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Wednesday, 18 November 2020


Hubby was unimpressed with the dogwood plant I ordered online, it's planted under the frame, so we popped out for some shopping and went into our local garden center, he is happy with this much bigger plant, hopefully in time these will hide most of the water butt. 
The Olive tree is doing well in it's new place, we did not lose any of the Olives when we moved it, here is can get as big as it wants. 
You can see the Olives growing in size, plus lots of new Olives forming, we have never had a crop from this tree before, not sure what we can do with the Olives, will have to check online if they can be used. 
Christmas cards are done, most of these are left over from previous years, I always make the extra bases, just incase we need more, so it's a really quick and simple make this year. The only new deign is the Snowflake blue cards. 
All my time is stitching, I am so enjoying seeing this come to life, I am working on the right side to get it finished, I do find time each afternoon to stitch and often time in the evenings, my focus is getting it done by early December.
I am pleased to have so many crafts to do, it fills the hours in each day, we miss seeing daughter, Will and George, at least 3 times each week.  Hubby has filled his time sorting his new motorbike, adding a few things and of course giving it a good clean and polish, he is also a book worm and does most of the cooking, he enjoys being in the kitchen and I enjoy everything he produces. 

We have been out in the garden, hubby picked up all the leaves which had blown into the garden, I did some planting, I got 2 pots of Sweet Williams for 50p each and they are in my raised bed. I mainly walk around checking on new plants and cutting back things as they go over. My side bed is a bit empty, but I don't mind so much, it's just too small to have colour the whole of the year. Having dry weather helps, being able to be outside, walking in our park and to the village shops, being able to say hello to neighbours as walk by, as always it's the small things which make us smile. 


  1. Do you prune your olive tree at all please, I have one in the ground and it has developed long straggly branches, can I give it a good hard prune. Many thanks, Sarah.

    1. I'm not an expert, but I do cut back in early summer, I did ours this year mainly because there were so many Olives on it, it did not show signs of harm. Last year we damaged the roots on our smaller Olive, I cut most of the top back and repotted it, now we have another strong plant.

  2. Well done and getting your Christmas cards done.bIt's good to appreciate those small things that make us smile in these strange times.

  3. What a lovely colour your dogwood is, such a deep red. Your Christmas tree is really coming to life and it looks great.

  4. Your making great progress with your stitching, i'm sure you'll manage to get in done this year.
    Our garden is still covered in leaves, I did get some up yesterday but they green bin was full so the rest will have to wait until the weekend. It's a constant battle until all the leaves are gone off the oak tree.

    1. Our daughter has a Oak tree in their neighbours garden and the leaves are horrendous, there are so many and they blow direct into the garden, it's a never ending task.

  5. I agree Marlene, it is the smaller things that bring us the most happiness and reading your blog is one of them. Your life always seems full of interesting little things :)

  6. You could try curing the olives, check on line for info. I admit I’ve never had any success using water or salt water but my Italian neighbour is an expert and his are delicious.

  7. Crafting does fill the hours and you do lovely work.

    I hope you can figure out a way to use your olives.

    God bless.



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