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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Overshoot day

Really interesting reading
Have you heard of overshoot day, I have been reading here, once you go past our country (world) overshoot day, we are using more than our Earth can give us and last year as previous years almost every country on our Earth did.
A lot of people will shrug their shoulders and say nothing we can do, but I believe we all can do things, people power does make a difference, lots of small acts mount up. Look how quickly we have changed to reusable bags to carry our shopping home, that was led by government, but plastic straws are becoming less used as is coffee chain throw away cups, which is people led. 
All we have to do is think about what we care for, and how we can make small changes towards ensuring our world is here after we have gone.
When I was growing up, I loved Star Trek, I thought we would be living in a clean, equal world, where the powers who ruled our Earth would stop wars, famine and everyone would live a good life, well I was young and hopeful. 
So with small steps I believe we can turn things around, I hope the children on this world, are taught to learn from mistakes made and are shown how to ensure their world is better than ours. 
I will continue with my saving and add other small changes, here are a few we like to do already.
  • Twice a week we eat meat free - it takes more resources to produce meat.
  • We purchase from local supplies where possible, helping local producers.
  • We do not upgrade, unless the item is broken, this was harder, but we are getting there. 
  • We have cut back on buying clothes, we have loads to use up before we buy more. 
  • Books are now purchased secondhand, if we are not able to get them from our local library.
  • We try and not bring into the house one use plastics, this is much harder, and can be more expensive, but we are always on the look out for greener packaging.
  • Any plastic in the house and garden will be used until it wears out and replaced with a greener item, if we can. 
  • I carry my own shopping bags, plus reuse plastic and paper bags so I don't need more wrapping paper. 
  • We do not pop to town each week, having less to purchase, means our trips are not worthwhile, saving fuel on unnecessary trips. If we need to go out, we plan so we get all journeys done on the same trip. 
  • We are looking at ways to save and store water, and reuse as much as we can. 
My list is just some of what we do, every one does different things, but us small people can make a difference, that's if we want to. 


  1. What you are doing is commendable and as you say quite difficult at times. I agree with one use plastics being one of the hardest things to avoid. I do wish there was more traditional markets were things are sold loose. But how do you solve a problem like yoghurt pots?

    1. Simply, we stopped buying yogurts, extreme but its a choice we make, I also don't buy anything in a tetra packs.

  2. Have you been watching My Family and the Galapagos on Channel 4? The Galapagos Islands are a World Heritage Site yet even here there's challenges with plastic in the ocean, overpopulation and invasive species as well as illegal fishing. We live in such a beautiful world yet we're going to damage it forever.

  3. Thanks for this information-I was surprised at some of the countries that are higher on the list than we are. I do most of the things that you do and in my voluntary class, the first thing that everyone asked to make was fabric Christmas bags. I am lucky to have been given some bits and pieces of fabric so the first week in September we shall start. I make all siblings a book bag/cushion with a book in when I make a quilt for the new baby. Like you, if we end up with one use plastic, we make sure it’s used for several other things. Actually, at 68, I am channeling my fifties childhood and having pleasure in doing so. The only thing I do,which is now recommended after saying it wasn’t needed, is to wash towels and bedding at 60 C to make sure it’s not harbouring any nasties.

    1. We do all our laundry at 30, our bedding and towels are pure white cotton, we don't have any issues.

  4. As you say, it's hard but if we all do what we can, however small, it all makes a difference. What a pity it's taken so long for us all to realise just how much we're killing our planet.

  5. One of my pet hates is all the extra packaging in the supermarkets. Bananas do not need to be in a plastic bag yet they usually are. A cashier once went to put my loose bananas in a plastic bag and when I said they don't need to be in a bag they come ready wrapped she gave me a funny look!

    1. Our local fruit stall in our market is now used to me, I reuse his paper bags, and always have my own shopper.

  6. Yes, if each of us only does a little it must surely help!
    Good post!

    All the best Jan

  7. I take the bus, train, and use my bicycle. I knit many of my clothes and wear them forever. Have been using the reusable shopping bags for twenty years. It feels good.



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