just the skirting boards left, but he is driving this afternoon for a few hours, I would rather he did not paint on driving days, but he does like to get things finished.
Friday I created patterns and cut out 2 reading cushions, with a pocket front, using the ABC offcut I had. Plus a couple plate carriers using some thinner tea towels. I have sorted material for 4 shopping bags. I spent time yesterday on Esty, looking at prices, I need to ensure I am not losing out on these home made items, and at the same time, my sister will want to have her mark up as well.
I was thinking of adding a page to the top of my blog, and put a few items for sale, using the same prices but with free postage in UK, what do you think, would anyone be interested, this is some of what I have made.


  1. It's a miserable day here today too but I can't complain about our summer this year, it's been glorious. Awww, Purdy looks very content, dogs and cats seem to be able to get comfortable wherever they lie down. I would definitely have a go at selling your makes on the blog, you've got nothing to lose.

  2. Yes do it Marlene, you make some lovely things.

  3. We've had the heavy rain here too today. Hubby was thrilled as the community garden/allotment will have its annual inspection on Tuesday and it will now have been watered by Mother Nature and look much better after the low hot summer.
    Great bags - i'm sure they will sell very well



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