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Monday, 30 November 2020

November roundup


I have not purchased any yarn this month, I have plenty in my stash and I have projects in mind, I have my cross stitch out, but again I have enough in my stash to not require anything. I did have 1 order for glass, I have been making tree decorations. Very little spent in the garden.

Our heating is on timed, and we are not using it too much in the day, we do not have a central fire in our sitting room, so if it is cold we have to turn on the household heating. We spend more time in our sunny office each morning, it's always warm in there. 

Food shopping is much the same, still expensive, we have purchased our Christmas Turkey crown and a big joint of beef, both are in the freezer, which is full, most of the Christmas treats are got, we are expected to be at our daughters on Christmas eve for a sleep over, we are providing the Christmas dinner. 

No waste this month again, we make enough veg soups and keep my worms fed with the peelings, they provide the best compost, which I use each spring. We are fully using our new fruit and veg shop, we do not use any of their paper-bags,  and we have started taking our own containers for dried items. Purchasing other things online has left us with more packaging, but so far most of it is cardboard and therefore can be recycled. 

The best news is we have planning permission for our pergola, which stated no appeal allowed, very pleasing for both of us, no doubt there will be more from the neighbours, sadly we heard the mother has passed away in our local hospital. Just the daughter living there, we wait for the next chapter, at the moment the mother's dog is howling through out the day we will do nothing about it out of respect. 


  1. I hope your neighbour leaves you in peace. Being a dog lover I feel sorry for the dog and hopefully it will settle. It sounds to me like it's suffering from separation anxiety.

  2. I'm trying to keep the heating to 3 hours a day. I've just had my credit returned from my former energy company and have paid it into my new one. I feel so much better when I'm in credit.



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