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Tuesday 28 November 2023

Flowers for Christmas

These are Amaryllis bulbs 1 and 2 on right hand side, lovely long leaves but no flower bud, I have popped them behind the sofa, trying to see if they would grow a flower spike, I rested all my bulbs over the summer, storing them in paper bags, in shredded paper in a wooden tray, at the time I was going on instincts, later I read it was the correct thing to do. The others are bulbs 3 and 4, the 5th bulb is in the garage, I'm keeping it cold to hold the growth back, I am expecting these only to regrow leaves, as I can't get any of my bulbs to flower a second year. 
So recently in Tesco, I gave in a purchased this bulb, I am hoping the white will look good against our green walls. If the above bulbs don't produce flowers this year, I will compost them. I will plant it soon, I have hyacinth bulbs in a couple of pots and a white Christmas rose from last year, so I will have some fresh plants, I will also get a bright red cyclamen for inside.
Again this plant is in full bloom, it sits in our bathroom, once the flowers have dropped I will move it to our kitchen, which is next door to the bathroom, there we can see it throughout the day. I won't move it before as I don't want to disturb the blooms. The windows are next to each other, so only a small move, this plant gives me blooms at other times of the year, but not as many as now.
Last year when in Newcastle, I shopped in Fenwicks and got the ceramic tree at the back, I got the other ceramic tree on a shopping trip to Tesco, and decided I loved it and would get a couple more for Christmas gifts for friends, whilst there I saw the glass tree, so that now lives with me, I do a tree display each year, these will go nicely. All have candles inside, once I got home I realised they all had 20% off, I am already burning the glass tree, as I have some battery pretty lights I can pop into it when candle is done. 
Christmas is in my thoughts, I have finished purchasing the gifts, we don't get so many anymore, the grandsons are old enough to prefer money, I swap with just 1 sister and 1 brother, and a few friends, most everyone we know says the same thing, they don't want anything. We always have Christmas day with daughter, SIL and their 3, so we have gifts for each of them. Our store cupboards are full, and we have a few little extra's, only really need to think about fresh meat, dairy and veg, hubby is already making list. I played my Christmas song list on Monday, it's an complete mixup of sounds from through the years, and I love it, really festive. 

Thank you for your comments on my last post, I'm feeling much better, still have the awful cough which always hangs on after bugs, I am beginning to get back my taste buds, hubby has made some lovely soups for me, which was enough for me to eat when unwell. I'm not going to sign group today, I don't want to pass on bugs, so many of you understood my views, it is easier to walk away rather than try to explain and risk any unpleasant comments, the neighbour has been in the group longer than me.

Our landscaper popped over, he's very happy with the work we have done, and has no problem with the one small change we would like. We should soon start receiving supplies, which we have plenty of space for, he's looking forward to creating our perfect garden.

The electric's and solid wood floor is on hold until after the festive season, neither of us can face the work required, and the knowledge we will need to check the electrics in other rooms and replace if they are loose under the floor boards, I wish we had them looked at when we moved in, the sockets were checked, but not the wires. We have lived here for 14 years, so a few more months won't matter, will it? 2024 is going to be the year of the electrics.


  1. I am glad that you are feeling much better. Those trees are very nice.

    God bless.

  2. I've also bought a white amaryllis this year, but haven't planted it yet. My white Xmas cactus is just starting to flower. I really like it. My pink one is almost finishing flowering. I love the Xmas tree candles. I'm thinking of trying to get our tree up at the weekend.

  3. It always feels right to have fresh plants at Christmas. Yours will be lovely.

  4. Pleased you are feeling better.

    I like those trees ...
    Think we will sort out our Christmas decorations on Friday.

    All the best Jan



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