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Friday 5 January 2018

Little steps

We had a great time in Somerset
Loads of cuddles from Logan and Finn
Back home my bulbs are growing 
 My Christmas flowers are still looking good, I expected these to been past their best by now.
All our decorations have been packed away, it took most of yesterday, I was considering leaving out my silk greenery, it's OK to leave greenery out until candlemass day in early February, but the thought of getting boxes back out to pack them all away, too much effort.
The past few days have been a blurr, I have succumbed to the flu virus going around, so I am existing in a fog, with headache and nasty sore throat, I would love a full nights sleep. I have done nothing, the house needs a tidy, but at this point it can wait.
I am posting this from my phone, I have not turned my computer on for days, another sign I'm not well.
On another happy topic, mummy has sent us video of Will taking a few steps, I could not upload to show, so now our fun begins.


  1. Our Florence is walking well now, haven't seen her for weeks due to Col having to avoid small and large people with colds.
    Hope you shift that flu thing soon

  2. So sorry to hear you have this current bug, if the media reports are to even be half believed then this winter's flu bug is a particuarly nasty one.

    Here's wishing you both a wonderful 2018 with lots of laughs and trips in the 'van 🙂 Sorry I missed commenting on a few of your posts in December - things were a bit overwhelming here.

  3. It's a nasty one... look after yourself. Jx

  4. Get well soon -it seems to be doing the rounds - have managed to avoid it so far.

  5. Oh my that bug is no fun! It hit me twice. Once in November and it liked me so much it got me again in December! Praying for you.

  6. Great family photos with the boys. A lot is going around now, I hope you feel much better soon. Get as much rest as you can.

  7. You'll need eyes in the back of your head now that Will's on the move. How lovely that you managed to catch up with more of your grandchildren, it sounds like you've had a lovely trip away but sorry to hear you've picked up that nasty bug on your travels, I hope you're feeling better soon.

  8. Get well wishes coming your way, its a nasty bug this flu thing. Sad to say i'm 3 weeks in and its still hanging about :-(
    Well done Will on his first few steps, interesting times ahead.

  9. I'm getting tired of the buzziness of the Christmas decorations up BUT, have card club at my house on Friday afternoon and want to leave it up until then . . maybe take stockings down.

    Then, when we put it away the house will look so clean :)



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