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Sunday, 15 November 2020

Much the same

My back fence beside my greenhouse is now looking good, the winter Jasmine is full of tiny yellow flowers, my big tub, which I redid last month is looking healthy. The top small photo is a pot I made years ago, it sits by the greenhouse door, just Ivy and a black grass, I love Ivy but will only ever keep it in pots.
Loads of spring shoots in my pots, all new bulbs this year, I'm not worried as this happens most years. The ground photo is my Peony, I've never seen new shoots at this time of the year. The plants are confused, we have a few really cold days and then a few mild days, this has been our normal November weather for the past few years, 
I still have Begonias in flower, this plant is the best looking, they are beginning to fade, I won't remove the corns over winter, they survive in my garden in these raise chimneys. It is good to look out and see flowers in the garden. 
I slept really badly on Thursday night, so Friday was a slow lazy day, I knew stitching was out for the day, so I choose this book, it's not a style I normally read, it took time to get into the book, it's a good read, 466 pages. 
I am stitching on this most days, I have done all the tree trunk, there is a banner at the bottom which I am going to stitch with the French Christmas greeting. There is a much bigger bird on the banner which I am looking forward to stitching. 
I have loads of bigger branches to do and some more birds, no more baskets, can you see I'm half way through a bird house, this design just keeps giving.

It's been a nothing to do few days, the weekend is wet and windy, so even if we are allowed to go out, it's staying in weather. I have pulled out my card making things, I have loads in my stash, and should be able to make what I need without any extra cost. 

Even with my crafting boredom is creeping in, I'm not crawling up the walls yet, I am counting down the days, wishing the next 2 weeks fly by. 

Hubby made a marmalade cake on Friday, so we are having one slice each every morning with our coffee,  Friday night we had chunky fishfingers and chips for tea, it was bliss. Saturday he made pizza bases, so pizza for tea, we ensure we have the toppings in, keeping packs of meats in the freezer. Today we are having a roast lunch, being home so much means we get more roast than other years.

Nothing much else to say, Daughter, SIL and boys are all well, no signs of any Covid19 symptoms, which is pleasing, another Grandson had his birthday, 6 years old, how quickly they grow, how much we are missing. 


  1. The weather is definitely 'stay indoors' weather. The rain has certainly lashed down at times. Hubby took the dog out in a brief dry window but they both came back muddy! It lovely seeing a little bit of colour in the garden this time of year.

  2. Your embroidery is coming along really well! It looks wonderful! It actually makes me feel like going back to doing some embroidery again. Fish fingers & chips delicious ages since I have had that.:-) The weather here has been off and on, like yesterday for instance it was cloudy and drizzling a bit. Today it has been lovely and sunny once again. I expect your friends will have mentioned that we have a night-time curfew in this area at present. I hope it will make a difference!! keep well Amanda x

  3. We have been lucky enough to have a bit of a warm up, though I am pretty sure we will pay for it with bitterly cold weather very soon.

    The stitching is coming along beautifully.

    God bless.

  4. Mmmmm, marmalade cake. That sounds yummy :)

  5. Good to hear your family are well. The marmalade cake sounds lovely.



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