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Wednesday 31 January 2018

January summery.

New year new start
I have no plans to save money, this is the 4th year I am keeping this list. Each year so far I have spent less than the year before, but last year I hardly purchased any cross stitch items. 

 This might be interesting
I do  not have a budget for any of these things, but I thought I would like to see how much I do spend on myself, I am hoping to keep it low, I have loads of clothes and shoes so it's not my plan to purchase much this year. The books purchased were both note books. Household is stuff I buy because I want the item, nothing personal, just things for around our home.

I have not told hubby about the second list, it's just for me, he's not interested in my blog, so won't read this. We do not used budgets, we have a the same amount each month after the bill money is set aside, we do not overspend on our income, and we try and save a small amount each month. This works for us and allows us to purchase items when on special, avoiding paying full price and loads of items. Our spending went crazy as hubby required a new tire for his motorbike (expensive) and my car had two new tire's ready for it's upcoming MOT, the motorbike cost were unexpected, but you can't put a price on safety.

Little ticks, went well for me last month, my steps are up, we did not use our bikes as much as we wanted, but that was due to the many days of rain we had and problems with my back. In February we are again looking at portion sizes, they have crept up again, I am terrible and won't leave food on my plate, so hubby is now calling me to serve my own meals. I wanted to do more but sense tells me to rest my back.
I did spring clean the downstairs rooms, which is a great job once done. Later in February I want to do our bedroom and bathroom, I am going to try once more to clean the shower tiles. They were bad when we moved in and I have scrubbed them often, this time we are going to try and replace the grout and the silicon seals, it could save us a lot of money.

We have been doing really well on plastics, we have focused on one use plastics, to be honest we have eliminated loads. We still have plastic items in our home, I can't see the point to replace containers, we will use them for years to come,  but anything new required will not be plastic. I saw on Pam's blog she has made cotton bread bags, good idea, I have cotton in my stash. We are trying to reduce our use of plastic bags and cling film, hubby loves both.
This post whilst not exciting, is my part of my record for this year, I will post on the above topics end of each month.


  1. Good luck with your plans for the year Marlene.
    I think everyone is trying hard to be better with less spending and wastage.
    I'm doing a stash de-clutter, taking out things that have been there for so long and will never get used. There are two craft groups locally that I attend and some lades are seniors so will benefit from the donations and save pennies themselves whilst enjoying doing a craft they love.

  2. That's a good idea starting the Spring cleaning especially when it is too cold and wet to be outside. I agree there is no point throwing out the plastic containers that you already had. Single use items are the ones to reduce. Sarah x

  3. I would say you have done very well. I always start my Spring cleaning in Jan. with the kitchen. I like to have it finished by the time we can be outside.

  4. I keep a note of all spending too.



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