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Saturday 20 March 2021

Outside again.

Firstly inside, I got a new pot for this plant, it does look like a brain, so a perfect match, got it from the kitchen section. 

This is a white bleeding heart, Dicentra Spectabilis,  I love the tiny heart shaped flowers, I've had the plant years, it did not thrive in the garden, so I potted it up, growing now in greenhouse until the warmer weather. My Amaryllis are here to reuse the bulbs later this year. 
I got this bronze 'pot' last year, I love the colour, its really heavy and I love the handle, I planted daisies in it, again its over wintered in the greenhouse, won't be long before buds start to appear. 
After a boring few weeks at home, we have been out more this week, I went shopping at Lidl's on Monday, just a normal food shopping trip. Wednesday we decided to go to a garden center, hubby wanted a new plant for his front garden, I did not buy any plants at all (I know shock horror am I loosing it), the selection was not so good, looked as if they had a successful weekend. I did get a new hedgehog ornament for the garden and my new pot shown above.
Friday we had to pop out to Pets at home for cat food, our girls are very fussy on what they eat, we only purchase their food in cans, as they recycle better,  and just certain brands of fishy flavours, we had a delivery of cat food last week, which was taken next door by carrier, so we are unlikely to see it, hubby has already requested and received a full refund. 

Having so much dry weather has meant we have more time outside, I planted my sweet pea plants in the raised bed, I was able to dig a hole big enough for the pot size, so I could plant without damaging the roots, these were seeds from last autumn, I just hope they grow. My rhubarb in the big pot did not survive, so I have abandoned any hope of growing it and filled the tub with bulbs, which should pop up throughout the year, I have a dahlia to go in the middle.
I have a few plants in the greenhouse which are getting a good start for this growing season, and 4 trays of seeds, I'm not growing too many bedding plants, I think I will just but the few plants I need. I find it really difficult at this time of year, the garden is so promising, but it's just a few weeks too early to do much.

Friday I spent a couple of hours outside, we removed the covers off our wooden furniture, I cleaned the shed and greenhouse, gave both a good sweep out, now we are summer ready, just hoping it's closer, the bird song was wonderful, it's so healing to be outside.  

It has been good to get out, I have become lazy, I don't want to do much, I am happy sat stitching, but I need exercise, so with the drier weather, we are making more of an effort. 


  1. I know what you mean about becoming lazy when stuck inside, I too have the same problem. I just can't motivate myself to do anything. Can't wait for some warmer weather.

  2. I think we're all getting used to staying indoors, it's not good for us, I definitely need to make more of an effort to get out. Such a shame your dicentra didn't do well in the garden, I had one which was very well established and when I asked Mick to weed the border he dug it out, grrrr. Well I'm surmising that's what happened, he's done it with a number of my plants, they just seem to disappear when he's been anywhere near them! I didn't have much luck growing rhubarb in a container, the stalks were always very spindly so I gave up on that.

    1. My hubby is not allowed to weed the garden, he does not know which are plants or weeds and will remove anything he thinks should not be there. I hope once my bleeding heart is bigger, I can pop it back into the ground.

  3. Your new plant pot is brilliant:) I haven’t been very motivated this week. I need to make a list of garden jobs to achieve.

  4. I wouldn't say lazy at all, it sounds like you've gotten a tremendous amount of things done. Love that tiny planter, it's adorable!
    What do you think became of your cat food order? Do they have cats?

    1. We do call our neighbour mad cat woman, she has about 20 of them, we often see deliveries of cheap cat food, so for a while they will get to eat well. We have always been told by officials not to knock on her door, she is very nasty.



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