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Monday 22 January 2018

Yellow, Red and White

Lots of colour in our sitting room
 Love this vibrant red
 Still busy with my hook, 
Nothing much is happening here, it rained all day yesterday and again this morning it's grey and still raining. With all the different bad weather around the country I should not moan, but cold wet rain, it's horrible.
I'm really please with my inside bulbs they are cheering up all dullness of this time of year.
Saturday hubby wanted to go to the shops,
Dunelm, we need new quilt covers and I have to use 100% cotton, we looked and passed on everything in their sale. I will wait until I get a 25% off M&S, I have seen lovely white duvet set.
Halfords, he got the stand for his bike, and a couple of light sets.
Homebargains, just got the tissues, scourers and a pack of teabags (on offer)
B&Q, this is a dangerous shop for us both, had a wonder around, got the new floor strip which is what we went in for, nothing else. 
We went to our friends 50th anniversary do, we did not know many people and did not stay too late, we did enjoy the music played, it was 50's, 60's and 70's.
Sunday we spent time with Will, it was nice to be at his house with his toys. Mummy was on a boot camp weekend and daddy had a problem with work, he was working from his home office, so we kept Will happy. I have almost finished his blanket.
I have checked my steps for last week, I did a total of 56264, 8037 steps per day, I'm getting there, lost a couple of pounds as well, so not everything is bad here. 


  1. Your steps are good considering the weather we have had. I did a short walk in the morning yesterday, was just getting ready to go on another when we had heavy fleet for 3 hours solid. I didn't bother.

  2. I am not counting my steps now but add a little more distance to the walks every day. I am hooking away intermittently on another lap blanket but there is a pair of socks on the needles and my cardigan to finish. I miss having bulbs indoors, I will make sure to have them for next year.

  3. Love the colours of the flowers ...

    All the best Jan

  4. Good for you and your steps. The bug has slowed me down quite a bit. I love all the pretty blooming plants!

  5. My Amaryllis is just starting to open, I dont think its red though it could surprise me yet.

  6. Well done on the steps Marlene, that's a great amount each day.



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