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Tuesday 23 January 2018

Second finish of the year

Crochet finished, it's a good size for a cot.
 Daughter requested the colours, I chose the shades. 
 Both together, using different 4ply yarn
 Both are really pretty
 I still have loads of ends to stitch in
I am really pleased with Will's blanket, it is a good size for his cot. The Drops, You is 100% cotton, which is thicker, but feels right for this blanket, it works up well, the navy did separate often, but with a little bit more care, I did not have a huge problem. I just have those pesky ends to weave in, because of the colour formation, I found it easier to cut off each colour at the end of the row.
My blanket is for use here at home, it will be good for on the lawn this summer when Will is playing, I am sure it will find load more uses.
Now on to my next project. 
Under test conditions Wills blanket works.


  1. Lovely blanket, love the colours :-)

  2. Congratulations :) Finishes are always a good feeling. x

  3. Two nice blankets, your tester seems to approve of its comfortableness (is that a word?)

  4. What a cute photo of Will and his blanket!! You are a good grandma!



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