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Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Finish and WIP

12 days of Christmas is done
Stitched on DMC, Monaco, 28 cwt, using 1 strand of DMC silks. 
The design for day 11, 
11 pipers piping, I have changed, I am pleased with the way it looks now, 11 notes look good and I had space for my name and the date. 
This is my next project, I love this design, it came as a kit, but the fabric shown here is loose weave, so I am using a finer tighter weave, which means it will be smaller. I have never decided if I was going to stitch the banner in the designers form or change the wordings. 
This is where I left it, almost half the length, but not half way through, as the lower branches are bigger and more stitches.
I left the needle in the fabric, so I have rust marks, will have to decide once this section is done, how to hide them, I have a flying bird in the design, so I could stitch another to hide these marks. I might just get away with doing nothing, and the rust marks being outside of design area, I normally always remove needles from my work, but this was left on the frame, with the intention to stitch it to the finish. This is again on 28cwt, DMC evenweave, with 1 strand of DMC silks.

 Firstly a huge shout out to Jo, she suggest we all stitch along together this design, I picked it up with the thoughts, I had everything I need, give it a go, nothing to lose. But it's just what I need, so much time at home, stitching eats up time, I do find it's easier to stitch for gifts, as I still own loads of finished stitching, each rolled in my work basket, not used. The Christmas tree is for me and I will use it every year, I think I may make a big cushion, but that might change, I do like framed Christmas stitching, but not sure if I can get it done this year.

The joy of finding cross stitch again, in these strange times is immense,  I happily sit and stitch for hours, watching a design appear on the fabric.

I own loads of fabric and enough silks (Floss) for me to make almost anything. I have purchased designs, my tasted does not change, so I can stitch away for a few years, hubby many years ago purchased this sewing chest, which is full of colourful joy. I do feel confident this stitching can be finished this year. 


  1. Congratulations on stitching the 12 Days of Christmas so quickly. I didn't realise you were stitching over one, good for you.
    The Christmas tree is really pretty, shame about the rust stain but I think we are all guilty of leaving needles in fabric. Perhaps if you did frame it the rust mark would be covered anyway.

    1. Whilst I'm still able I do love the fine stitches, I know at some point my eyes will stop me.

  2. Your work is so beautiful. X

  3. That looks incredible you should be very proud. Your friend will be overjoyed to receive it.

  4. I looked at your little thread chest, how beautiful - it is a treasure and a joy to look at :)

    1. I call it my sunshine storage, the colours always make me smile.

  5. Your 12 Days of Christmas is lovely, I think my favourite is day 10. The Christmas Tree is so delicate, it’ll look so pretty once you’ve completed it :)

  6. Very well done.
    I think your 12 Days of Christmas looks lovely.

    All the best Jan



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