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Wednesday 29 November 2023

Christmas baubles

 Loads of people use different things inside their needle felting items they make, the rovings when used can soon add cost to projects, I have this huge ball of yarn leftover from knitting, so I had a go at making a centre for a bauble, yarn, well wool works very well, using my 3 needle tool, the strands bind together very well, and I was able to make them truly round shaped, I made 6.

Without plans I looked at what fibres I had, I would liked to have a few of these as extra little gifts this Christmas, I wrap the rovings always in the same direction, it makes the basic ball look neat. I do have a few ideas for these using different colours.
Next was time on Internet, see what others had done, watch a couple of videos, checking what colours I have and deciding on the designs. Two are the start of robins, the red ones will be Santa's, the blue I will use for my sister, and the white, possibly a snowman. I not sure these will be finished anytime soon, I'm hopeful I can get going with them.
I have been using small biscuit cutters for these star shapes, I always wanted stars on the blue bauble, my sister loves blue, making one of the red's into Santa is fun, I'm not sure you can immediately guess it's him, I have a bit more to do. By now I hoped to have them all finished, but I'm not feeling up to crafting.

These took much longer than I wanted, I required some new needles for my clover branded triple handle, the best price we could find was on Ebay, hubby ordered 3 packs and then the problems started, nothing arrived, seller ignored hubby's messages, speak to Ebay, seller sent replacement, wrong size arrived, seller ignored hubby's messages again, speak to Ebay, who sent hubby return label, just waiting now to see if we get a refund. I found another company who sell them (still much cheaper than from Hobbycraft), they arrived as promised. Finally we have our refund, it's been a pain, and just makes me realise why I don't use Ebay. 

My desire to craft is very low, I have in the past two days picked up my knitting, I've finished one sleeve, these are for me easy designs to follow, I am not reading, I have a book but it's not calling. Luckily I don't have any crafting to make for Christmas this year, so no pressure, I've not touched my cakes whilst I have these bugs, I hope to marzipan them all soon.

Hubby has piled my Christmas boxes in the spare room, I don't have plans on when to start, I normally get it all done in one day, this year I will take my time.

This post was started weeks ago, the issues getting replacement needles and then these horrible bugs have slowed it all down. I will keep going as I do love them, I have in mind a project I want to start needle felting in the new year, I also now know how to finish my wet felting project, which I did a course back in July


  1. Lovely ideas for Christmas decorations. I hope you can shake off your ills soon.

  2. So sorry to hear you've been feeling yuk, Marlene. Hubby has just gone down with a cough and sore throat and I hope he keeps it to himself. Hope you feel better soon.
    And, yes, I recognise santa in the red bauble!

  3. Your needle felting is lovely.
    Hope you can soon put the run on that horrible bug.

  4. I needle felt over Styrofoam balls ( or eggs at Easter) cuts costs down and saves on roving. Plus they are lighter.

  5. That's a good way of using up some yarn and they came out great. My decorations went up this week, I used to do it all in one day but spread it over a couple of day this time. The boxes have just been dumped in the garage, that's my sorting job for tomorrow

  6. I do hope you can soon shake off your nasty bugs and spring back to good health.

    All the best Jan

  7. Nice work on the balls. They are neatly done.

    God bless.

  8. They are looking lovely already. I'd love to have a go at needle felting. X

    1. It's so much fun, once you stop stabbing yourself.

  9. For someone with low interest your crafting output is excellent. I hope by the time you read this you are back on form making many lovely baubles.
    www.mylifeinflipflops.blog spot.com

  10. I love your felted baubles Marlene, they look so good. They will make lovely gifts. Sorry you're not feeling well. Hope you're feeling a lot better very soon.



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