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Friday, 25 April 2014

5th Finish of the year.

My sampler is finished, happy dance time here. I started this beginning of February, so almost 3 months of stitching.
 I love everything about this sampler, the design, the colours I used, 
the tiny blue stitches. I did change the top of the final box, the letters were jumbled and some missing and some in twice, not at all to my taste, 
so I added three hearts. 
 Tidy neat little boxes.
My favourite box has to be this one with the ship and the blue sea, 
can't tell you why, I just love it. 
 Most of this week has been about my shed, how sad a grown woman having so much fun, I love every time I enter I can smell cut wood, which I love. We have had heavy rain this week and the inside is dry, very pleasing.
I have planted items next to the fence, a Honeysuckle, with red flowers and a Fuchsia, there is also a white Jasmine here, so most of the fence will be covered. I also added stone around everywhere to make it look clean. I plonked my Twisted Willow in the tall pot just for now, but I'm loving it there, so I will plant it up. I will also plant the small daisy in front, just looking for a nice container.
No plans for the weekend, weather is not good, loads more rain. I will spend more time adding to my shed, making girly, I have solar lights for outside and some wind chimes, also I am sure some wooden hearts will find a way in.
Squirrels are back, they soon found ways to get past the higher wire fence, but the cats are not coming in, another small battle won. Just have to stop the flies and find a way to have windows open without fear of invading cats, we are on our own, no local authorities are interested, we are private houses and they don't want to know. It is very sad one woman can change so many lives.
I have done a few stitches on European Cushion, photo's next time and I am doing a quickie.


  1. Happy Dance!!!! That is one huge x-stitch :)

    Your picture of your shed makes me excited for gardening :)

  2. Congrats on the gorgeous finish Marlene.


  3. Congrats on finishing your sampler. Do you have plans to get it framed? I should be outside gardening, but lots of rain as of late and when it is not raining, painters are working away on the exterior of the house.

  4. Congrats on a gorgeous finish!

  5. That sampler is absolutely beautiful
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  6. Lovely finish.
    The Sampler looks great.

    Greetings, Manuela

  7. Super finish, it looks so delicate and pretty with the threads you chose.

  8. Congrats on your finish, the sampler looks so wonderful!!



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