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Saturday 13 January 2018

Blooming marvelous

The day after placing my wool order it arrived
I love this shade mix
 Amaryllis time again
 Hyacinth's doing well for the 1st time
 This spot is so full of hope
I am really amazed on the service for my wool order from Wool Warehouse, I have purchased from them before, I placed the order at 2.30pm and received the wool next day.
My Amaryllis is beginning to flower, the stems and buds are not as big as I have had before, I love these huge blooms. The Hyacinths, are a nice height, now I just need buds to form. Flowers from bulbs at this time of year is always a bonus.
We sorted our small attic on Friday morning, it took ages and we have recycled loads of empty boxes, many items had been taken to our local charity shop in previous sort outs around the house. Our attic is only tiny, as our bedroom extension has taken most of the space, it's is very easy to get into from a door in our bedroom, so we use this space for storing all the extra household items purchased at bargain prices. I can now get to my fabric stash, I have one box full of old pairs of jeans, ready for me to make new items, my brother would like a couple of big cushion covers.
I have decided not to read this month, it's not an easy decision to make, I am a book worm, but I am using my reading time to do other things, starting different crafts.
This morning we have sunshine, first in days, we do not have much to do, a quiet day at home, later we are out to friends house, they are having a eat all the Christmas leftovers party, sounds good fun, we have a couple of things to take.


  1. I love the idea of an Eat All The Christmas Leftovers Party. I've used Wool Warehouse on many occasions, they give such great service and the yarn is competitively priced. I got an amaryllis for Christmas but I haven't started it off yet, perhaps I'll get round to it this weekend.

  2. I knew whenever I saw the pretty bag in the photo where you had bought the yarn from. I love Drops yarn-it’s luscious to the touch. Colours are just my style and I’ll look forward to seeing your work. As you say, The service is great from Wool Warehouse. Catriona

  3. Another Wool Warehouse fan here. Love the colours.

  4. Will the "not reading time" give you an oppportunity for popping out for coffee in the van ? 😊 🚐

  5. I've always had good service from Wool Warehouse. Love your colour choice.
    Enjoy the 'leftover' party

  6. I keep thinking I would love to have a go at crotchet but when I visit a woolshop I am absolutely lost - I just see a sea of yarn and have no idea what the difference is with it all - so never get any further!
    So far this year I have only made 2 cards - at least I have made a start. It is a good idea of yours to trade your reading time for crafting. Looking forward to seeing what you make.

  7. I had my first ever amaryllis bought for Christmas, I planted it up straight away and it's sprouting.

  8. Ooooooonow then, I have vowed NOT to buy anymore wool until I've emptied at least one box full of my stash.....yet your haul from the wool warehouse is making me want to go look see....and we know where my look sees end up!! Yep. In a basket, checkout and home!!

  9. Love the plants, apart from some hyacinths, that I rescued from the garden, I missed out on indoor bulbs altogether this year. I am a great fan of wool Warehouse and use Drops for lots of my knitting and crochet. Their service is second to none and the bags make wonderful gift bags for the finished projects.

  10. Beautiful yarn colors, reminds me of a lake or a summer storm.



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