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Friday, 26 March 2021

Doing more

My 15th read this year, and another lovely story, I found this one really sad, but in a content way, a life story of love lost, it is the sequel to The Unlikely  Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, and to enjoy the book to it's best I feel you need to read Harold Fry's story first.
We popped to our local huge Tesco for the first time in a year, we could not get a delivery slot and we needed coffee, they had a special offer on, I picked up these 2 tea towels, not normally a design I would choose, but the shade of green is beautiful, these are in my stash box.
I have been given this Peony for our garden, it was given to a friend as a birthday gift, she does not have space in her garden and doesn't like growing in pots. I have already 2 different shades, so this should go well. 

I am having a really good week, we have been out twice, to Tesco for shopping and back to B&Q for a couple of pots for my garden, hubby also required some stuff. So we have both had more to do outside in the sunshine. We have no plans to go out again, we ensured we got everything we needed in each shop. 

Tuesday I popped to daughters house to play with Will and George, she had a midwife appointment and no way could take both boys, it was fun, hubby stayed home as he had a parcel coming. 
Wednesday daughter came with Will and George, Will now has some lovely army toys here, which he loves, we did get outside but not for long, it is getting cooler again. 
Thursday was another lazy day at home, time in the garden, sewing reading, I do love this slower pace of life, having time to sit together. Today is a repeat day, nothing planed, staying at home, maybe a walk later, the house is clean, not much laundry so no 'work' as such to do. 

I am now doing more things, I have been creating my blog book, as yet I have not finished 2019, normally it would be ready for the huge discounts each November, but last year with the worry of everything and the books systems being upgraded, I could not face doing anything. Now I am getting to grips with the new system and hope to have both 2019 and 2020 ready in November. I did say I was going to stop publishing but daughter wants my books and I felt I should include the baby years for George and bump due this year. 
After the past year, I am trying now to be more upbeat, I am used to wearing my mask, keeping distance from everybody, washing hands when we get home, leaving things coming into the house a few days before using them. I need to find head space to allow myself to enjoy life away from our home, I am finding it far to easy to find reasons to stay put. I don't intend to break rules, but I do hope to see friends and family often, I've have said many times, to thrive we need interaction with other people. 



  1. I wondered how you'd get on with Queenie, I really enjoyed Harold Fry but haven't read this one yet. I've never grown peonies, I remember my mum had a beautiful deep red one in her garden, how lovely to be given another one to add to your collection. I'm glad you're feeling a bit more upbeat. I always think it cheers you up a bit to get out but we're seeing the same places over and over again at the moment. It's over a year now since we've visited the coast, I'm really looking forward to a day at the seaside when we're allowed.

  2. I still haven't read Queenie's story, so this has inspired me to maybe make it my next read. I've been reading a lot this last few months, this month more than any other as I'm on my 9th book now. Only 26 more to go on the bookshelf.

    1. Your comments on your blog, lead me to this book, thank you.

  3. I must read this book I really enjoyed Harold Fry I didn't even know that there was a sequel. I have never been lucky with peonies, they just wouldn't flower, I have since learnt that I may have planted them too deeply. I try to keep upbeat too as long as we don't have to have a third lockdown I think that I'll survive, it's going to be hard trying to get back to a new normal for us all I think. Have a great weekend.

  4. I really enjoyed the Queenie book. I passed my paperback copy on to a friend then bought it in hardback so I could read it again.

  5. I loved the Harold Fry book but don't know if I could handle the Queenie book emotionally. :(
    The peony is beautiful. My oldest called the panties before he could say peony.

  6. There's a bit of a feel that life is getting a tiny bit more normal isn't there. Also you are right we have got used to all the little rules and it doesn't seem quite so bad now but roll on the days we can be with family as normal again.x

  7. What a pretty peony colour. I don't have any luck with them, they always die on me.

    Pretty tea towels.

    God bless.

  8. Good to hear you are now able to get out and about a bit more. I hope your daughter's pregnancy goes well - another grandchild on its way :) xx

  9. I read the book a while ago and really enjoyed it. I'm still only going food shopping once a week and nowhere else really, it's not so much the not getting out and meeting people that is getting me down it's the having no purpose to the day, although if you are a more sociable type I can understand how it might affect you.



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