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Thursday 18 January 2018


Will had his first messy play day
mummy and daddy sent us this photo
his face says how much he enjoyed it
 Flowers on my Hyacinth
 For the first time I have some height on these
 Amaryllis flower
 Perfectly formed
 Ready to burst into colour
My indoor bulbs are doing well, as are the bulbs in the garden, I walked around our tiny plot this morning just to check we had no issues, and found loads of bulbs coming up, snakes head fritillary, crocus, daffodils, my helleborus has new buds.
Our fence on our strange neighbours side is again very wobbly, I did expect it to break last night. It was replaced a few years ago, all our other neighbours have lower fences, so the wind builds up along their gardens and always hits the same spot. Hubby could go out and probably save the fence, but as our neighbours are so horrible and sent us a solicitors letter saying the fence is theirs, it shows on our deeds as ours, and we had the receipt for the previous owner for the installation. We leave it alone, last time we agreed to pay half of the cost to replace the broken bits. But everything else in the garden is good, I am itching to be outside, but it's just far to early.
Yesterday I cleaned the top of my kitchen cabinet's, I hang my head in shame, it was hard going, I also did all the top of the tiles around the kitchen, plus the top of the fridge freezer and boiler. I was shattered by the afternoon, I have put paper on top of each cabinet so next time it should be easier, but I won't leave it so long next time. I spent loads of time doing more to Will's blanket.
This morning I gave to the floors a steam clean, the rest of the day is cleaning free. Later we have Will for a couple of hours, and my friend Chris is popping in for so sign language practice.
I hope you are warm and comfortable, winter is finally here in UK.


  1. So sorry to read about your fence situation, sh*tty neighbours seem to be endemic these days.

    Love the picture of Will, he looks completely unaware of the state of his face!

  2. We replaced our neighbours fencing after seeking permission from them. They were great. Their boundary our fence! All in writing. Will looks like he's had a wonderful time.

  3. Will's photo is just adorable. Looks like he had a great time!!

  4. We're lucky enough to have some really nice neighbours at the moment.. but we had a very 'difficult man' on one side before so I know how you're feeling. Jx

  5. Oh, the photo of Will made me smile, bless him, he looks like he certainly enjoyed himself. It won't be long now until your amaryllis bursts into bloom, they're such showy flowers, they really make a statement. We've got a couple of damaged fence panels because of the high wind this week. I think Mick is going to try and salvage them but I'm not sure how long they'll last.

  6. Will must have had a wonderful time. His photo made me smile!
    Pity about the horrible neighbour, what a fuss he makes about a bit of fencing. He would make me very cross, I just hope the fence holds for your sake x
    BTW your bulbs are beautiful. Spring is on the way soon :)

  7. Will certainly looks like he had a fun time.

  8. That look on Wils' face sure shows he had a LOT of fun!



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