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Thursday 30 November 2023

November round up

Having been good for a few months with my craft purchases, I have gone a bit mad this month, almost everything purchased is for projects, so they should be used in the coming weeks. £17.29 was for needle felting needles. Garden is never a huge spend at this time of year, and with the refit, there is very little I want, I did get my rhubarb crown. I still have a garden centre voucher and some more birthday money, which I can use once everything is done.

We did purchase a new Christmas jumper each, mine is years old, and we had a do which required such jumpers, nothing else. I have had my eyes tested and the cost of new glasses, which can't be helped. 

We spent a bit more this month, but we have now finished the few Christmas gifts we give, most of the grandsons get money, we don't keep up with their taste as they live so far away. As for Black Friday (which last for weeks) passed us by, nothing purchased, nothing wanted.

We have increased our standing order for gas and electric this month, it's crazy how much power is still costing us. Our heating is on, but we are being careful not to boost it so much. 

No food waste, as always being really good on what we purchase and ensuring it's all used up, I have stocked up again, in hope we can avoid all the madness of shopping in December. 

I've lost a few pounds this month, all due to the bugs I've had, steps are averaging just over 6000 each day. 

Wednesday 29 November 2023

Christmas baubles

 Loads of people use different things inside their needle felting items they make, the rovings when used can soon add cost to projects, I have this huge ball of yarn leftover from knitting, so I had a go at making a centre for a bauble, yarn, well wool works very well, using my 3 needle tool, the strands bind together very well, and I was able to make them truly round shaped, I made 6.

Without plans I looked at what fibres I had, I would liked to have a few of these as extra little gifts this Christmas, I wrap the rovings always in the same direction, it makes the basic ball look neat. I do have a few ideas for these using different colours.
Next was time on Internet, see what others had done, watch a couple of videos, checking what colours I have and deciding on the designs. Two are the start of robins, the red ones will be Santa's, the blue I will use for my sister, and the white, possibly a snowman. I not sure these will be finished anytime soon, I'm hopeful I can get going with them.
I have been using small biscuit cutters for these star shapes, I always wanted stars on the blue bauble, my sister loves blue, making one of the red's into Santa is fun, I'm not sure you can immediately guess it's him, I have a bit more to do. By now I hoped to have them all finished, but I'm not feeling up to crafting.

These took much longer than I wanted, I required some new needles for my clover branded triple handle, the best price we could find was on Ebay, hubby ordered 3 packs and then the problems started, nothing arrived, seller ignored hubby's messages, speak to Ebay, seller sent replacement, wrong size arrived, seller ignored hubby's messages again, speak to Ebay, who sent hubby return label, just waiting now to see if we get a refund. I found another company who sell them (still much cheaper than from Hobbycraft), they arrived as promised. Finally we have our refund, it's been a pain, and just makes me realise why I don't use Ebay. 

My desire to craft is very low, I have in the past two days picked up my knitting, I've finished one sleeve, these are for me easy designs to follow, I am not reading, I have a book but it's not calling. Luckily I don't have any crafting to make for Christmas this year, so no pressure, I've not touched my cakes whilst I have these bugs, I hope to marzipan them all soon.

Hubby has piled my Christmas boxes in the spare room, I don't have plans on when to start, I normally get it all done in one day, this year I will take my time.

This post was started weeks ago, the issues getting replacement needles and then these horrible bugs have slowed it all down. I will keep going as I do love them, I have in mind a project I want to start needle felting in the new year, I also now know how to finish my wet felting project, which I did a course back in July

Tuesday 28 November 2023

Flowers for Christmas

These are Amaryllis bulbs 1 and 2 on right hand side, lovely long leaves but no flower bud, I have popped them behind the sofa, trying to see if they would grow a flower spike, I rested all my bulbs over the summer, storing them in paper bags, in shredded paper in a wooden tray, at the time I was going on instincts, later I read it was the correct thing to do. The others are bulbs 3 and 4, the 5th bulb is in the garage, I'm keeping it cold to hold the growth back, I am expecting these only to regrow leaves, as I can't get any of my bulbs to flower a second year. 
So recently in Tesco, I gave in a purchased this bulb, I am hoping the white will look good against our green walls. If the above bulbs don't produce flowers this year, I will compost them. I will plant it soon, I have hyacinth bulbs in a couple of pots and a white Christmas rose from last year, so I will have some fresh plants, I will also get a bright red cyclamen for inside.
Again this plant is in full bloom, it sits in our bathroom, once the flowers have dropped I will move it to our kitchen, which is next door to the bathroom, there we can see it throughout the day. I won't move it before as I don't want to disturb the blooms. The windows are next to each other, so only a small move, this plant gives me blooms at other times of the year, but not as many as now.
Last year when in Newcastle, I shopped in Fenwicks and got the ceramic tree at the back, I got the other ceramic tree on a shopping trip to Tesco, and decided I loved it and would get a couple more for Christmas gifts for friends, whilst there I saw the glass tree, so that now lives with me, I do a tree display each year, these will go nicely. All have candles inside, once I got home I realised they all had 20% off, I am already burning the glass tree, as I have some battery pretty lights I can pop into it when candle is done. 
Christmas is in my thoughts, I have finished purchasing the gifts, we don't get so many anymore, the grandsons are old enough to prefer money, I swap with just 1 sister and 1 brother, and a few friends, most everyone we know says the same thing, they don't want anything. We always have Christmas day with daughter, SIL and their 3, so we have gifts for each of them. Our store cupboards are full, and we have a few little extra's, only really need to think about fresh meat, dairy and veg, hubby is already making list. I played my Christmas song list on Monday, it's an complete mixup of sounds from through the years, and I love it, really festive. 

Thank you for your comments on my last post, I'm feeling much better, still have the awful cough which always hangs on after bugs, I am beginning to get back my taste buds, hubby has made some lovely soups for me, which was enough for me to eat when unwell. I'm not going to sign group today, I don't want to pass on bugs, so many of you understood my views, it is easier to walk away rather than try to explain and risk any unpleasant comments, the neighbour has been in the group longer than me.

Our landscaper popped over, he's very happy with the work we have done, and has no problem with the one small change we would like. We should soon start receiving supplies, which we have plenty of space for, he's looking forward to creating our perfect garden.

The electric's and solid wood floor is on hold until after the festive season, neither of us can face the work required, and the knowledge we will need to check the electrics in other rooms and replace if they are loose under the floor boards, I wish we had them looked at when we moved in, the sockets were checked, but not the wires. We have lived here for 14 years, so a few more months won't matter, will it? 2024 is going to be the year of the electrics.

Saturday 25 November 2023


I was given this book to read and honestly I almost gave up twice, but the lovely friend will ask me about the book, our reading taste are very different, it was a sweet book about a simpler time. Book 35 read this year.
In my last craft post I said I was popping this cardi to one side and doing more squares for my blanket, but somehow it stayed by my chair and I have done the button band and worked the collar, which is now bigger than the design, I have the buttonhole band to do, which I will sort next and then the sleeves. The sides still needs sewing together. 

We have had a issue with our 2 electrical sockets in the extension which is our sitting room, they intermittently stop working, we called a local electrician, who could find no issue with the sockets or consumer box, (the big fuse box), we have emergency cover for our electrics, so we called a man in, he checked everything throughout the whole house. His report says he thinks the issue is with the joining of the electrics from the old ring main to the newer extended part of the house, and strangely, this was done he thinks under the floorboard in our dining room, which would have been acceptable back in 1982 when extension was done. Our issue is our hard wood floor, it needs to be lifted in one corner to check and then lifted to find the joins, it's been down almost 14 years, and everyone has said, we can lift but it won't go back down. The wooden floor is through the sitting, dining rooms and hall, it's bumped and marked, but as a natural product it still looks good, we dont have any spare boards, for now we will put everything on hold, and stopped using the sockets (which is a pain), decisions will have to be made next year. 

I have also decided to stop going to sign group, it is a morning which I really enjoy, we all get along, but sadly for me, my neighbour across the road, who I have been car sharing with has become very outspoken on the journeys, in our last journey she was extremely rude to me. I can't see anyway I can stop car sharing without others making comments, as the neighbour would ensure the issue would be placed back on me, so rather than cause any issues within the group, I will sadly fade from their numbers. I am sad, but I don't like confrontation, and I don't want her to have the journey space to be so horrible, I already see less of her, which she has already complained to everyone I'm ignoring her. Why is life so painful and why does the horrible people have the loudest voices. 

I am still full of bugs, and general feel yuck, these bugs are not going anywhere, I have slept better in the last two nights, I'm hoping it's the start of feeling better. 

Sorry for a negative post, but for now it's our life, the new year will bring loads of changes for us. I think it's time to think only of Christmas, it's almost time to get the decorations out.

Friday 24 November 2023


I've been working outside in my veg section at the back of the garden, this narrow path is the only way to get to my raised veg beds and my greenhouse. I am pleased once again it is clear and safe to pass along. This is the view from the house, so I like to see it looking nice, the older paving is staying in the working section of the garden, so this won't change.
I did have my strawberry tower here in front of the sink, it was temporary put there until the garden refit was done, but it was a pain to get by, the plants were always wet. This is how it should stay, plenty of room, the yellow bucket is full of topsoil, which I will use soon. The corner is not huge, but I have plenty of space to walk by even when holding bigger items.
Once again behind the garage has changed, moving the strawberry tower here works, but it means my raised bed is not in a great spot, but it can stay like this until next spring, other than adding to composter, I should not need this area.
My nice clear path in front of the greenhouse house is full, most of these pots have herbs in and will be placed back at our seating area, again probably next spring, I have no need to access anything here. The bricks will be placed at the back by the fence when we can get to the area. 
Our Olive tree is full, best crop so far, renewing the compost this summer has worked well, this was taken just before we covered it for the winter, if I cover this olive, it's normally in January, which is the start our colder months, this week our temperatures are due to drop, so I am being cautious. It's being moved out of the garden for a couple of weeks and then it will have a new spot, so I am treating it very carefully.
Hopefully this will be the last photo of a messy garden, our guy was due next Monday, we have been told he is running a week late, with all the horrible weather, it's understandable, we are fine to wait, knowing his work is brilliant, can't wait for a new layout. 

Everything we needed to do is done, it's been hard work, but we did enjoy creating new beds, and working out where things will go, the strawberry tower is the only thing where we have not found it's spot yet, but it's OK where it is until next May. I have a few thoughts for next spring, but mainly tweaks, I have always made full use of our garden, there is little space, but I will always want to grow more.

It's such a nice change to have dry days, it has not been too cold here either, like everyone else I am sick of the constant rain, its nice to be outside. The cold air from the north arrived over night, it's much colder, today will only reach single figures, which is cooler than the overnight temperature here over night on Wednesday. I have not done anything on my pond area, I have everything except the energy to get going, it's not an issue, it will get done in time.

 My cold and cough is full on, headache and aching limbs, hubby has the same, we make a good pair, neither of us are sleeping very well. Hopefully we should start to feel better soon and find some energy, I am beginning to think I have man-flu. Thank you for George's birthday wishes, he like all our grandchildren bring us so much joy, but to me he is one special little boy.

Wednesday 22 November 2023


It was a dull dry weekend, the rain held off, we were staying in a hotel in Weston-Super-Mare, it was a turkey and tinsel weekend with a difference. The Welsh Guards veteran's had booked the whole hotel, we decided to go when an old friend of hubby's was attending with his wife who I knew. A walk along the sea front at the old part of WSM on Saturday afternoon, our friends had never been here, so we gave them a bit of a tour.
We took a couple of bottles for the raffle, there was also an auction, both raised a huge amount of money. I have an extremely happy husband, he won one item in the raffle, tickets to next year's trooping of the colours on the Kings birthday, these tickets are booked up for years, and very difficult to get. Through the evening he had loads of offers to purchase the tickets, some offering high amounts, he refused, we are both planning to attend.
Finally I have read another book, this is the latest book in the series, I purchased it in hardback, it was just £10, I normally wait not purchasing new books, but it called to me. Another good plot, I love the way often he allows a lucky comment, to help the case move forward, rather than the perfect police officer, who knows everything. The story is based in and around Brighton, which I know, some early stories have been made for TV under the name of Grace, staring John Simm. Book 34 read this year.
Today George turns 4, how quickly the years pass, he is a true little boy, he has his own personality, so many things amuses him, he loved his books, the one I made will help him prepare for school in September. Here he is in his kitchen, preparing our lunch and making a mess.

I always vowed I would never go on a turkey and tinsel weekend, this was different, the hotel, did their normal thing, Santa came to visit us on our evening meal, which was a Christmas lunch. I could not fault the hotel, its catering or the staff, everything happened as it should. If this is how hotels fill their out of season rooms, then well done, I still would not go on another, one Christmas a season is enough for me. It was a rowdy weekend, lots of drink was sold, but in the main we saw no problems, everyone behaved, but we were in bed both nights at a decent time, we spent most of our time in the lounge, perfect for us. 

Normally we would have spent some time with my brother, but he is waiting for a new bed, so we just had the two nights in the hotel, it was almost a very expensive weekend, I lost a gold bracelet, which was annoying, but luckily I found it in the foot well of our car, just need a small repair. 

I have the snivels, not a cold or flu, I am feeling cold all the time, I'm waiting to see what type of bugs I may have picked up, we have both been very tired, neither of us slept well whilst away. It's been a dry couple of days, I am hoping to dig out my little pond and use the liner and get some plants in around the edge, nothing else to do other than picking up the final few leaves, my beautiful Acer is now completely bare.

Sunday 19 November 2023

Going to pot

I do love a nice plant pot, and if its silly, quirky or strange, then I want it. This trio sit on our woodburner in our sitting room, the little man is an egg cup, but perfect for my brain succulent. Will, our grandson gave me the spaceman, which looks great with this succulent in.
Bette had her hair cut back, I put new soil in and now it's a case of letting the string of pearls grow, it's never been a complete success,  but I'm still trying to achieve a full head of hair. The sunglasses, which I ended up with, caught in a scam a couple years ago, finishes her off, she is sat in a sunny spot.
On my kitchen window sill, both these pots were gifts to me, my family and friends know my taste. I also have a white bird, which is in the greenhouse for now.
Outside this chicken was a watering can, hubby popped a few holes in the bottom and it works as a pot, in the summer the plant engulfs the pot.
Never forgetting Kurt, he has had new hair this summer, soon I will move him to a sheltered spot, most winters his hair dies, the pot does get water logged, I will watch and hopefully get his hair to survive.
My final pot shown here, looks like a thimble, given to me by a friend, makes a perfect pot for my knitting and crochet bits, a better use than a plant pot, everything in one place. My needle felting lady and cat finish this corner of my shelf in the office.

This is my make me smile post, we have been away for the weekend, and as you are reading this we will be driving home or even back at home, depending on the time. Just two nights away, in a hotel in Weston-super-mare, which was our home town for 9 years when our girls were at school, hubby has met up with loads of men he served in the Welsh Guards with, I've been chatting with their partners, the reunion took over the whole hotel for the weekend. I took a book and yarn to start knitting another pair of socks, but it was so much fun, I did not have time to start either. 

We decided not to visit family this trip, I have a busy 4 weeks ahead, lot's booked in to do, so coming back home sooner will give us time together before our busy period. It's that time of year, not called the silly season for nothing.

Friday 17 November 2023

I've got a body

This is the 3rd time of knitting this design, it's using Aran yarn, the finished item is really warm to wear. I am making changes here, as I often do, I decided I did not need this to be so long, it comes to just below my waist. I've clipped these seams together and will sew them up soon, I do like to use these plastic clips purchased for sewing, they hold both seams flat.
The front matches, it's is easier when you have a pattern, where you can record each point you start the shaping. This design is simple and looks very neat, unlike my photo where the cardi is skew whiff. 
Because I shortened the body length, the pockets are much smaller, but other than a tissue, I don't put anything in my pockets.
Again with the shoulder shaping, instead of casting off, I left the stitches on the needles, once the front and back were finished, I knitted a stitch from each side together and cast off, it's much neater and quicker than following the directions on the pattern. 
I am making my green cardi with a collar, which I am going to pickup more stitches and make it bigger, if I button it up on my purple one, the collar does not sit well. These days I prefer to wear thinner jumpers and a cardigan, I feel much warmer. 

I am really enjoying knitting as the evenings are getting darker, I have the two arms, the button bands and the collar to finish here, but for now I will take another break and go back to knitting the squares for my Christmas blanket. 

It's been a quiet week, sign group was fun, I did a half day in the craft shop on Wednesday, market day, it was busy. Thursday we popped to Tesco looking for a few bits and a Christmas jumper each, rest of the very wet day was spent at home. 

Today is the start of a busy weekend,  doing something different for us.

Wednesday 15 November 2023


I have wanted a small wildlife pond for ages, the safest space is here in my veg section, but it was limited, most of the plants in this corner are evergreen, hubby found out this old black container, it is very clean, the size and shape was perfect for my needs, a nice depth and made from durable thick plastic. Once I had placed the container, I realised I had more room, it has a run off spout, so I have purchased some heavy duty pond liner, once it arrives I can create a lower level. I will replant the bulbs in the container and move a few more small plants.
My daughter did not know what to get me for my birthday, so I chose this Hellebore, I have a very dark red one (a previous gift from same daughter) and two pink/creamy ones, it's planted in front of the pot I will use to grow cucumbers, in the bed in front of the greenhouse. I got an early rhubarb crown, which we both love, I've planted it in the same bed, between the blueberries and the cucumber pots, plenty of room to grow. 
Storm Debi blew through on Monday, not so much rain in the day, sadly she blew most of the leaves off my Acer, they are not wasted, I brushed them up and added them to my leaf mulch, which I make in these two black dustbins. Behind the garage out of sight, a perfect place for them to break down, and no problems with rats, I made leaf mulch this way for the past two years and it works for me. 
The back section of our garden is looking really green, I am still a bit worried about the broad beans growing so high, will the winter weather kill them off, if that happens it's a lesson learnt, The potatoes are doing well, hubby has been chatting about making nice looking cages for both beds, which are needed because of all the cats here where we live. He would also like a gate, which I think would get in our way and catch our clothes as we walk by, I have a temporary barrier I can use when the little ones are here. 

The pond is now on hold until next spring, I will need some smaller grit to fill in the gaps in the sunk pebbles, and plants to ensure it looks good. I found enough plants to use around the pond and soften the look. It's in safe position, the grandchildren will not be allowed in the back section without me, I hope Will can have fun looking for bugs, not sure about George he would want to get into the water. I did start with just the container, but then my ambition grew.

Another tick off my list of things I would like, my list is tiny these days, we have been here almost 15 years, so most is done, once the hard landscaping is sorted closer to the house, it should mean nothing more big to do. How many times have I said that, the veg beds will keep my green fingers happy. 

I am less in the garden these days, I still manage to walk around most dry mornings, I don't have anything to do in the greenhouse, I mainly pick up the leaves blown around, they are too precious to leave rotting on the ground, our Magnolia tree still has leaves, these big ones need to be shredded before adding to dustbins.

Monday 13 November 2023


I have just finished my second sock, it was much easier to match the patterns, I did stop and think about matching as I started the first sock, and started at a defined spot in the colour pattern. I do like to see the patterns matching, I'm sure no one would notice if they did not match. BUT I would know. I have to sew the ends in, not to many, should not take long, I did enjoy using 3ply on this small project.
I have started with my blanket, this is DK yarn, I do knit loose and always use a smaller needle, but because this is a blanket, and I would like it warm and strong, I decided to use 3.5m needles, so the squares are smaller and dense, I'm not worried if they are not square, as long as they all look the same. It's a fun easy pattern, it directs you to knit each pattern in all the colour choices, rather than following the layout on the blanket, I am doing my third design. 
I got these tea towels in Dunelm, I love the fabric, they won't be used for drying dishes, I have an idea for the green one with Merry Christmas on, the other will go into my stash. I did see some lovely fabric Christmas tree ornaments when I was out, I might have a try at making some for myself.
In a devil may care moment I went online to look for 3ply sock yarn, I was very surprised not many sites have any selections, my local shop does not sell 3py. I found a site selling German sock yarn, which I like, I fell in love with the hand dyed blue colour, I was cross with myself as the purple is cotton, which I don't use for socks, I have a ball of white in my stash which is the same weight, I will have a think of how to use them. The 3rd colour is just shades I love. 

I have not done anymore to my needle felting, I have an issue, which once sorted I will post about, no desire to get my sewing machine out at the moment. I am not making my Christmas cards this year, I have everything I need to make them other than desire, I did get some nice packs back in January at half price, I can't see me making cards again, I have kept everything, I'm sure grandchildren as they get older will use what I have, if not the local school will get everything.

Friday we took the bus to our local hospital for a quick check up, afterwards we stayed on the bus and went into town, just a couple bits to get, we had lunch out and then back home for the afternoon. 

Saturday was sunny and bright, a line of laundry was done, hubby walked to the village for Remembrance service, I did a few things in the house and then outside picking up leaves, and a general check around of the garden, I have started to make a small wildlife pond, something I have wanted for ages, I need some plants, I will post when it's looks finished.

Sunday we had Molly for a visit, mummy took George to a party and Will slept over at Grandma's house, she is much better and was chatty the whole time, she was very putout because the patch of garden outside the patio doors was messy, we did not go out, she kept going to the glass door and telling Grancha it's messy sort it. We did see George but not for long, mummy had to get back for Will. Hubby baked loads, we still have lemon cake made a few days earlier, he made a blackberry and apple tart and a few mince pies, everything taste brilliant, he also made home made soup on Saturday, so loads of tasty things to eat. 

Friday 10 November 2023

Another week

On my desk these three pots of succulents are all doing well, the back triple pot have been grown in the greenhouse, I'm hoping they survive in here. The front two were tiny when I got them over two years ago, they have just been watered, so looking plump.
I have shown this Albuca sprialis frizzle sizzle many times, again plenty of new growth, I do love to have plants on my desk, it's a sunny spot. Behind is my new poppy, it's huge and catches the light, it's leaded glass and made locally. 
My thanksgiving cactus is getting busy again, loads of buds, I had a few flowers not so long ago, so I'm really happy to see it's about to bloom again, this sits on my bathroom window sill, a sunny spot, but not necessary a warm spot.  
Our beautiful acer, everyday the colour improves, I don't think it has ever looked this good, normally by now the tree should be bare, the warm wet autumn has ment its kept it leaves, and the colour is the best ever.

Wednesday was very wet, it rained all morning until mid afternoon, I worked for the morning in the craft shop, it's market day in the village, I think the weather kept all the people at home, Sarah got loads of paperwork done, which is the point of me working. Later I did more of my blanket squares, I am enjoying knitting them, but I must pick up my green cardigan again. Hubby did another trip to the tip, he had the wood which made up the smaller planter by our back door, he does love to see everywhere clean and tidy. 

Thursday a day at home, much needed housework was done, a neighbour popped in for coffee and a chat, and then knitting, I do live an exciting life, not! but I'm happy. Hubby made a delicious lemon drizzle cake, which will last us ages.

Christmas cakes have had their first drink of brandy, the house smelt of brandy, so I had to light a candle, can't have people thinking I am a morning drinker. George's book arrived and we are very pleased with it, he has a couple of other small items, all ready for his birthday soon. Everything is ticking along nicely, I had my annual blood test for my pre-diabetic check up, will have results next week.  

Thank you for all my birthday wishes, I am truly blessed with a loving family and great friends, and never forgetting my darling hubby, who after 39 years together, still makes me laugh and surprises me, and never runs away when I say 'I have and idea'.

Wednesday 8 November 2023

What's your......

.....number, mine is 68, yes on Tuesday I reached that number, I could happily let the day pass, but family and friends like to remind me I am another year older. When I think of my mum at 68, she was old, her outlook, her style, she was gently slowing down, not me, my age is a number, which I don't think about too much, these days we can do and be whoever we want. 

I would love to start reading this enormous book almost 1,000 pages, I am trying to wait for another wet day at home, where we can settle in and I can lose myself in her words, Robert Galbraith is the pseudonym for JK Rowling, of Harry Potter fame, and is the 7th book with Cormoran Strike, some have already been shown on TV. Hubby does know how to spoil me, this book with some small amounts of rovings, which you can never have enough shades.

Monday I had Molly for the afternoon, she has picked up an infection and did not go to nursery, mummy had an important meeting, trying to ensure George get the best local school for his start date next September. I was happy to sit and play with Molly, most of the time we read books, which pleases me, we are a family of book lovers.

Because my birthday was on a Tuesday, the sign group asked where I would like to go for coffee, I chose a big out of area garden centre with a Hobbycraft next door, hubby came with me, it was fun, I was more interesting in the plants rather than the Christmas stuff. I did not enter Hobbycraft, I find it far too expensive in there. Later we visited Will, George and Molly for birthday cake, 3 excited children, who all love birthday cake and cuddles. 

I do believe I was born at a good time, the 6th child of 9, a happy family, life was simple growing up in a village in Somerset in the mid 50's and 60's, in my later teen's 70's was another perfect time, great freedom accompanied with great music. The whole world has changed in my lifetime, and if I focus on around me, it been good changes, who would believe a little girl who had few dreams, could have such a fun life. there are things I still want to do, and plenty of wonderful memories. These days I am not so aware of all the changes, the need to keep up has diminished, I am happy to have my simple life with close family and friends, my world is smaller but still full of fun and laughter. 

Monday 6 November 2023

Autumn colours

Strawberries in November, I'd like to say this is unusual, but it happens most years, they won't get much bigger or ripen, but it's always nice to see flowers. My tower is in it's temporary home beside the garage at the end of the path, it's in our way, but once everything is sorted, it will go to it's final home, sad fact is as yet I have no idea where to put it, best spot is next to the fence where we have had rats come into our garden, so not there. 
I always think the blueberry bushes are stunning at this time of year, the leaves always give so much colour, there are two plants in here, they fruit one early and one later, giving us a longer season, and no glut. I have cut back a third of the plant, all old wood, the berries grow an second years growth. 
I love this trio of acers, they work well here, each plant has a different colour leaf, they are inter wound together, and makes a wonderful display, this spot suits them very well, sunshine up to mid afternoon, and total shade from the wind. Next spring I will trim them back in hope I can keep them in this spot for longer, they all grow at about the same rate. 
This small tree is amazing, it's years old, it was a twig when I purchased it, now it's almost to the top of the 6 foot fence, I love the way it has branches and leaves to the very bottom, this photo does not show all the true shades of red and green, when the breeze moves the leaves it's breathtaking. This marks the end of our garden and the start of the paving along the boundary fence, we love seeing this area from the sitting room. 

The garden is looking good for November, I'm picking up leaves most days, nothing much else to do. The veg beds are doing good, I cut back the gladiola leaves from the flower bed in front, so now we can see through to the veg beds, I am loving the view from the house. Most of my beds are too small for summer and winter plants, but I'm happy to see the garden in it's sleep mode. 

Friday we popped to Dunelm, we needed a new kitchen bin, hated the cheap ones, others were very expensive, so hubby agreed to look online, we got a nice small suitcase for me, we have two weekends away soon. Went into Home bargains and found a perfect kitchen bin at a price we liked, also got the last bits off my Christmas list. I passed by all the decorations, some are beautiful, but not needed.

Saturday, hubby was home alone, so loads of laundry was done, the day was bright and breezy, and sudden heavy storms, hubby made the first batch of mince pies, a real treat. I went to our local craft shop to work, just 9am to 4pm, longer than I will normally work as Liz was off. I loved interacting with the ladies in the shop, swapping idea's and generally being helpful, the time passed very quickly. Later watching Strictly whilst knitting more of my sock.

Sunday I got up a bit later, had a lazy start to the day, it was sunny and breezy, so late morning I went outside, I needed to support my broad beans, the heavy rain was beating them down, I have popped in extra supports in hope they say upright. I also dug out the tiny bed by our back door, the fuchsia's are still in bloom, but I did need to get them into the huge tub, all the spare soil from the bed I put on the side bed. It was cold outside, but nice to have sunshine, I have now finished all the jobs ready for the paving to be done later this month. 


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