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Friday 12 January 2018

Planning ahead

We popped to town on Thursday morning
I could not get Calendula seeds in last September sales.
I should not require any more seeds, I have added this to my stash list. 
 These lights were reduced to £5.99, they are for the top of our stairs, which is always a dark corner, they can be set to come on the same time each day, stay on for a while and turn themselves off.
 I need a notebook for my sign language classes next week. 
£2.50 in Wilko's 
Our Christmas cake is going down well, it is lasting better than previous years. 
We were both very good whilst in town, we looked in Clark's shoe sale and agreed we did not require anything. We popped into Next to get shoes for Will, on the way out I saw a perfect for me jumper at £25, not a bad price, but decided I did not require it. In Wilko's they had loads of heavily reduced Christmas stock, I did have a look, all I got was a couple packs of money gift cards, down to 25p each pack.
We went to our library for baby Rhyme time, Will loves it, we did stop at their cafe and have coffee and a toasted sandwich, a nice treat at a good price.
Thank you for your lovely comments on Will being so cute, it was not so long ago it was Sam in all the cute photo's, how quickly they grow up.
I did get an hour with a friend, a practice run for next weeks sign language class, I now know a few key words.
I have done more to my blanket, I'm pleased how quick it grows, I am thinking of doing another one in shades of blue, I use 4ply wool as I like the lighter feel to it. I did go on line and purchase three shades of blue and a white, I have ordered 150g of each, enough to make a nice blanket, bigger than the one I am making.
Today we are sorting our small attic, we have stuff in the back corner which has been in there since we moved in, we hope we can get rid of stuff and make a bit of space, plus I would like my sewing boxes (I have two) back out, so I can use more of my stash.
I am pleased to see plastic so high in the news, the more people who interact with this issue, the quicker we get to the solution. If we all do our little bit, we can make changes, we may only have little voices, but together we can make a huge noise. We have both noticed our two refuse bins (1 x waste & 1 x recycling) on bin days are now only half full, not so long ago both would be full we would be squashing in stuff.


  1. I had a book of sign language once and learned the alphabet so the Cub Scouts where I was Akela could do their names. I wonder if any of them remember 35 years on?
    Love the sign for cat!

  2. I woud love to see old fashioned brown paper bags in supermarkets for loose veg that needs bagging. You often get them for mushrooms, so why not everything else?

  3. I'm glad plastic is on the government agenda too. In Europe people get paid for recycling plastic bottles and tins. Children/adults could earn money keeping our streets clean!

  4. Enjoy your new sign language class.

  5. Good for you taking the sign language class. I am getting much better at saying that I don't need something I see at a store than I used to be. We took a good load to Good Will this week!



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