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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Stitching going forward

I picked up my work on Sunday, it's growing so quickly, but.....
I wanted to finish the big green design on the right of my work, but as I started to stitch, I noticed some of my work was one stitch out of line, so before I could do any more stitches, I had to unpick the line of the design. So far I have twice had to unpick and both times on this green section, 
I have done the top pattern line of my 3rd design, this is now the width of my work, 34cms, I want to make this a square, this work works better on my bigger Q snaps. Happily I have finished the green section without any more unpicking, now I have to blend these designs together so it looks good without too many straight lines. 

For years I had a tall lamp for use when stitching, after we purchased our new ceiling lights, which is controlled by our Alexa, and can be set at different levels and colours, I decided I did not need my lamp, hubby was overjoyed as he has want to be rid of it for ages. But I have struggled with stitching in the evenings, and regret giving away my lamp, so hubby got me this little lamp, it sits on my workbox, it's works well, and matches our main lights. I do love the base as I can keep a small wooden bowl for the threads I am using, fits perfectly.
I would like to thank everyone with their helpful tips for sorting the issue of my work slipping on my Q snaps, firstly I read to pop them in the dishwasher as it shrinks them, it did work but not enough, then Maggie suggested I use the non slip mats used in cupboards, wrap them around the lower frame, Maggie you are a star it works, and I had a spare mat here. Bloggers as always you come through.

I have not done anything else other than stitch, I have not started the pair of orange and grey socks for hubby, I have not read a book in over a week, I am enjoying stitching again, as I said when I started this project, I have enjoyed stitching these designs before, so putting them all together in this bigger design is just pure joy. Most of the decisions are done as I am stitching, the four corners designs are just part of the main design, I am picking the bits I like the most and the centre patchwork is being stitched by eye, I am placing the designs where I feel they look good, so far it's working.

I have been shopping online for succulents, I now just have to wait and see what arrives, I am a little bit excited to have more unusual plants, I also purchased a 2nd hand reading book. This morning is dull and cloudy, we are at the point on the map, where, it could burn off and become a sunny day or it could rain on and off for most of the day, it's a case of wait and see.


  1. Beautiful cross stitch it's a pain when you've made a mistake and have to pull it back, your work is so neat I would find it difficult to work such tiny stitches, I find my neck hug light is better than a lamp as the light shines directly onto the work. I love succulents there are so many unusual variety's. Its still foggy here hopefully we may be lucky to get a glimpse of the sun later in the day.

  2. I would cry, I'm not good when I make a mistake. It really looks good, I'm intrigued too as to how all those shapes come together.

  3. I like your stitching, it's similar to a Jane Greenoff piece I started many moons ago, it's still waiting to to finished!
    I'm glad the none slip matting worked and that you were able to understand what I was saying, lol. We had a very overcast day yesterday and a very drizzly one today.

  4. Your stitching looks lovely. I really am not good at unpicking stitches. I cry.

    God bless.



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