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Wednesday 20 August 2014

Change of colour and a finish

1st posted 26th April, finished 19th August
I changed the yellow half flowers back to blue,
 and then added some yellow it them, I think it works well.
28dpi, using DMC threads, just one strand
I added one extra colour, the design was not done in DMC, so I choose the shades myself.
It has been a joy to stitch.
I am tempted to stitch it again and have a pair of matching cushions. 
Here is the design 
At this point I have nothing to stitch, I could not find anything which called to me, and now I am staying with my brother until Thursday, so no stitching tonight.
I am having a restful couple days away with family, I spent the morning with Martin and the afternoon with Andy and Leanna after she came home from work. It is great to have time to sit and catch up with every thing.
Fliss, Josh and Sam are having fun, I will collect them tomorrow lunchtime and head for home.


  1. I liked your Yellow 1/2 flowers, but I like what you did better. The yellow additions to the blue really pop now.

    Good job :)

  2. Congrats on your finish Marlene. Two cushions would be wonderful and I would not allow anyone to sit on them!

  3. Absolutely stunning Marlene. The colors you choice are perfect. So different from the original.


  4. That looks very nice! Enjoy the quiet time.

  5. Spectacular finish Marlene, I think I prefer your colourful palette to the duller one charted.
    Well done!



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