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Saturday 20 January 2018

At the bottom of the garden

8am yesterday morning, loads of frost
I keep the pot on my table covered through the winter and rainy days, the pot does not have drainage, my succulent tower (blue pots) drains well and have survived a couple of winters outside.  
 Early afternoon, warm enough for the window to be open,
 My nasties all inside, they don't mind the cold, but they hate the wet.
On the side back staging, they do not need the sunshine.
 I have loads on new Violet plants for my garden
all grown from cuttings, catching all the sunshine.
 I purchased 1 reduced plant for £2 from B&Q last September, I love Nemesias, I separated these, knowing they grow back each year, they will be very strong for spring planting. These are on my raised garden at the back of my greenhouse. 
 Geraniums, not their best, but I will cut them back soon
the cutting should make new plants.
These are on the front side catching any sunshine.
 I love this shelf on my potting bench, 
I can see it from my sitting room chair, the light are solar so they shine at night.
I check my greenhouse most mornings, I do not have heat inside, at this time of year it is a holding place for plants not able to winter outside. It's in a great position, really sunny spot, our Magnolia tree does cast a shadow  in the morning, but this time of year without leaves does not cause an issue and in the summer when in full leaf it helps with shade for a while each day.
My bulbs inside are now flowering, I also go some cut daffodils on a yellow sticker reduced buy 1/3 of marked price, I do love daffodils at this time of year. We also got all our fresh fruit at reduced prices, last year we stopped purchasing bananas, both hubby and I love them and ate them each day, now we buy loads of different fruit and enjoy the mixture.
Will was fun yesterday, he ate plums for the first time, we made him a mixed fruit salad for his lunch, plum, grapes, kiwi and a tiny bit of apple. We also got out the ball pit we have got for the garden, it is huge but he loved playing with the balls, I got the balls free second hand, but have too many so I will pass on half.
I am doing well with Will's crochet blanket, I love the snug feeling each evening whilst I add rows, I hope to finish it soon, I am planning to try a ripple blanket next, it will be nice to do a different design.
No plans for today, we do need a long walk, it is dull outside, but dry, so we should go soon before the promised rain arrives. Still no snow thank goodness. 


  1. I intend using my greenhouse a lot more during the colder months than I have been doing. But I do use my conservatory as soon as I can, normally beginning of March. I'm trying some lettuce and spinach at the moment.

  2. It's nice to be outside but inside the greenhouse even on the chilly days. Your plants look nice and healthy.

  3. All those cacti and succulents. I got into succulents a few years ago, they are great.

    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Your greenhouse is looking fabulous, I am most envious. Mine's a dry and dusty wasteland this winter :(

  5. Looks lovely in there, well done.

  6. A lovely selection of plants on a beautiful, crisp frosty day. Lovely to hear grandson updates too.

  7. I love nemesia but I never manage to keep them going through the winter months in my garden so I stick to the annual variety, they're such lovely plants though. I do like your cactus collection, I find them fascinating but haven't grown any since I was a child.



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