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Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Stitching update.

 My stitching is growing at a fast pace, due mainly to having very little else to do, and my huge enjoyment from this growing design. I have now stitched a quarter of this, I am working on the middle section, lace designs tumbling down, I am not placing these as in the design, I am dotting them where I like, in hope I don't muck it all up.

I added the Rovaris heart designs, 1st stitched in 2014, I am only adding the 4 smaller hearts, in the red to help balance the colours, these are just so pretty, I have made other Rovaris designs.

I am using this motif around my design, Sewing it in many different colours, just a bit of extra fun and hope it ties the whole project together. 

Most of the time my world is full of craft, I love making items, and because I stitch so quickly, I make bigger designs, I have given loads of the finished items away, my joy is the stitching, I don't have a need to see my work once finished. For a few years I stitched for a designer, her new designs, the patterns were sent for free, I chose all my own materials and colours and once finished I sent her photo's for her web site, 3 of her designs can be seen here. I stopped as her designs were all similar and it was no longer fun to stitch. 

I love sewing, knitting and crochet, they are all very creative crafts, I often change colours on designs, and have been know to mix patterns to get the look I like. I do keep a small stash of yarn, fabric and cross stitch silks, so I can start when the desire takes me, I did a post here about my different crafts, I also have a page just showing my finished items, it's good to have a reminder of what I have made. 

I am enjoying building the design of this project, it's a case of placing the designs together to ensure I get the best out of every design. I have done this once before, in 2011 we had our 25th wedding anniversary, and I wanted to have something to mark the date, so I decided to make my own design, I am not clever enough to create everything myself, so I decided to use designs which represented us, our family and our lives. Family sampler was another big project, you can find more details here, it was framed and is still on our sitting room wall, I love looking at all the induvial items which make up our history. My only worry is once it's all done it looks a mess rather than the patchwork I see in my head. 


  1. I think because you are doing lots of small designs it is more interesting to sew. It's lovely

  2. The smaller designs make easier stitching, I can finish one most days.

  3. I absolutely love those hearts. It is a really interesting project. I'm loving g the updates with the new designs that are appearing.

  4. What a lovely project, haven´t done any cross stich for ages. xcx

  5. You do gorgeous stitch work! I especially love how you've done those hearts!

  6. That is a very nice project, enjoy your stitching :)

    All the best Jan

  7. Lovely work. I do enjoy seeing how far you have progressed.

    God bless.



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