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Tuesday 16 January 2018

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I love these colours
 This is almost there
 It's just so pretty, I used up all the yarn, but still felt the blanket was a bit small, so I ordered another two balls, I have just one more set of three rows of random to add plus the final navy row. This was never going to be huge, I want to have it for Will to use in the garden this summer. 
 Will's blanket, using Drops 4 ply
 Lovely colours, neat rows
 Whilst waiting for the extra yarn to arrive ( it came again next day delivery) I started this blanket, just placing the colours in a typical design, the yarn feels lovely, this is going to be cot blanket.
Amaryllis is opening, because this was not in a box, 
I have no idea what the flower will look like. 
We had a wonderful evening on Saturday, it was more of a wine and Cheese party, as most of us had loads of cheese left over. For me it was a joy, hubby is allergic to cheese and can not eat any types,  I love cheese, but I only ever get one type at a time, so to have a mixture was pure pleasure, there were Pate's for hubby. We left just after 11pm, and walked around the block, it was a cold clear night, and was fun to be in our park in the dark.
Last week I did a total of 46,213 steps, which averaged to 6,601 steps per day, much better than before, but still some way to go, but as I said before this is about small targets, I am happy with the progress.
Yesterday I spent with daughter and Will, we popped to Southampton and then on to our local out of town, Whitley, where we had lunch at M&S. I purchased a note book and a couple things for Will's first birthday party, daughter drove, so a cheap day for me.
This morning is sign language, we have lunch together, so I will be back home early afternoon, in time for a lovely walk.
Tomorrow, I have to be home all day, we have a couple of things being delivered, so I plan to do the kitchen, I want to clean the top of the cupboards, this is the first kitchen where our cupboards do not go to the ceiling, a planning error on our part. It's been a while, so I am expecting a messy job, one of those jobs when you are happy when it's done.
On a final note, we spent the last of our points on our Co-op card on Monday, so the next shopping we need will cost us money. We are still only buying bread, milk, fruit and veg. 


  1. The blanket's lovely, such pretty colours. Oh your poor hubby being allergic to cheese, I can't imagine not being able to eat cheese, I love it. Your evening out sounds lovely.

  2. Love the crochet blankets.

    Yes I know what you mean about cleaning tops of cupboards. After the first clean, and because you cannot see the edges of the cupboards because of the ornamental decorative bit (it has a proper name cannot remember it) I lay newspaper down, so now only have to change the paper.

    Julie xxxxx

  3. These blankets are so pretty and cosy looking. I remember my great gran knitting them when I was little. There are still one or two left around the family.

  4. I like a crochet blanket for telly watching my feet get chilly quite quickly if I sit still. I put Christmas wrapping paper on the top of my cupboards, a few rolls in the January sales cost me £1 and last the whole year, and more.
    A horrible job to clean them, I just did that in a rental house and it was disgusting.

  5. As you say the colours are lovely. I live the blue one too.

  6. Your crochet blankets are really pretty. Hope you are keeping you warm in this cold weather while making them.

  7. I agree, the colors are delightful. I was going gang busters cleaning my kitchen then the nasty virus hit. A temporary stop to my cleaning mission!

  8. Your blankets look warm and colourful, Marlene. I don't know how to crochet but the lady who lives across the road from me does beautiful crochet work. I always think I'll ask her to teach me and then I pick up my knitting needles again! Meg:)



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