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Monday, 8 March 2021

Stitchy catch up

I finished this design back in 2014, it's under the heading of 12 square sampler, I did enjoy stitching it and I still love these designs, I am only planning to have 3 boxes here. I don't have the original, I gave it away to another blogger. I have left out a few tiny bits in these 2 boxes, I wanted the design to be crisp and not busy. 
Another design stitched in 2014 (a busy year for me), this is under the header of European cushion, again the colour drew me to this design, I still have the finished work and intend to make a cushion to go along with this on our bed. When I pulled the threads, I always choose colours by eye, I found the pale brown is the exact shade I am using on the design above. 
This centre section, is my all time favourite design,  I stitched it in 2012, it under the header of cross stitch patchwork sampler. I gave this finished work to a dear Spanish friends daughter, I intend to have to across the whole of this design, overlapping the other designs. I always knew I would re-stitch this beautiful design. 
This is my work so far, I am pleased with how it's growing, the side panels are the easiest, as I am following the design, the centre panel is the most enjoyable part of this design. The top line is level, my photo skills are not as good as my stitching. 
I am really enjoying this project, it's huge, but these uneventful days are long, so I fill my time stitching and watching the birds in our garden. Everything I am using is from my stash, I am keeping to the colours from the original designs, but choose them by eye from my drawers, in hope to use some of the huge amount of silks (floss). The only area I am being free on choice is with the middle sampler, these colours have to match the design and not clash with the design next it them. The designs were never made to be stitched in this way, parts of it are being decided as I stitch, I am enjoying the freedom of the central band. I need to add more red in this top section as there is loads of pinks and reds in a design I am using lower down. 

I am really enjoying using my Q snap frame again, it's lovely to see the whole of my work, my big wooden hoop is great for smaller projects, but it does crush the fabric and I would not ever want to have any stitched area in the holding section of the hoop. 

Nothing much is happening here, we are walking locally most days, we do get to see daughter, Will and George once a week, which for us is such a boost to our well being, we are also beginning to see more of our neighbours as we all get out a bit more, thankfully our weather has up to now helped. 

I'm not planning any jobs inside or outside, mainly because we have done all we want to, talking to our lovely neighbour who shares our drive, hubby is looking at huge wooden gates to be put across the drive just past our side door (main entrance), just to help make things private and ensure Pauline feels safe as she lives on her own. 


  1. That's really nice, sort of patchwork cross stitch.

  2. They are beautiful. Seeing these inspires me to try and do some cross stitch again.

  3. Your cross stitch is lovely and I guess it will hold your interest because there are so many different elements to it, those that you made in the past are like works of art so much work! Have a great week.

  4. Your cross stitch is lovely. You really do dome incredible work. X

  5. Lovely work. I look forward to more progress reports.

  6. Wonderful to see your cross stitch:)

  7. Beautiful work, you must have so much patience Marlene.

  8. Your cross stitch looks lovely ...
    Enjoy the week ahead.

    All the best Jan

  9. Your stitching is moving along quickly. I love the colours you chose.

    God bless.

  10. Your stitching is beautiful! Each of those designs is like a mini finish. I find stitching much more relaxing than knitting.



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