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Saturday 27 January 2018

New start

My test strip
this gives me the information I require to know how many chains to cast on.
24 chains = 11cm
 240 chains = 110cm or 43 inches
 Just started my 5th shade
 I followed advice and tucked my ends in for neatness
 It looks tidy. 
I followed a video from Bella Coco for me this was the clearest video, I could see her hands and hook and the sound was good. Using the double crochet was good for me as it's the same stitch as I was using for my granny blanket.
I did a test strip as I had no idea how many chains I would require, I did know the width I wanted, depending on how far the wool makes up, this has two possibilities, I would like a blanket for my lap, but it could be a cot blanket to be used here when Will sleeps over.
I took care casting on 240 chains, and on the first row, but I noticed on the second row two tiny errors, both I was able to correct without unpicking, neither was in the front of the blanket.
Each row feels really long to me, but the design is simple enough to do whilst hubby has TV on.
The shade are beautiful, very pale, but the yarn is 100% Acrylic, so keeping it clean won't be a problem.
Paula made a comment regarding the wool I am using, most of the yarns are not in fact wool, I have a allergy to lanolin, so I do not use wool, in my last projects I have used, alpaca silk, 100% cotton, and Acrylic, so bear with me when I say 'wool'.


  1. Love the colours and the wavy design. You are clever.

  2. Beautiful colours, Marlene. It will look so lovely when it's done, whether it's for you or for Will.

  3. I shall have a look at your video. I love all the Attic 24-inspired blankets I see around blogworld but have no idea and less ability . . .

  4. The ripple pattern soon embeds itself into the brain and then it is lovely telly hooking, changing colours will help it to move along a bit quicker. I am aching to do the crochet along with Lucy at Attic 24 but can not house another blanket.

  5. I'm on a ripple blanket at the moment. They are so satisfying to work.

  6. Very delicate looking and pretty.

  7. It's gorgeous and I might check out that video. I always call it 'wool', can't bring myself to use the word yarn.



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