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Tuesday 27 August 2013

Family, that's what it is all about

We had a weekend at home
Great BBQ on Sunday with family 
and a second birthday cake for Josh, 
our little garden was full of laughter.
 On Monday we went to Portchester castle in the morning, it was very busy, both Logan and Sam played football, but loved the bubbles, we share in inside lawns with loads of other family's. 
 Then we walked around the outside, tide was out 
but there were loads of little boats, 
 Back at home, fun in the garden, Purdey stayed close to the boys.
 Grancha tested the little bench, big enough for three.
 Then we filled the padding pool, no swimming trunks, but still fun, loads of splashing. 
 They got Nanna very wet, so I joined them
But the big boys always want to play

It has been the most amazing weekend, having both boys on Monday was great, Josh had a day with daddy, who is feeling much better, playing with Lego and no younger brother. 
Our weather was perfect again.

Today was back to work, on my own this week for the first time, so fingers crossed all goes well. but a really enjoyable day, and soon it will be weekend again.
I have a half day on Friday, we are heading away for another long weekend, close to Derby for a couple of days, see the latest grandson. Then on into the Peake District, for walking Photo's and loads more fun. 

Now I have house work, how come the place looks so messy, we were outside all 3 days, loads of little wet footprints around the place, it's a shame to clear them up, might stitch instead, not done any sewing since my last blog, so it is calling me. 

PS Paula thanks for your comments...

Saturday 24 August 2013

Stitching update

It's been a very busy week, but I have managed to do some stitching  
Grand Marquoir

 4 more squares are done and the 5th is is going well, just 14 left to do
I can see the finish line on this one
 It is nice to find time to stitch
It's a bank holiday here this weekend, so we all have Monday off, the weather is not great, but still we can have fun.
Today Josh is 8, we will see him later and take him his card and present, this year he wanted money, he has seen a large Lego kit he would like to have, so birthday cake later.
We also have Logan here, playing with Grancha at the moment, loads of trains and cars every where.
Tomorrow we are having a family BBQ, both Sam and Josh are coming, but not daddy who has been very poorly and had a night in hospital on Monday. My sister is here and Nic, Logan's mummy will be back with us. I want to make another cake for Josh, this time his favourite chocolate. Su and David will also come, so almost all the family.

Monday nothing planned, we are weather watching to see what to do. 
Hope you have a good weekend planned.

Saturday 17 August 2013

I'm watching

Not sure what Grace is thinking, but her eye's say it all. We have purchased a CCTV camera for our house, it's in our sitting room, and I can view it from my mobile phone, yesterday was a dull wet day and neither of them moved far from the rug whilst we were at work. 
Grace is back to curling up on my lap most nights.
 Another free flower, this is just perfection, I love white orchids, the flowers last for weeks and looks beautiful in the corner of the sitting room.
 The garden is good, some of the flowers are past their best and soon I will be thinking of Pansies and winter flowers, how quick the summer is passing.  
Below my Coleus is looking good on the patio table. 
Last weekend we were in Devon, with Kev's family, his brother Peter had his 65th birthday party. So most of this week I have done nothing, only managed an hours stitching, so nothing to show you.
This morning we have been shopping, the autumn fashion is in the shops and I wanted skirts for work.
Soon we are going to do a small job in the garden, sorting some paving stones, added rough sand and relaying them flat.
Tomorrow, Su and David will be here, we hope to see Josh and Sammy, they have just returned from a visit to Grandmas house in Manchester.
Next weekend is a Bank Holiday and we are having a family BBQ on the Sunday, three of our grand sons all together.
I was pleased to read Paula, liked my stitching I sent to her. Is it just me, but I am still using Google reader, through my blog pages, can still view every bodies blogs, fingers crossed it stays that way.

So just normal things happening here, hope your weekend is good.

Wednesday 7 August 2013

I stitch, I grow

My free style stitching is finished, and different than I planned, the longer beads I wanted to use were too big, but I do like this, it reminds me of flat Christmas crackers, I will sew it into a small square cushion. I do promise I will make it up, along with a couple of hearts in my work basket.
 I have Grand Marquoir back in the frame, and have stitched one square, this is staying in the frame until I have finished it, I have two pages left to do, 18 squares. My sister has put in a request, so I know what I am stitching next.
 Our Magnolia tree has it's second set of blooms, the pinks in the garden look beautiful, we are hoping to have it trimmed after the flowers have finished, I love this tree and don't want it to get much bigger.
 The green houses are full, here chillies, but our peppers and aubergines are full of swelling produce.
 We have a couple more cucumbers almost ready for picking, that's 4 so far this year and more are forming.
 Today's harvest, the salad leaves are mostly gone over, but with herbs there is enough for tea tonight, I do have more growing but they won't be ready for over another week, I am going to plant some more this weekend, to keep us going. My pepper are sweet and crunchy and with fresh tomato's a good meal.
Been on a field trip today at work, we were in a forest with cadets, watching them learn survival, it was interesting and fun, it is nice to see the training sessions, and meet adult volunteers from around the area.

Busy at home, last weekend I had a huge sort out, pulled every thing stored under our stairs, most was put there when we moved in 4 years ago, and most has now gone. I also sorted all my shoes and dumped 8 pairs, I do love to have a good tidy around, it is so easy just to pack things away, Kev did look worried in case I started on his things.

Friday 2 August 2013

Posh hats and dresses

My posh new hat, both of us ready for our afternoon out.
 We had an invite to a garden party
 The setting was wonderful, this old house and it's large garden, in the naval base at Portsmouth, it's in the heart of the dockyard, with the city wrapped around it.
 Dainty cut sandwiches, no crust and tea, loads of posh frocks and uniforms. It was warm and sunny with a nice breeze, we sat under an umbrella with a good view of the lawn.
 We had 4 items to watch
 Two being cadets from our area, a band and a marching display, 
both did well
 The Royal marines band were really good, I love to listen to military bands, we were all tapping our toes. The final item was a historic gym display, really good to watch.
Both Kev and I enjoyed the afternoon, we felt lucky to have been invited, and once I saw the Vice Admiral, who hosted the afternoon, I realised he was in our office on Monday and we had been chatting and laughing together. Work, not only is it interesting but it is allowing me to meet and mix with all sorts of people.

I do hope you have a good weekend, ours has started really well.


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