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Tuesday 9 January 2018

Busy Bee

I would love to show you lots of lovely things I have been making or reading, but as the bugs have not completely gone away, I have done no craft and as yet I have not picked a book to  read.
 I am not completely lazy, following on from my last post I have been cleaning. In our dining room we have four display units, I have emptied three and cleaned them and the contents, just one to do today. It was rewarding to do the unit with all our glasses in, they sparkle now.
I have also cleaned both the light fittings in the dining and sitting room, today I have more to do, I want to clean the dining room table and chairs, it's crazy where the dust gets into, part of the problem with an open plan house. The last task is to steam clean my wooden floors, which are not to bad, I steam them most weeks, having two cats and a baby grandson makes clean floors a must.
Tomorrow if it is dry I will clean all the windows inside and out, and do the downstairs bath room. Our office and spare bedroom are both clean and tidy, so I don't need to do extra in there. I will do a deep clean of the kitchen next week.
Our master bedroom and shower room are next on our decoration list hubby is looking for a new shower doors to go on existing base, and he's looking at boards to replace the tiles, like you see in hotels, both of us like the idea of no tiles in our shower cubicle.
Will was over for a while yesterday, we had loads of fun, he can now move the stool to in front of a chair and climb on the chair, which is OK if he sit's down. He also plays a great game with our cat Purdy, Purdy will walk all around the walls in our sitting room  with Will following him, she allows him a quick pat and then moves on, Will loves this game and shouts 'AT' after her. Grace stays in her basket sleeping, once Purdy has had enough she goes in her basket. Both the cat's baskets are where Will can get to, but as he gets close we say they are sleeping and almost every time he will leave them alone.
We popped to Garson's garden center on Sunday, they sell over the Christmas period Butlers hot drinking chocolate, so I got a couple of packs to keep us going. I did look around the sale both Christmas and garden, there was nothing I wanted in each section, I did get two small fake wax candles at half price, a total of £2.50, hubby was amazed and I was rather pleased with myself.


  1. There is always something to do cleaning wise isn't there. I do love having a good cleaning session though, i feel so much better when everything is nice and clean :-)
    I wanted those boards in our new shower room but DH wouldn't let me have them, he said that eventually the moisture seeps behind them no matter how much they are sealed, (he does re-furbs and has seen some of the damage caused), so we are having tiles which should be here this week, i have told him there will be shower spray and he WILL clean up after himself, lol

  2. Gosh, you have been busy, I love our steam cleaner although I probably don't use it as often as I should :)

  3. I find cleaning therapeutic especially when I can going open all the doors and windows.

  4. I think it's that cleaning time of year. I have started on my kitchen. Will is so cute!

  5. I'm worn out just treading what you've been up to.
    Will looks adorable sitting in the big chair.

  6. I am quite eager to get down to a good clean now all the decorations are down and put away. I have a big cabinet in the dining room that needs doing soon - I love seeing all the glassware gleaming too.
    Isn't Will just gorgeous.



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