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Sunday 28 March 2021

Next bit

I am now using my frame on it biggest size, the Q snaps work so well now I have stopped the sides slipping (thanks again Maggie)
I adore these hearts and I'm so pleased I stitched them here. 
Again this centre design is my favourite,
 I love each lacy design, each a work of art. 
My ORT jar (old raggy threads), I have been using this large Yankie candle jar for years, these threads make soft stuffing for small items, I joined many years ago with another blogger's monthly show and tell with our ORT jars, I'm not a part of it anymore, but the habit stayed with me.
My thought's are now with the lower section, I have another 4 designs to mash together, two I had already used together on a project, in my mind I thought I had more room at the bottom, so I am rethinking the 'design'. I call this my 6 pattern design, but I will have 8 designs on here, I think it's going to be a stitch and see, but that's how I have got so far already. 

I am having less stitching time as I start to do more, I love my stitching, but I can't hide behind my threads and work. Already we have a plan for a friend and her husband to come over for coffee and cake outside, it will be his birthday, a big one he has just retired. I will meet with my neighbour across the road in her garden, keeping our distance, it will be great to catch up together. It feels so good to be making plans again. 


  1. Your cross stitch is coming along nicely and I love Rachel Joyce books.

  2. That is so right just the planning feels wonderful! I love the cross stitch.

  3. Gorgeous. I have an ort jar as well. I have been using it for ages.

    God bless.

  4. Your stitching is growing. I used to keep orts but now i just throw all scraps away each time i finish stitching.



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