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Wednesday 17 January 2018


No snow here, but at 9.15am still just below freezing
 We have a lovely blue sky, but it's so cold
Typical winter day, we often miss all the snow, it does not take much to bring us to a stand still so we are happy to be snow free. It is really nice not to be out early in the mornings, my plan is a day at home. 
 I have two flowers forming
 This is finished, it was never going to be huge. 
 I love all the neat patterns, the colours remind me of heather's. 
 The final row is navy, I have stitched in all the navy ends for the colour change, the random I did not cut, it only had one level so I could keep it neat. 
 Will's blanket is giving me loads of ends, 
I use a hook and thread them along my work. 
I popped to my greenhouse and covered some of my tender plants last night, I do not heat in there, but it is in the most sunny spot in the garden, everything looked good when I checked this morning.
Sign language class was good yesterday, I was pleased I had already learnt the alphabet, numbers and a few greetings, we covered colours, some I already knew, we had to list a colour, add an object and two descriptive words, RED-CAR-YOURS/MINE, plus we had to add facial expressions, after class we shared lunch, there are seven ladies in the class and we take in turns proving the lunch. I am looking forward to going back next week, my friend Chris and I will get together to practice later this week.
I sat and finished my blanket last night, Grace my cat sits on my lap, so I was jiggling the blanket to keep it away from her, she does not attack my wool, so whilst a bit slower is was good, both the cat and the blanket kept me warm. 
I'm off got my kitchen cabinet tops to clean, not a great job, but once it is done I can relax and do some fun things.


  1. This is the perfect weather for making thick woolly blankets. Lovely colours! Jx

  2. Lovely crochet -you are very speedy. We solved the problem of the space above the cabinets By DH boxing them to the ceiling and putting coving round just like the rest of the kitchen. It looks great and most importantly it does not become the receptacle for all thing odd and useless. ( This is what happened before) snowy here again today so I’ve been faffing about trying out some ideas for my craft classes. Catriona

  3. We missed the snow too. The blankets are lovely.

  4. The blankets are lovely, so neat and pretty. I rarely do multicolour ones as I hate dealing with all the ends!

  5. Plenty of snow here - could make good use of your lovely blankets - I have a few throws handy by the sofa to wrap around my legs at the moment so we don't have to have the heat going all the time.

  6. Brr! that is cold. We are like you, rarely real cold here. Glad the plants in the green house are ok. Will's blanket is lovely. I wonder if he will get very attached to it. My sweet little grandson had his blue blanket when he was a little guy.

  7. Your blankets are beautiful. Is the top one for the house or your van?

  8. Hope you are keeping warm. Our temperature finally got warm enough for a soft rain all night. All of our snow is about gone.



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