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Monday, 9 November 2020

Crafting in lockdown

I am pushing on with this project, it's going to be a gift and I would like it finished by beginning of December, I am hoping I get all the stitching done in next few days, then I need to find Christmas material to back it. I should have everything I need to finish it in my stash. 
I do not like the design at all for Eleventh day, it is 11 pipers piping, and the design has a house on, which for me does not represent the lines, so typical me I am rejigging this design, I have moved the treble cleft and I am stitching the piper underneath, I am then going to stitch 11 notes. I feel this is in balance with the sixth day, which is 6 geese a laying and the design shows 1 goose and 6 eggs. 
The design 12 days of Christmas
Hubby purchased this book for me, as a gift but did not realise it was 2nd hand, so I have it early, I would not have minded at all, but he was not happy, I do like this author, another brilliant read. 71st book read this year.
I have been enjoying my cross stitching and now want to get out my WIP, Torchon O Christmas tree, last worked on here, how quickly time passes once you pack something away. I lost my love for cross stitching a few years ago, I am so happy that Jo popped the 12 days of Christmas sampler up and suggested others stitched along with her. 

I have not done much knitting, but I plan to pick it up again, as I plan to get out my sewing machine, I have a few things to make, get them done so I can post them down to family in Somerset. With the garden looking so good, I don't feel guilty crafting for longer in the day time. 

Sunday was a dull and dreary day, we stood outside at 11am with other neighbours for 2 minutes silence, just another difference in this very strange year, we needed the lights on most of the day, so I sat stitching. We had a very simple day, after the luxury of pizza, takeaways and wine, we needed simple food and just coffee.

Monday it's dull again outside but no rain, my dogwood plant is due today, I hope to plant it straight away, I also have a package of glass for glass fusion due, I have a few more tree decorations to make.  Needless to say our Monday morning weigh in was a disappointment, expected but our weight went the wrong way. 


  1. You have been amazingly quick at that cross stitch and it looks wonderful!

  2. I didn't realise that the pattern wasn't on the material and you are going it forehand. Very clever.

  3. Love your cross-stitch. I agree with you about the design for that eleventh one and it's good you have the skills to change it - it also makes the hanging more personal :)

  4. Your cross stitch is beautiful.

    God bless.

  5. You've done really well to have that cross stitch nearly finished so soon, your sign teacher is going to love it. I'm pleased it's inspired you to get back to the stitching you'd put on the back burner, I remember when you started the Christmas Tree, it will be nice to work on it again. The weather here has been miserable over the last few days, so foggy, and it's hung around all day.



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