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Saturday, 7 April 2018

Been shopping

B&Q, reduced to £3 from £8, I have dead headed
there are loads of buds ready to bloom
 50p, it was cold and wet
This is after an hour in the greenhouse, I can see this making a full recovery.
 Another bargain
I wanted an ornamental  grass for this pot, not a big one, I got a plant with 2 small new plants growing in the same pot, which are now in here. 
 Mummy plant is still in her pot under this plant stand, at some point I will find a nice pot for it, or raise the square bed and plant it in the ground. 
 We were given a rhubarb root and did not think it was growing, hubby picked up a second plant, when I went to remove the dead root from this pot, it was growing, so for now we have two plants in one pot. There is loads of farmyard manure in here. 
 Snakeshead fritillary  next to bloom in this pot
We popped to The Range, B&Q and a local garden center on Friday morning, I was pleased with the reduced plants from B&Q, I also got some slugstop and organic mixture, which comes packaged in a box, so double win. 
Hubby found a dead rat in the back of my greenhouse, it's sad to see any animal dead, but it was the physical proof of the infestation, I purchased 4 bags of pea shingle and poured them along part of our fence on our side, it is very deep and should stop the rats entering our garden, the rest of the fence has kick panels which stop them. 
Hubby is really pleased he has put back all the bird feeders, our garden is full of wildlife. We had a fox visit the garden again last night, they show no fear watching us, it only ran away as we opened the door.  
I have popped in some lettuce plants (purchased for quickness) and some seeds, it's time to be growing our salad things again. I have two potato plants growing in my raised bed in the greenhouse, they must have been leftover from last year, I don't need the space so I will let them grow, who knows maybe we will get a free meal.
The best bit is I have worn sandals for two days, worst bit, I have very sore hands, not use to hard work.


  1. You've picked up some great bargains. Some of the reduced plants I see only need a little tlc to get them back to full health again. Rats can climb so they'll still be able to get over the fence even if they can't get through it. We saw one in our garden and our usually placid Archie saw it too and managed to get hold of it before Mick made him drop it and it limped off. We spoke to our next door neighbours who said they'd had them living in their compost bin. Why on earth hadn't they done anything about it then, honestly!

  2. We have wire along the top of our fences, this was done to stop the cats jumping into our garden, but it helps with the rats as well.

  3. Primroses are such a gorgeous display flower and are very underestimated! They were also the first flower I learned how to make at Sugarcraft classes! I've yet to break out the sandals as it's still cold and rainy!

  4. Great plants you rescued and have given a new home to.



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