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Wednesday 24 January 2018


Ordered late of Friday, arrived on Tuesday
 I fancied to use some pale wool and got 3 balls of each colour 
 This is for a ripple blanket
It's like looking at spring, I chose this brand of wool, only because they had the largest selection of pale colours, Patons Baby smiles, 4ply, 100% Acrylic, it also was a decent price, I love doing crochet with 4ply, it feels better in my hands. I now have to decide the order of these colours. I have 3 x 50g balls of each colour, my hope is to have a beautiful blanket when it's finished. I have added the cost to my stash list for this month.
Monday the day improved and we had a sunny afternoon, so I managed a lovely walk. Tuesday after sign language class it was still dull and wet, but I did manage to get out for a small walk.
I did sew in all the ends on Will's blanket, once I got going it was not so bad, I used a small latch hook (just like the ones used for making rugs) much nicer than threading needles all the time.
I have been on youtube looking at ripple blanket video's, I have decided on my patteren, made a small test run, and worked out how many stitches to an inch, all I have to do is decide what size, it won't be full size as I'm not up to that challenge yet.
On Tuesday I was a bit of an idiot and deleted a couple of comments instead of saving them, I always love to read your comments and would never knowingly delete any, so if your comment is missing, I am sorry.


  1. Perhaps 2018 will be the year I learn to crochet. The colours of the wool are very gentle and go well together.

  2. I am a "brights" lover but those pastels are stunning together. Once I have used a bit more of the stash I will have to look for a suitable project for softer shades. It can not be a blanket though as we have more than enough to store now.

  3. Pretty pale colours. I'm going to enjoy watching your ripple come to life with these as the days grow longer.

  4. Those are wonderful colors for Spring. I look forward to seeing what you do with them! I have done that too with comments. My DH says my fingers work too fast at times!

  5. Love the soft colours of the yarn, you will have to say what it's like to work with, I never know what to go for when looking on line and the wool shops around here don't always stock a good variety.

  6. That is so very pretty, ice cream colours:) Look forward to seeing what you create.

  7. Such pretty colours of yarn! It looks wonderfully soft....looking forward to seeing what your blanket looks like!

  8. I always wondered, when you used the word wool, if you meant Wool. Now I know . . generic term for yarn . . cool. If I use actual wool my hands dry out and are o sore.

    1. I was curious about this too! Learned something new today.



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