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Monday, 13 August 2018


I have the last tiny bit of yellow to do
then the reds and it's finished. 
 Books 1, 2 and 3, I'm a crime reader now, so many new books to find, these 3 were brilliant reads, I have passed them to hubby to read. It was so wet over the weekend, I sat and read every day. 
 This is my next book
 Cutting from a couple of Coleus plants, these are inside and I will use them as my parent plants, next spring I will take cutting from each to produce more plants for the garden. 
The heat got to this planter, but for weeks it looked great. 
 Bouganvillea is looking poor, but the weather changed as I planted it, I will leave it and see if it comes back, I have nowhere in the house for it to grow, so here is it's best chance for life. 
I really enjoyed reading Y for yesterday, the last in the Sue Grafton series, It was  a huge book, with a double time line, no hints until the end of the book. I'm sad there are no more books left for me to read.
I spent some time yesterday sorting my material stash, later today I want to get into our attic and pull out a huge plastic under the bed container, with more fabric in, I have a few ideas on things to make, the plan is to only use what is in my stash, plus I want to make some Christmas items, starting with bunting.
Just waiting for Will to arrive for our Monday playday. 


  1. I do love a good crime book, haven't read any of those though, will have to look out for them.
    Your mandala is looking lovely

  2. I do like M J Arlidges books, Lisa Gardner writes good crime books too. Our garden is definitely past it’s best now, the rain is very welcome xx

  3. The cross stitch is looking lovely, not much left to do now. I haven't even started thinking about Christmas yet, after all the socks I knit for everyone last year I think I'll have this year off and not make any gifts.

  4. Your cross stitch is stunning, doesn't seem to have taken you too long?

  5. Like your Coleus cuttings, they are a colourful plant aren't they.

    All the best Jan

  6. What a pretty piece you are working on. It will be finished before you know it. I am tempted to start those books. I better start with A!

    1. I read some books out of sequence, it did not spoil the story line.

  7. Your mandala is gorgeous! Hope you manage to use your stash for your Christmas makes....looking forward to seeing them :)

  8. Is Sue Grafton not going to write Z? I thought the whole thing was the alphabet A to Z. Though some letters were a bit dubiously linked to the stories - I think over the many years I have read all but Y now.

  9. Sue Grafton passed away this year, so Z will never be completed



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