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Wednesday 10 January 2018


No housework today, so I made myself a treat.
 I started a simple project
This is almost one ball of the random
 These are from my stash, I have
5 x Adriafil and 2 x Drops
 A close up of each corner, the effect is really good
I am good at making granny squares, but this year I want to improve on my crochet skills, so I thought I would make this tiny blanket, which I can use in Will's cot. I do like the plain blue every fourth row, it adds to the design. Once I am happy with my hook skills, I want to try and follow a couple of simple patterns. It would be nice to be able to make some of the beautiful designs I see everywhere.
I have no plans for today, daughter will bring Will over soon, we are planning his 1st birthday party, the theme will be Peter Rabbit, which was my daughter favorite whilst she was growing up, she still has all her PR stuff.
I do need to pop out for bread, milk and veg, but it's lovely and sunny here, so we can take Will via the park. Which will all add to my steps, which daily are rising, so I am feeling positive, working towards my January goals. I am also thinking about my February goals, my aim is to add one more personal goal.


  1. My goal for this year is to learn to crochet. I've tried youtube but n't do it.

  2. Very pretty, that will make a lovely little blanket. Two chain and a treble is the complete extent of my crocheting ability - I am very impressed that's you can follow patterns.

  3. I love the colours on your blanket...what great colour choices. Your little treat looks delicious too :)

  4. Lovely work. I cannot crochet at all despite various friends trying to teach me. Enjoy your walk-it’s dreich here today so I am decluttering today again. Catriona

  5. Oh I do so much want to learn to crotchet - I must make it one of my goals.

  6. Pretty crochet, the plain blue certainly is good inbetween.

  7. Those colors are very nice in the grannies! Your treat looks good!

  8. Oh beautiful granny squares! I can crochet a couple simple stitches, barely. Good work keeping on with your goals as well!



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