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Monday 29 January 2018

Shopping and planting

Summer colour, from Wilko's 
 Perfect for pots in the garden
from TKMax, at £19.99 a bargain. 
Also at TKMax, I have been looking for a garden jar for ages,  I love the bottom of this, it sits in the wooden base and will hide most of the soil level.
All of the above items have been added to my stash list, on the gardening section, expensive start to year. I loved the three tier stand, it was in the kitchen section, but just too big, hubby said it would look good in the garden, so I will plant 3 levels of French marigolds, and place it on the decking where he will be able to see it. I have clay pots for the two higher sections.
The glass pot, I have created a succulent/cacti garden, it look good all planted up.
We also purchased two white linen quilt sets, both matching white, both perfect and at £29.99 more than half price of any others we have seen.
This morning I hope to be in the greenhouse for an hour, I have sweetpea seeds to plant in deep pots, these will sit in my greenhouse on a sunny spot.  Aquilagia  and coleus seeds for the propagator, which will sit on my office windowsill. The plants I purchased above I will put into pots and once they have started to grow, I can place them in my garden, hopefully other plants will be showing and I can judge where the bare patches are. The rest of my seeds can wait until later in February, I want good quality seedlings and not leggy ones.
I have hurt my lower back, I don't know how, it's one of those things, I don't normally suffer with my back, the pain started again on Sunday, we had Will over night on Friday, but he was back with mummy and daddy by Saturday lunchtime. I ensure when picking up Will I do not twist or over stretch my back, I did have pain earlier in the week but it went away, it does make doing certain things impossible.
My steps dropped last week, due to wet days and problems with my back, I did 52,865, which is 7552 per day, I had a good start of the week, which helped me almost meet my target, but yesterday I was just not up to walking.


  1. I feeling much better and hoping to increase my steps too. The succulent jar us lovely. My spinach and lettuce seedlings are doing well.

  2. Nice to think that things will be growing soon. We have so much rain, I'm afraid everything is going to drown.

  3. It's so exciting seeing all the gardening paraphernalia coming back into the shops, it'll be full on sowing season soon. I love the things you picked up in TK Maxx, the three tier planter will look fabulous and I like how you've planted up the jar. Hope your back improves soon.

  4. The 3 tier planter is lovely, perfect idea for it you have too.
    Great bulbs you chose, my aunt has a pathway lined with nerines and they look so lovely when in bloom.
    Hope your back soon eases.

  5. Hope your back pain eases soon, I can certainly empathise with you on that one. Love all your garden purchases, I am hoping this year I will finally get into gardening as I am hoping to have more time to devote to it from March. Take it easy.



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