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Tuesday 24 November 2020


Totally completed, I made a small cushion, I like the green tape it balances the look and brings the green stitching out, I wanted to make it bigger, but I did not want the red material on the front. I kept to the limited colour pallet, to allow the stitched design to be the star. I did not stuff it full and large, again I am looking for a softer feel. 

 At some point we are hoping to meet for coffee, then I can gift it to our friend and sign teacher. For the past few years, we have signed The 12 days of Christmas together, as soon as Jo put this on her blog, I knew who I would make this for. 

The joy of doing cross stitch again is brilliant, with so much time at home, a craft which is time consuming has helped. I had the green tape and red fabric in my stash and the wadding. 

I am getting loads of stitching done and hope to finish my Christmas tree this week, I will make it into a full size cushion for my chair, I have already found the backing fabric from my Christmas fabric stash, thank heavens for stash's. 


  1. A beautiful cushion. Your stitching is so lovely and neat. What a fab gift 🎁

  2. What a thoughtful gift. It is beautiful and she is going to love it. I'm sure it will bring a smile to her face every single Christmas.

  3. It is really beautiful. I'm sure your signing teacher will love it.

  4. Your cushion is totally beautiful. I'm sure the lucky recipient will adore it.

  5. Your pillow came out great, I'm sure the recipient will love it!

  6. Your pillow is just perfect. Good stitching.

    God bless.

  7. Your cushion is beautiful and your friend is sure to love it.

  8. It's fabulous and your sign teacher will love it. What a great way to finish it too. It's nice that you've got your stitching mojo back, I think that's the danger with having so many hobbies, you tend to concentrate on one or two things and others get forgotten about until the urge takes over again, or that's what happens with me.

    1. Sadly for me I lost the love of cross stitching when I abandoned the football shield, things happening at the time, left me with no pleasure in stitching.

  9. It's beautiful and your friend is sure to love it. What a thoughtful gift. X

  10. That is a beautiful cushion, perfect colours.

    All the best Jan



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